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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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May 01, 2008



Wow, When I first heard that his daughter has a stomach issue, I wondered if that is what it was. I had the same thing when i was born and had surgery when I was 3 weeks old (I am 45 now, but I still have the scar to prove it!). My understand is that is is usally first born males of a family, but it can happen to females also. She should be fine after recovery. I have had no other affects from the surgery or issue since. I am glad to hear she is fine.

Justin Cohn

Yeah, my brother had it too.


Get better baby Chaulk. I'm glad Fort Wayne has great hospitals for babies. Sounds like she will be a tough hockey player someday.


Glad to hear everything is coming out ok for Chaulk and his family.

BTW-You had to the the "K" from Savage didn't you?


People are actually taking Port Huron to win this series???

Komet Gallery

I really don't see how anyone can pick Port Huron in this series... Komets have beaten them 10 straight games, have a better offense, better defense, better goaltending, and better special teams... Komets have outscored Port Huron 53-29 as well... If this was a 1 game playoff, like the Super Bowl, then anything is possible, but it is not... Komets win this series in no more than 6 games...


I agree. I would imagine they are basing their belief on the fact that it took the Komets 6 games to win the series against Muskegon. Friday can't come soon enough. Komets in 7- I will hate the weekday games. Shame on Randy Brown for not seeing far enough ahead. Isn't he the highest paid county official in Fort Wayne?


Again with this debate?

Anyways, I say it will be Komets in 5. I think it will be little like last round where we playa few close games with both teams being physical. I say 2-0 K's (EN goal) Game One, 3-2 PH Game two, 3-1 K's Game Three, 6-2 K's Game four, and the K's bring it home 5-0 in game five!!!


PH's Paul Cotanzo talking about some Ft. Wayne fan's comments about PH and their attendance:




I will live forever as enemy of the Icehawks!!!

I hope this doesn't count towards my 15 minutes of fame. What a lame 15 minutes it would be LOL


has anybody ever seen anything this brutal actually happen in Komet hockey history?


I love that movie, supposedly it is based on some truth, but come on, how true. LOL None the less, good clip!


Mr. Cotanzo has yet to see how the Komet fans can drown out the home crowd. I have seen it in Quad City, Kalamazoo, Chicago (not hard to do) and Muskegon. Lets add Port Huron to that list on Saturday!


I'm having fun posting smack on their fan boards anyone else want to join in the fun?
It still has a flags address, what does that tell you about their fan base?


Wow they are really petty over there they have already erased all my posts and I wasn't even rude. Really.


Our eagle vs their hawk. Icy no doubt. Can anyone find a bird cage big enough for him. He should go. That would keep us all pumped up. Icy at our tail gate= priceless.I can bring the bird food. M&Ms peanut right?


I have an icy connection but I don't think the Komets or Icehawks would be too keen about icy traveling.


Booo! Its not like he says anything bad to get kicked out. Plus he throws a mean football for the parking lot. Oh well, I guess he can't stray too far from his nest.

Nasty Dangles

Well let's give it a shot! Bring ICY along, the bird probably can't just go in the arena.


Bring the BIRD!!! We'll have atleast a full section, he can chill with us!


I will ask the bird, but I think I know the answer.


BTW homco do you have orange hair now? What section are you in Friday I want to see it!


I had some meetings today, so I haven't done the hair yet, I have the color sitting at home. I plan on trying it out tomorrow. Tomorrow Anita and I will be in the Bud Sweet or section 209. Not sure wich yet. Tech Spec gave us the bud sweet tickets and we already bought the others. Gonna bring some friends, just not sure where I will decide to sit. But the hair will be orange, or atleast some type of attempt of orange LOL


I just realized that I am an idiot, the "bud sweet" LOL Although I am sure it is "sweet: I meant suite

Nasty Dangles


I just realized who you are I think...I think I worked with you at Best Buy a year or two ago. You ever work there?


Yes sir, that was me. I used to be a sup at the north store. I am self employed now, but I still work a little bit at the south store. The discount was too good to give up. LOL Where did you work?

Nasty Dangles

Yea tell me about it...the discount was sweet, I do miss it. I worked at the North Store in Media for about 3 years. My name's Brandon West.


Oh holy crap, yeah I remember you. I was the carfi sup and the DI WI MO sup while you were there. LOL


The Habs looked good in the regular season, struggled a little in the first round and now the lowly Flyers are about to bounce them from the playoffs in 5. FW looked good in the season, struggled a little against Muskegon in the first round. Although not identical, Icehawks have more than a slight chance of winning the cup. Upsets happen in sports all the time, especially hockey. It's not too far off for some to predict a PH winner.
All that being said, I'm going with the K's in 5. Oh, and go Flyers!

Nasty Dangles

Yea man you sure were...and I was the guy always asking off for Komets games lol!


Thanks to Ben for the wonderful article on Chaulk -- and of course to Colin, as well. I know that these things are really no one else's business, but I hope he knows that we fans do care about him and his family and wish him nothing but the best. It is just easier to send well wishes if one knows what they are for.

As for Port Huron, I have a confession to make. I don't hate them. In fact, they are my second favorite IHL team and have been all year. Last summer, I found out that one of my favorite actors, Vladimir Kulich ("The 13th Warrior"), played for them back in the mid to late 70s. So I did take some interest in them, and they are a good team. I especially like the fact that they have a woman trainer. :)

That said, I naturally want the Komets to win. But I'm not writing off the Icehawks. I think they will make this a very interesting series.


Please-read earlier posts=K's + Penquins + Redwings in 4. I'm the "messiah of hockey" - name the player whom said this- margie=most hated player by game 4.


just for that messiah of hockey comment, we may have to have a throwdown of hockey knowledge :).

great, you just jinxed the Komets by saying that they will sweep.

Komets in FIVE!


Mightbite. Would that be BG, a former captain of ours and resident wife beater?

Hit Somebody!!!

What did you pass around to those guys to smoke Cohny? They are all stoned. Anyone who actually thinks that Port Urine matches up well with the Komets are purely rooting against the Komets and are allowing their Komet-envy and hatred to cloud their tiny little brains. What a joke. The Komets are more physical, more talented, and more skilled than they are. Goaltending is way better for us. The one thing that could make this a close series, like that of the Muskegon series, is the officiating. I know they were bad for both teams, but the Fury scored what...5-7 goals 5 on 3? That is crazy.

Edge to the Komets in this series. Those guys are jokers that picked the team from the Port of Urine.


RaVeN= he was a copycat-hint=he played for Indy+Phoenix+San Deigo=tough+goal scorer.


Sorry Kornits fans. Fort Lame is done for. It's prophecy. Here's why: The Superfecta, that's right, the Superfecta. 4 professional sports teams from Southeast Michigan will win championships for the 2008 season. Since we KNOW that the Lions have no shot, that leaves the Red Wings (done deal...yeah, baby), Tigers (they'll roll when the offense gets going), Pistons (just starting to wake up) and ICEHAWKS!!!! Hawks will win with the BEST goaltending in the league (Sterling 11-1-3 in his last 14 games = Kermits are DONE).

The closest your going to get to a championship is the Pistons - who played there eons ago.

Jerad Shaw.

Well, you can pretty much nix the Tigers from that list. Also, unless the Piston play in the Western Conference, they won't be winning!! Red Wings have a shot, but I give them no credit. The Bhawks would have owned them first round. As for the IceHawks, time will tell. If I were you, I would just pick the Red Wings, and not lose all your money on one bet!


Tigers 11-5 in last 16 after horrid 2-10 start. I'm no mathmatician, but the last 16 trended out over a full season is 110-50. Of course you have to take something off for the 2-10 start, but it WILL be a 100 win season. Just watch. If you're writing a 13-15 baseball team off on May 1, you don't know much about the sport. BTW, they're working on a sweep of the Yankits as we speak.
As for the Red Wings -- that's a given.
The Pistons are actually my weak link, but don't put it by them.

Hawks will win this series. Just tell monkey boy (don't you call him King Kong? makes sense, he walks, talks and plays like a monkey) that Bouchbag has some bananas hidden under his chest protector. Sit back and watch the fireworks.


Thanks to Ben for the article on my favorite Komet player.

I'm so glad to hear that things are looking up for the baby and for Jillian. My thoughts and prayers go out to their family. Take care and get well soon.


So tell me kittycatdan would you like to put some money down on this,what do you predict the series is gonna be. hey whats 11+3+1? wells its not 14, check your math


Sorry, should've been 15 games. Was thinking about the 4 wins vs. Flint, not 5 total games. It doesn't matter, he's still the best in the league. Just about everyone associated with this league but not tied to the Komets will tell you that Sterling has been better (and is better) than either of the Komet 'tenders. Magers is not bad either. I suspect he'll play a game or two.

Hit Somebody!!!

I can hear the Jungle now....

Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry Larry

This would be before he is pulled and Marty is put in to be toasted.

morency fan

TigerDan? haha that makes me laugh what a gay name .... well i would have to disagree on your goaltender stuff...but i dont think that your goalies are amazing like ours and you know i expect you to be back on here after we win!!!! :)


hey tiger dan, better go back to school. last i knew poured urine is not in southeast michigan.

Nasty Dangles

O My God...TigerDan...what a homo. I am more psyched then ever for this series to start now. Why don't you try and speak your nonsense to the face of the 500+ Komets fans who will invade your dumpster that you call a hockey arena on Saturday? The Superfecta of championship teams from Southeast Michigan? What a joke. Good luck on winning one title out of the four and I can guarantee you it won't be won by the Icehawks.

Tigerdan, why don't you just come on down to the War Memorial on Friday and we will show you what a real fan base is, or should you name be PUSSYcatDan?


Looks like Chuck needs a geography lesson. Where, exactly, do you think Port Huron is? silly little f-tard.

Oh, BTW....last nights scores:
Red Wings 8-2, Tigers 8-4 and Pistons 100-77. Looks like Fort Lame is next victim.

Nasty Dangles

No one knows where Port Huron is because anyone who has any amount of money and has made anything of themselves in life does not live there!


I guess Dinkleberry (Nasty dangle -- lol) hasn't taken a drive along the lake, or along either of the rivers. There are nicer homes in Port Huron than Fort Wayne.

Normally, I'm not one to talk about money, but since Dinkleberry brought it up, how much do you make and what do you do? Normally it's something akin to short man's complex when a guy like Dinkleberry starts talking about money. It's normally a pretty good sign that you don't have much yourself.


So when you start talking about class....


So when you start talking about class....

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