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May 11, 2008



24 hours 38 minutes until its Game 7 hockey night in FOrt Wayne.


Videos! Hot! Fresh! Videos!

Hodgie laughing at the PoHo faithful:

Komets Win! Komets Win! Komets Win!:

Hit Somebody!!!

Dracula said the fans in PH were great last night...wow. Sounds like we have heard loads of stories of how the fans were alot of the time very bad. Wiping urine drenched hands on a Komet fan in the restroom, attempting to swing chairs Jerry Springer style at Komet fans, F-Bombs from IceBeacon faithful for no reason, beers onto players and onto fans and onto ice after Komet goals, so on and so forth. Not to mention the MVP Goalie Lawrence of Loserville landing F-Bombs at Komet Fans in the parking lot and then attempting to run the crowd over in his car.

Dracula loves those fans!!!

Lets kick the BorderHawks butts tomorrow night so we can chant Larry the whole 3rd period and we can rub Marcutie's bleach blond locks all over MC ice.

Rock the Jungle Komet Fans!!!

Hit Somebody!!!

Wow Brandon...That video is very revealing.

The language from the crowd was pretty clear there. Nice job Port Huron Fan. You guys are class.

Then after the game, you have not only F-Bombs being landed, you have Larry the Loser wanting to skate after the Komets to fight...??? Maybe we need to run him one time and send a message to that Moron. Our players are getting showered with beer and cups, and garbage non-stop. Classy job Port Huron Fan. You guys are great.

Dracula loves the fans of Port Huron. I'd be proud of them too. Yikes.

Hit Somebody!!!

I bet one Port Huron fan that has a man crush on Larry the Loser thinks he is still God...errr...MVP. LOL


Can always else believe how bad Larry Sterling is??? Watch that 2nd video by Brandon. He's challenging someone to fight OR he's whining at the ref. Regardless what he's doing, he has to be the BIGGEST HEAD CASE IN HOCKEY!!

And they want to ride this guys tail and win a cup? He can't get it together enough to put a string of saves together, let alone go 5 minutes w/o complaining or wanting to fight. WHAT A JOKE!

He's the one that spit on the Fury logo earlier in the season, then the rubber game back in Musky, he gets his arse handed to him by Musky's back up goalie.

I'd cut him, or let him go to the SPHL to "hone" his skills. He's the reason PH blew the series lead, and now have to come back down to the Fort, in front of 10,000 rabid Komet Kup Warriors.

BTW, Savage, you're constant complaining reminds me how happy it is not having you cover your team during the playoffs.


Maybe they picked up trash outside the stadium & thought they were recycling=IDIOTS/SOME OF THE FANS SHOULD PRESS CHARGES AGAINST larry = tried to hit them with his car=it would be nice to see him arrested before the game or after she gets pulled.

Jerad Shaw.

I pretty much made my thoughts on Savage known on FYC.com. The guy is scraping for a story.

CAN WE PLEASE ROCK THE JUNGLE TOMORROW NIGHT!!??!?!?!?! Out of respect for Justin, I won't use some words that I want to use. BE THERE AT 6:30. GET TO YOUR SEATS. I'm down by the bench so I will do my best, but during Warmups, if all of the Ice Chipper's join in, Rock LARRY'S World. If Marty get the start, Rock him to. The Komets fought for the chance to have game 7 at the MC and we need to show them why they fought for a reason. LET'S GO KOMETS. I'll start it right now damnit.

Sorry Justin.


Komets win this one in a blowout. And Ben Smith needs to get a clue. The Komets were never kicked out of the MC for the Freedom. That was scheduled a long time ago. Simple details seem to really confuse certain writers. What is going on with the Freedom SUCKS but let's not throw in the Komets being kicked out to add insult to injury.


There's never any excuse for that type of behavior but Hit, are you willing to bet your house that Komet fans won't through things at the PH players on the ice if they pull out a victory?
Wake up! It's not the city we live in, it's the society we live in.


Jerad, slide over to 211 row 5 to say hello. Komets flames jersey and hat. We'll be there about 6:45 or so. Larry's ear are gonna be bleeding from all of the noise he's gonna get from our row, even the kids, lol.

Hit Somebody!!!

Dear Raven,

Do you think Reiter or Boucher would handle themselves the way Larry has...do you think they would leave the arena and pick fights and then run their car at the crowd? How do you condone that? And even if the Fort Wayne crowd acts like morons, doesn't make it right. I would come on here and rant that there are idiots that live in Fort Wayne that acted that way. So why don't you wake up. Oh I forgot, you are blinded by the love for Tiger Dan and his new found apologetic and reborn self.

Hit Somebody!!!

And furthermore...I would doubt that Komet nation would wipe urine soaked hands on any other team's fans, nor would they chase an opposing fan with a chair. Nice try though...you can bet your house but leave my crib out of it...


Savage is a tool.


Tedstone..errr Savage has had Komet envy for years. Nothing in his story suprises me coming from him.

PH need to pick up Tapp for next year. Can you imagine a tag team of Larry and Tapp? The team would have to replace their equipment manager with a psychiatrist.


I am so excited, I can't wait!!!! Who do you think will score the first goal???


I mean, which KOMET will score the first goal?


His only point was FW people throwing things on the ice, which you essentially agreed with. I don't think he mentioned Sterling's antics or the PoHo bathroom story unless I am blind and stupid.

Pay attention to the message, not the messenger.


Hello Komets Fans

I wrote this earlier on another article and I wanted to tell you all how I felt about my own fans. I know TigerDan was not one of the ones being a Bad Port Huron Fan. We where sitting by each other and he I and share the same feeling about our fans behavior last night. Please read.

Well I give your team a ton of credit they came out and took it to the Hawks in a big way. The Komets outplayed the Hawks the past two games. I was happy to see a good crowd at the Game and TigerDan and I looked for you Hoss before the game. It is good that you are the type of fans that travel and support your team. That is so great. As for my fans of the Icehawks last night I was so disappointed in their behavior. At one point in the third there was the beer cup throwing incident. That happened right in front of me and the security went looking for the guy. I pointed him out and then they took him away. I don’t know where a fan thinks they have any rights to throw things on the ice. In my book and also playing sport for years these fans crossed the line of being a true fan. By the way how stupid can you be, the Icehawks were making a nice come back and you do something the let the Komets rest on the bench for a few more seconds. How dumb! Well that is not the end of it. After the game I had 4-5 Port Huron fans or so called fans calling me an A$$*#% for doing that to that guy and they wanted to fight me because I did that. Fans that act like that and support that are not fans. I would like to extend an apology to you fans that had run into this type behavior from Port Huron fans. There is no reason for that no matter how bad the referring is or thought to be by the home fans, there is no excuse for their actions. I hope to see a fun great game tomorrow and one last thing. GO HAWKS GO!

Thank to you fans that support your teams in a good way and aren't the type that cross the line maybe next year we can make trip to see Fort Wayne and you fan!


King-Kong HENLEY=first K's goal / SID THE KID=1-0 PENQUINS/KENNEDY=BEAT-UP flyer bucko.


Well said butter.....all this fan "banter" back and forth is great IMO. Just needs to be cleaned up a bit.

Anyone think they are going to get their butt's in the seats early next year anytime these 2 teams play each other?

Playoff's are how rivalry's are built and adding PH, and PH adding FT.W for that matter is great.

Anyways, anyone from opposing teams that makes it down to the Fort, I always wish them safe trips, same thing from my experiences in other barns.

Side note: If the players that are actually battling on the ice, sticks to the hands, face washes, droppin down to stop a puck, etc. How come they can shake hands and get over it after the series? I'm sure the fans can do the same thing.

I will say that today's "blog" readings have been the most entertaining entry's that I've seen in a long time. Everyone has a story and as long as you made it out alive, it's a good story to tell.


I say Chaulk or Reynolds scores the first goal...

Hit Somebody!!!

Scoopy Doo, My point to Raven had nothing to do with it being Raven...it could have been anyone, my point was...NO matter who acts like an idiot at a game...throwing things on the ice is stupid, dangerous, and should not ever happen...period. Raven chose to pick out one item out of my rant about Port Huron fans and relate that to me thinking that Komet fans would never do that? My point included...all the things that Port Huron fans engaged in and for that matter, their beloved goaltender.

So back off Scoopy Scoopy Doo.

Hit Somebody!!!

Throw me a scoop Monday night Man....231 middle of 2nd row in upper. I will share it with you in the lobby. Go Komets!!! This should be an awesome game. I am excited as all heck.

Josh F

All I know is tomorrow night will be a blast. I cannot wait. Got my tickets earlier today, and thank goodness I did.

I dunno who'll be the first K to score, but I have the feeling Hodgy will get the game winner.


I don't know which K will score first either, I'm sure Zehr will score before any K does though.


Hit-my-other-body, will you be standing on Sterling's shoulders to catch that scoop?


Quote: "He's the one (Sterling) that spit on the Fury logo earlier in the season, then the rubber game back in Musky, he gets his arse handed to him by Musky's back up goalie."

Video of that 'rubber match' and the ensuing brawl can be found on YouTube here:

Quality entertainment if you like that kind of stuff. Unfortunately, Margettie wound up beating down David Segal of Muskegon, who it seems can't back up his aggitator style. We all remember what Legault did to Segal earlier this season.


While reading all the posts about fan behavior over the last week or so I have had a couple of recurring thoughts.

If the series had gone differently and the Komets won the cup in Port Huron, how would their fans behaved?

The flip side of that is if Port Huron wins Monday, how will our fans behave? Especially what looks to be a sold out house.

I remember when Peoria won the cup here (’90-’91?) and skated it around Memorial Coliseum ice. They were treated like the Turner Cup champions they were, a standing ovation and constant applauding and cheers as they made the laps and waved to the crowd that minutes earlier where cheering for their defeat.

If the worse happens and the Icehawks win, I sincerely hope the Fort Wayne fans treat them like the champions they will be.

Junior makes a good point about the players shaking hands after the game and fans should be the same way. Things get very tense on the ice during almost any game but in most cases when the game is over it’s over and the players from opposing teams get along fine.

For part of the mid ‘70s I was an off ice official with the Milwaukee Admirals and I can tell you from experience the players get along much better then the fans do. Ever wonder what some of those conversations between apposing players on the ice are about? If the visiting team is spending the night in town a few of them would be about what bar they were going to after the game and transportation arrangements for the visiting players.

Here’s hoping the jungle will rock and the Komets get to make the skate, but if it goes bad then here’s hoping the fans will show what great hockey fans Fort Wayne has and treat the Icehawks accordingly.

Jungle Monkey

Whos in 213 tomorrow night?


random notes from an oldtimer....ph writer did an excellent story...savage is just being savage......butter, you understand what it is to be a true fan! we have idiots here in the fort too, mybe you can move to the real monor league hockey town and enjoy it year round!!.. komets win in seven so ben smith can eat crow and go back to being the liberal political hack he really is..... go komets!!!!!


Goal Judges in the IHL (every city) are retired blind guys who will work for a free ticket.

Justin, get a clue.


I'm in 213 row 2 have seats 5 through 12 I will be the one with the guestion mark on the back of their jersey instead of a name.


opps i mean number


I can't WAIT to warm up my blog-o-rager about Ben Smith Chuck.

Playoff starts: The K's are untouchable
Down 3-1: The K's are toast
After game 7: Smith writes how he knew it all along, which ever one happens. HE CAN'T LOSE!

With that said, I met him once and he is a very nice guy, just wish he'd PICK A SIDE!!!!

Justin Cohn

Very witty, Todd, really.

But if they're from another town, they won't be as likely to get accused of being homers.

There's a reason they do it at higher levels.

Jerad Shaw.

215 Row 3 Seats 4 and 5. The Golden seats!!!!! 21 1/2 hours. I really hope my work day goes faster then this Peguins Flyers game is going. Ohhhh It's going to be crazy. Get there early!!!!!


Good comments, Waffle Cohn. Yeah, you saw it comming, didn't ya. Hah! Things were'nt looking good there for a while, but I'll agree with you - we'll be celebrating tomorrow night! That reverse psycology works!

Justin Cohn

Waffle Cohn? Wow, haven't been called that in a long time. But it was never in reference to my waffling before; just my crusty and tasty exterior.


Me, along with FWKRTJ, saw the PoHo team at The Outback tonight for dinner. We wanted to get the "La-rry" chant going on. ;)

At least PoHo can't sit there and blame their casual fans for causing the ruckus last night, well some of them at least. The rowdies were trying to get me (someone who is a young adult woman) to come over to their section to fight. Very classy.


Dear Hit Somebody!!!,

In response to your queries, I don't assume to predict what Reiter's, Boucher's or anyone else actions would be. And as I sit here scratching my brow I seem to be unable to remember condoning any of the deeds you described so vociferously.
And I seem to be unaware of just what it is that you would have me wake up to.
Somehow, it doesn't surprise me that you would stoop to questioning my manhood. When one has no ammunition one tends to grasp at straws.
In my opinion you confuse civility with weakness. It's my hope that you learn to differentiate between the two when you grow up.


Jerad - You might have to hold Teresa back. It can almost be embarassing. The DOG (Door Opener Guy) is toast!


section 1, oops,[ section 200 which makes no sense,] row 12 seat 14. open for donations of budweiser!


You're the best Cohny! Guess Franke's got what they wanted, too. Stretch this baby out for 7 games makes good business sense, eh? Hate to see it end. It's been a great ride watching these guys play, and FW bloggers are great fans. Keep up the good work, Justin!


Some bandwagon punks have my seats in 213..where I've sat ALL year for EVERY game..Needless to say i'm not too happy about that. I'll still be down there during warmups to see my buddy Donnie tho.

We're taking the 213 party over to 205!


What row and seats did you have in section 213, Brandon?


Brandon, I guess just next time you better be a team player and be at the Coliseum at like 10 if something like this happens again. ;) J/K

Jerad Shaw.

Brandon, I have some spots reserved for you in 215 if you would like to get on them coming out of the tunnel!!!! I can't wait til Larry is standing there ready to lead them out. All he will see is my face. Ugly site. Just a preview of what is to come. The game can't come soon enough.... I really want to call into for Tuesday RIGHT NOW!

Jungle Monkey

And to think I moved to 213 to sit with the regulars.. Whats up with that?


I hope we didn't take his seats...we normally sit in 209 but my son likes to sit down there so the last 3 games we've sat down there. If we took your seats I'll make sure my 4 yr old comes and apologizes lol.

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