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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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April 08, 2008



I guess they seen how well it worked for Flint to fire their coach.


Just saw on Sebrings blog that Henley is going to play in Springfield in the AHL for the weekend.


Yeah i saw that too, Henley has played what like 10 games for us? Couldn't they have selected a more qualified defenseman then him?

Amazed Komet Fan

Kalamazoo needs to be concerned more about the Wings, to much goes to keeping the IHL going. The IHL is in trouble, not because they are not trying, but because there are major problems. You can't run a franchise and a league at the same time. I can't think of another league at this level that is run by a franchise and the other teams like this one.

Plus having a dominating franchise like FW in control of most every catagory puts a lot of pressure on the other teams.

Need some parity or some stronger league management.


Yeah I would believe Pence or durdin getting called up before henley.

Shame on you guys for reading Blakes Blog....I got the info on my CyberKomet Newsletter

Informed Komet Fan

Kalamazoo does not run the IHL. Paul Pickard resigned his position with the Wings prior to taking the job as Commish of the league.

The 6 teams currently in the IHL are all fine and have all indicated that they are returning for next season.

The "Doom and Gloom" posts without any factual knowledge whatsoever get really really tiring.

There is tremendous parity throughout the IHL except for Fort Wayne. The Komets just put together a dominating team this season and everything clicked. This would be just like saying that the NFL needed stronger management because the New England Patriots went undefeated while ignoring the parity that exists throughout the rest of the league. And... before someone jumps on it... YES we all know that the Patriots didn't win the SuperBowl (Guess what, the Komets haven't won the Turner Cup yet either). I only offered the analogy to directly counter an off-base post above.

Amazed Komet Fan

Lisman owning both Bloomington and Muskegon, weakened Muskegon, Paul Pickard running the IHL weakens Kzoo...who do you think owns the league? The IHL needs six teams for passport access for players.

I give Lisman and Pickard a lot of credit, they gave something up for the IHL. Plus I'm sure someone has been helping out PH to survive financially.

Digging deep down and you see the products from an owner stanpoint have been watered down.


I think it is a good thing that Henly is getting a call-up from an AHL team that is not going to the playoffs. As long as we have him for the playoffs, that is what matters most.


Congrats= King-Kong HENLEY!!! Lets hope the best for him.


your right kalamazoo doesnt run the IHL...the frankes and the komets do this year...6 teams has been a long drawn out season...without the komets this league would be laughed at by everyone...and somehow the ihl has taken a legendary wiffler and turned him into something hes not.

komets will breeze through the playoffs. dont give me the 92 gulls stuff either...there was 12 teams in their league that year not 6.

we own this league. we wont be touched

Justin Cohn

Who's Blake? Never heard of him.

Justin Cohn

And informed Komet fan is correct on one thing ... all six teams are coming back next season.


Just hope that the other teams "plan" on matching up w/ what the K's put on the ice next season.

Good luck Henley. I haven't seen the schedule of who Springfield plays, but I hope Mirasty fits in there somewhere.

Hit Somebody!!!

Great timing on firing a coach. Season is all most over, why not wait one more week?


"we own this league. we wont be touched"

Wow.. i hope this is a true statement, but i wouldn't dare say it for fear of falling from such great heights.

I have seen far too many teams enter playoffs with that exact attitude only to break their crown when they fall. If the Komets are currently thinking that way, then they should be golfing before the rest of the IHL.


k-zoo has some BIG games this week.Maybe Currin is still hurt???

Brendan Savage

Port Huron doesn't need financial help. Their owner has really deep pockets.


The Gulls ran into a buzzsaw in 92-93. I remember when the Komets came back from San Diego up 2-0...I was thinking...this is going to happen. And it did.

Charlie Crawford

Does anyone remember the song from 92-93, I think it was called "K's Skatin Boogie?" It was set to the country song Boot Scootin Boogie. I remember one line that went something like Turner Cup, Kick Some Butt, Hey Lets Go Komets. I don't know why I just remembered that, but does anyone else remeber that song? I thought it came out during the playoffs of 92-93, or 93-94. Just curious.


Powerplay, best in may, what do you say lets go Komets...that was another line. I remember the song too...lol...Good job Charlier remembering that one.

Charlie Crawford

Thanks T. I wonder if anyone has a copy of that song? I loved it when it was out. Somebody I would think would have a copy of that song.

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