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May 07, 2008



Maybe they need that shrink to come in like they did a few years ago :P


win or lose i have to be thankful for this team. it was one of the most pleasureable seasons in a long time! going to the barn every game knowing that we would be entertained and have better than an 80% chance we'd go home with a victory! turner cup or not, what a great season!!! thanks guys!!!!


Amen to that post by chuckitt.


Couldn't watch the game or listen in. Did they get "Hawthorned" or "Langdoned"?

Hit Somebody!!!

The refs had nothing to do with this. The Komets need to look themselves in the mirror after this game. Justin said it all. I just said the samething on the other thread about 10 minutes ago. You cannot win a game win you are un-physical and un-willing to do the dirty work to win a game.

Fighting isn't everything, and it doesn't put points on the board...but what happened to our tough-guys? Where did Henley, Bertram, Woods, and Co. go? I just don't understand where this team's passion has gone. Justin makes good points about this teams heart and the fight they showed all year. Where the heck is their pride right now? I just don't know who this team is we have been watching this postseason. It is a darn shame too. Domination in the season...humiliation in the post-season. Don't start bring injuries and crap like that into this. Every team at this time of the year has ijuries and bumps and bruises. Port Huron has them, and they are still handing out the bumps and bruises to the Komets and we are turning away from them and not fighting back. Half-way through the second until the end of the game tonight...I think the Komets quit. That makes me sick. Very sick.


Couldn't say it better, Hit.


well said Hit...


Agreed, Hit. Also, add to the excuses (1) "smaller ice" (2) the 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 format (3) switching goalies every other game (4) coach is holding them back, etc...,etc.
Last I saw, the ice was level and the goals at each end were the same size. BOTH teams go through adversity and triumph...UNLESS ONE DOESN"T SHOW UP!



Its gonna take alot out of a team getting a unexpected kick in the teeth in game one. It gets worse when they dominated game 2 and lose that one too, screwed or not. A little human nature sets in. They are professional athletes and you would like to think they are above that but they are human too. Sucks as a fan and you pay to see them perform and all that....but we have all been in that position a time or two at some point in our own lives....and not just in sports.
I am confident we'll still come out of this. I have faith our team's will, heart, and pride will be stronger to survive and advance than Port Huron's momentum will be to kill us off.

Do whatever it takes.


I have one huge huge thing to plea to the komet fans out there.

Please please please do not boo tomorrow night if we do in fact lose the game.

This team does not deserve that even though they fell apart in the finals. The Icehawks found our weakness and have exploited them very well.

Do not boo these guys please!

Hit Somebody!!!

Our weakness is between our ears...we have lost our confidence and mentally are shot. When you see a team quit...you have problems. Great season? Yes Great Team? Maybe What will this team be remembered most for? Let's hope it will be the turn-around and 3 straight wins with their backs to the wall to win a cup. Otherwise...they will be remembered for the bad ending. That is sad, but it is the way it goes.

Charlie Crawford

Just got home from Port Huron. I would say Justin hit the nail on the head.
It was great to ride up there with some great Komet fans. Also it was very nice to stop at Tim Hortons and bring home some Timbits, and a half dozen of doughnuts!


We played a lot of 1-1-1-1 thru the year=SO STOP CRYING- you can either DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT when you are getting beat OR you can cry -I think the komets decided to cry=end of season=no cup=see ya next year.

Bubb Rubb

How quickly everyone forgets aboout the season the komets have had and that big winning streak they went on... Of course they are going to have to play better but we have 3 games left and 2 of them are at home. They can come back from this.


The Komets just have to want it more than Port Huron. At this point that has not happened other than game three. They have had spurts of playing good in all of the games... but as soon as Port Huron scores they seem to drop their shoulders and the Icehawks take advantage. No matter how good the Komets (or anyother team for that matter) are it is hard to comebake in a game when you are down three goals in the third.
Yes, the Komets have had a great season this year, Yes, it will be a sort of a disappointment if they do not win the championship. But at no point, that we as Komet fans should be disappointed if the Komets play as hard as they can but still come up on the loosing end. It is not impossible for a comeback.... They just have to want it more.


You people think the season is over! How dare you- I do admit it isn't a pretty picture but I do think the Komets can get on a role. We must secure tonight and then steal one up there. Don't give up. You lived with the good- now live with the not so good and support your team.


We just have to win the next game. We don't need to look at three in a row, one road game, or any thing else. WE NEED A WIN TODAY! We can do it!

Go Komets!


We just have to win the next game. We don't need to look at three in a row, one road game, or any thing else. WE NEED A WIN TODAY! We can do it!

Go Komets!


On this day 33 (Boucher) years ago Enrique Iglesias was born. Nick will get a win tonight. He has to. Its fate. My favorite singer and favorite goalie. I am going to have a great day and a great trip to the Fort tonight. What is the surprise for the warm up session at the game tonight?


Well said, Hoss. Let's take it one game at a time. Right now, we just need to win tonight. Then we'll worry about the next game. These guys have shown all season long that they can come back. They just need to do it tonight. Keep the faith! Go K's!!!


And like Andy said, should the worst happen tonight, PLEASE do not boo our team! Give them the respect they deserve for the outstanding season of entertainment they gave us. Remember all the good things that happened this year, like 25 home wins in a row. When's the last time that happened? NEVER! And you probably won't see it again for a several decades. So instead of booing this team, show them how proud you are of what they accomplished this season - whether they bring the Cup home or not. I know I will.


The Komets cannot blame the 1-1-1-1 format at all. They had a chance to go a 2-2-1-1-1 by having the series open at home last Wednesday and Friday, but the Frankes trying to turn a extra buck passed on the Wednesday night Game 1 scenario.


Hopefully someone is giving the Billy Bob Thorton "My heart is full" speech from Friday Night Lights. Tony Dungy saying "its our time" even though they were getting killed by the Pats in route to the Superbowl. The Red Sox were getting crushed by the Yankees and were down to their last few outs only to comeback in route to their first title in 400 years. If you believe it can happen then it can happen.

Do whatever it takes 2night.

Jungle Monkey

As fans we owe it to these guys to support them to the bitter end. I think the Komets can come back from this. Here's the game plan.

1. Start Boucher
2. Punch a Port Huron player in the mouth.. just pick one.
3. HIT
4. HIT
5. HIT
6. Somebody slap Kevin Bertram in the face. Fire him up.
7. This is it... leave nothing on the table... If Sims doesn't do a couple thousand dollars worth of damage to the lockerroom in the pre game, he's not doing his job. It's time to wake these guys up. I want to see Colin Chaulk of 2003.

Take the Hawks out of the game early.

At the end of Monday night have a platter of crow prepared for Ben Smith to eat at center ice.

Fans-- If you think this series is over, stay home.


I had this very same feeling after watching the Komets loose 4-1 at Rockford back in 2005. After winning game 1 the Komets dropped three in a row, getting blasted 4-1, 6-3, and 4-1. There was no hope, the team that broke all of the records (at the time) was going to fail.

We all know the ending to that story. IT STARTS TONIGHT!!!!!


Hey Conley maybe its the beard thats the problem haha. Lose it man! lol


We must stay relaxed out there like we have all year. D-men, stay in position and take away those odd-man rushes. Stay out of the penalty box, please! And Hodgman, Woods, Bert, Henley, Curadeau, hit somebody! We can accomplish all these, Port Huron will be the ones shaking their heads come Monday night...Lets Go Komets!

"Don't Stop Believing" by Journey should be played tonight Larry...


I am glad this blog has taken the turn it has..I was not sure I wanted to get on and read anything today because I wanted to be positive, I am glad that everyone is thinking the same thing...this is not over yet.
Come out with some heart, some pride and get the win tonight..Lets be loud tonight and stand behind this boys...

Lets Go Komets..
And remember "We are the Jungle"


All that needs to be done is get a tic-tac-toe. Pick an X or an O and just do it!!!! Join in with me..."3 in a row, tic-tac-toe"!!! LOL Yeah, I'm a dork. But seriously..."3 in a row, tic-tac-toe"!!!!

GO KOMETS!!!!!!!


First thing I did when I got to the barber shop this morning Gnasher. Wow! I look a lot younger and even more handsome than I remember. Ha. Its nice to be able to make yourself laugh. Lol To think me growing a beard would help anything. That's the players tradition not mine. Sorry all. Beard gone. Komets win!


We were in PH last night and Justin said it all... no hitting, no defense, no traffic in front, etc... I am at a loss to explain it but it is disheartening to see this happen to such a talented team. Some guys just look exhausted mentally and physically. Most look lost out there and that shocks me the most. Al doesn't seem to know why either and the combination of it all has resulted in PH looking more like the team who wants to win and is willing to buy into whatever it takes. I hope we turn it around but it will have to be close to a "miracle" comeback.
Good Luck Tonight, guys. We will still be there to cheer you on.


After looking at some other posts, I have decided to "buy into" the we can do it idea!!
Hit hard and often to begin with, get traffic in front of L..A..R..R..Y and put it all on the ice tonight. WE WILL DO IT AGAIN!!!

Skoal Apple

This sucks. What would happen if we let the Komets down like they are letting me down?


Like I mentioned on another board, trying to put a positive spin on things....before last night, the Komets had to win remaining home games and win one game in Port Huron, after last night, THAT HAS NOT CHANGED! They CAN do it.


I think the Komets lose tonight. However, I could just be using reverse psychology.:)


As much as the Komets have a huge mountain to climb, I still feel DAMN CONFIDENT they can make a comeback!

They have done way too many great things this year and have put together much bigger winning streaks then 3.

I know its cliche but you just win 1 shift, 1 period, 1 game at a time. I do agree if you are one of those losers who lose faith when a little adversity strikes...maybe you should stay home like a little .....

I have way too much faith in this team and I am very proud of all they have accomplished...I just don't beleive they are finished yet....GO KOMETS!!!!


I had to dumbify my playoff beard to a fu-man-chu ala St. Pierre in 05.

COME ON, HIT SOMEBODY WOULD YA!!! There getting slapped around the ice . WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!


I as well, got on this morning expecting negative comments and a rash of yelling between kittydan and others. Alas, the opposite is true.

We stand behind our team.
Yell loud, yell proud.

Someone needs to make a nice big "insert positive comment here" poster to stick on the glass during warm ups. I am at work all day, anyone else able to do it?

Jungle Monkey

I'm stealing from Barak Obama, but I think...


is simple and appropriate. Or should it be ....

YES WE KAN (with a giant orange K)?

Nasty Dangles

The Komets have won ATLEAST 3 straight games on EIGHT different occasions this year. Some of those included winning streaks of 6, 6, 9, and 11 games! We are not out of it by a long shot! It starts tonight!

Jungle Monkey

I think we should all get there early and crowd the glass during warm-ups to show some support. Bring a sign, raise the roof, get tossed by a redcoat!!!!!


How long did it take you to shave? You know you can save that hair and have a fake one made for next year : )

I would like to see Margaret get her arse handed to her tonight, if they are afraid she will turtle then put Bert on her so he can hold her up while giving to her!! Someone needs to remove the bird cage from Zehr and dot his other eye. After all of this is done then we can play hockey.

If by chance we do lose tonight I think we should give the boys a standing ovation!!! The weekend warriors that want to boo can stay home tonight!!!

The sign should say REFUSE TO LOSE!!! I believe there was a sign above the locker room hallway several years ago that stated the same thing.


I also think R&RP2 is in order for the remainder of the playoffs, not just the 3rd period.

Jungle Monkey

Wish there was a orange rally towel giveaway. But we'll settle for another playoff "poster".

Melissa S

GO KOMETS!!!!!!!!!!





Hey Rich. It doesn't take long to get rid of hair when you have the right equipment. Maybe a minute to go back to smooth faced. My dad says I look 23 again. Yeah! I want carded! I'm in for a March to the Glass tonight to support the team. Komet fans vs redcoats. Just watch they will have like 20 ushers and 200 cops down on that end now.


We can still do this! This team can pull off a three game winning streak in their sleep. Someone louder than me in my section (217)needs to start a chant of "3 in a row Komets 3 in a row!" Get into the PH guys heads early and don't let up. (Rich, are you gonna challenge Zehr to a fight in the parking lot again? That was funny!)


Does someone need to start something right on the faceoff ALA Worlton a few years ago against Rockford? It will be worth the 2/5/10 to get the crowd pumped and the blood flowing.


On second thought starting the game with a 7 min penalty kill might not be the best idea when you are down 3-1 in the series.

Nasty Dangles

They wouldn't get a 2/5/10...there is no instigator...they would just give PH a 5 min PP if the guys doesn't fight back.

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