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May 08, 2008



Justin PP is 1-3 not 0-4..First Goal was a PP gaol.


Justin...it says on pointstreak that there are 5,756 in attendance. Is that even close to how many people are there?

Jerad Shaw.


Jerad Shaw.

I'm just asking for one more chance in the Jungle this season!!! Finish this and go steal one boys!


Durdin is an idiot!

Melissa S

He Shoots He Scores.........

Warner gets the goal!!!!!!



I second that Jerad. Finish this one off and steal one in PH, and it's a whole new series.

And just as I'm typing that, goal PH, shorthanded. That punk Lardner.

And now the Komets get it right back on the PP. Warner from Dupuis and Woods. 3-1 Komets


way to go warner!!! GOAL!!!!


Empty netter by Chaulk, and that oughta do it. Game 6 Saturday. This was colser than it seemed like it shoulda been.

Jerad Shaw.

Now I'm starting to consider a Solo Roadtrip!!!


Nice job K's..2 PP goals!!! Now just the same one shift at a time, one period at a time, one game at a time....


Komets played a good game. The difference was the Fort Wayne Power Play (best it's been in the series) and Fort Wayne's play in their own end. The Komet players were blocking a lot of shots tonight, kind of like Port Huron in game 4. Boucher played decent, but good clears by Komet defenders - not a lot of second chances. Like it or not, Komet players were still flopping. That call on Hughes in the 2nd was pathetic -- he just barely tapped the guy and whhhooooaaaa here comes the flop. I mean a 90 yr. old lady hitting with her purse with cause some of these guys to get all theatrical.

Side note to Komet fans: If you are so high and mighty about knowing hockey (that's based on the comments some have made here) you might want to avoid chanting the goalies' name after you score an EMPTY NET goal. I got a good chuckle out of that one.

See you Saturday.

sue ann

awsome game they brought home the real komets way to go


It's WAY better then chanting our goalies name wrong Tigger.

HUGE game on Saturday, I have a hard time seeing the K's winning up in PH, but if they come back to the Fort, they are in trouble.


only negative tonight was the komets failing to deck the icehawks after going after boucher in the third period. at that point a mesage needed to be sent. oh andy tigetr dan, they chanted larry because he came back off the bench making faces at the crowd.


I hope Durdin got the assist for Zehr's goal! that was an awesome giveaway in the corner.


Did anyone else hear Chaulk say..see you here for game 7???

Maybe they have the spark back...

Everyone drive safe on saturday, see you up there...

Lets Go Komets!!!!


Sergei did OK. Nice assist. And did you see him smoke his man when he skated out from behind K's net? Excellent speed and good hustle Sergei!

Joe Fan

Boucher, after giving up the gravy goal, threw the puck at the defender who turned it over. I like his intensity, but he's not going to have a defensemen left liking him by the time this is over.


Whats the best way to get to port huron?


I had to holler at a few icehawks for their nice diving efforts tonight as well, happened right in front of me.

Andy (stop stalking me miss wagner)

That was Chaulk who said that? Oh man game was good tonight, i felt that the crowd was totally into it; what do you think Justin? We can do this guys just have faith! Go Komets and see everyone Monday night!


Well Tiger you were not there tonight and I will tell you Boucher played the better game. IC had almost as many shots on goal. Larry the loser gave up 3 goals tonight and Komets are going to beat the **** out of you Saturday night.

Ryne Gurney

Anyone see Zher flop and grap his MASK, hard to sell a dive when you have a birdcage on your face.


"Whats the best way to get to port huron?"

Take a car. It's too short to fly and too far to walk or bicycle.


holy cow that game got nasty. boucher is kinda bush league with these tantrums, he threw the puck at that dude after one play then throws the puck at the back dasher after giving up the goal.......buuuuuut, i hope he starts the rest of the way ill take two goals rather than five against our goalie...please please please game 7

thanks kometsPA.
one game at a time. is there a bus lined up for saturday??????????????????????????


Anybody doing a bus trip Sat? If so I really want info for 2 seats.
My email is [email protected] and my cell is 387-1229



someone break out with good news and tell me theres a bus trip


I agree,

Heard the Darth Vador Death March again, very glad that you played it. Even if it was only for a second.



I agree,

Heard the Darth Vador Death March again, very glad that you played it. Even if it was only for a second.


Hit Somebody!!!

I saw the Darth Vader Dive. That guy is a joker. He holds his mask and acts like he got killed. Does his mask have feeling for him? He only did that tonight like 5 times. It is hard to draw a highstick when you look like Dark Helmet from SpaceBalls.

What is more funny to me then everything is the pot calling the kettle black Tiger Dan. How the heck do you come onto this blog and cry about the officiating, cry about the fans, cry about crying, cry about diving, and it happens when you lose. When you win, you come on here and cry about us fans questioning things. You take the cake. When you lose...you turn into the biggest baby. Actually your boy Hughes is the biggest baby. He made the most stupid play at mid-ice and got caught for doing it, then he shows the ref up and points his stick at him. Hughes might be the stupidest player in the league this year.

Tiger Dan...you can't come on here crying after you lose. You think you know everything and lecture our fans and then you want to cry about everything. You are incredible. Go away. I know Justin said you are welcome here. But I say, go away and I think that there are probably 100 other bloggers on here that will say the same.

Lets vote....Tiger Dan...Stay or Go?



Ryne Gurney

Hey that speach that they played before the game, what was that from

And Brandon Warner scored perhaps the biggest goal of the series (except for shaf's that wasn't)



This is the Bush leagues. (Lower minor leagues) You shouldn't be surprised by what you have seen. These are where they are for a reason.


thanks for putting me back in place TGP, your right.


I am going to have to disagree with you hit, he has as much right to post here as you or I. Let him cry and complain. Its all in fun especially when his team loses.

Keep it coming meow-dan


that speech was from Any Given Sunday..


he does deserve to post here...hes not overly disrespectful. arguing over who played at a higher level is the only thing i couldnt stand about tiger. sometimes our fans can be kind of annoying to on here. lets be fans instead of hockey know-it-alls and work from there. you both know the game and love your teams.

Jungle Monkey

Boucher MUST start game 6 Saturday.

Durdin needed more than a puck thrown at him. That was his last shift of the night. Thanks Al.

One down two to go...

Go Komets!!!!!!!!

Ryne Gurney

I agree with Andy, we unite against him instead of bickering amongst ourselves

Ryne Gurney

Thank you Mark


"Whats the best way to get to port huron?"

Go north until you smell it.
Then east until you step in it.


Haha, jk, fellow hockey fans from a bit further north. All in good fun and in the spirit of competition for the Cup!

Just follow maps.google.com's directions...


Anybody else notice that PH took the net off not once, not twice, but three times tonight? Their fans talk about the K's diving and knocking the net off all of the playoffs. What a huge joke that is. I was just waiting to see what they'd try next. Great win K's. One game at a time.

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