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April 26, 2008


Hit Somebody!!!

Great Game by Welker....? What?
That had to be some sick sort of sarcasm there. It was much of the same terrible calls. Call a diving penalty one time, and all this flopping dead on the ice will stop. It is horrible to watch. I hope you were kidding, or I hope you were watching the same game we were.

Jerad Shaw

I thought Welker called a decent game. The 2 Vandruden penalties that were called, he did come away with blood. I have my wonders about the 2nd lip cut, but I will leave the CSI to other people. Other then that, I thought he called a pretty solid game all around.

Conley got cheated during the Musical Chairs. He got jumped on by a goon who was trying to push Conley around. Conley called for a penalty, but they both got match penalties!! :) Classic!!!

Good game all around! Reynolds shot was from an awful angle, but what a great shot!!! Hope the K's can close it out tomorrow and move on to the Ice Hawks!!! Enjoy your drive tomorrow Cohn. Do you need directions, or can you make it there without Shawquest??


A goon?! Yeah I suppose that about sums it up.

I knew I was going out but I'll be darned if I left without giving the people a show. What can I say? Conley was begging to get his chairy popped

Jerad Shaw

HAHAHA.... I got on Youtube and searched, and came up empty til I got here. I then found comedy gold. Conley trying to call for a penalty after asking for your ejection had me crying in laughter.


the officiating was consistent i will give them that...in the words of a great little league umpire Tom Miller "just be consistent"

woods attempting an old school UFC headbutt on Kos was pretty funny on the outside of the faceoff.

Hodgman is an absolute animal...he was ready to drop the gloves a few time it seemed...robin bouchard is a joke...it hurts me to say this but dave van drunen was playing his heart out and he looked like a captian for once.

big ups to both those goalies. and good job to bruce ramsey i was waiting for a lou piniella blowup

anyone B2'ing 2morrow night?


oh yes shaw, i just quoted tom miller.

"Ma'am, the basecoach cannot be tagged out" - Tom miller



I'll agree that the officiating was about as good as could be expected this time, so I'm not complaining. It could have been better, of course, but in comparison to last few games, this was a dream.

That is a surprising comment from Sims, but Nick did do wonderfully tonight. I've never doubted his talent, personally. I'm sure it's been a bit frustrating for him always being in Reiter's shadow. But he really did shine tonight. Great game, Nick! :)

Justin Cohn

Comparatively, it was a great game by Welker.


I've never seen a team take as many dives as that team does. Granted most that may look like dives are the right call. Larry I'm still waiting to here the Mighty Ducks' Diving Quote. Boucher the best goalie in the league? What a slap in the face to Reiter; most goalies would look pretty good with the help he got this game (and the lack of screens that were by his teammates).

I really don't wanna see the Muskegon again this year, win game 6 Komets!


I was really happy to see Nick finally get a shutout. Team did play with better composure Friday compared to the Wednesday game.

I really hope that a possible Finals series WILL NOT be another 1-1-1-1-1-1-1 format. Is the IHL telling teams that each round needs to be completed by a certain date? I know that there is likely other events already scheduled in both buildings....but with diesel being about $4.40 a gallon, this is silly.


Ever hear why Marchant was scratched? Just a healthy scratch? Any idea tonight who the scratches are? Congrats to Boucher on the shutout. Sorry Justin but the series is over tonight.


I don't see anything on the Calander that would hinder Port Huron's home games. Unless they are not allowed to have an event at the Arena and the Theater at the same time. Then the weekend of May 9/10 is a big problem for both teams.


Happy dance!

Jungle Monkey

Like I said 2 days ago....

Nick Boucher
Nick Boucher
Nick Boucher!!!!!!!!


I'm betting we'll get Searle tonight. Haven't seen him yet this series, right? I wish I could make the trip up tonight but unfortunately I have a wedding to go to. What was my family thinking scheduling a wedding during hockey season?!?
Thanks for posting the musical chairs video, it was just as funny seeing it again today!


The diving is getting pretty bad. At least we had a couple go our way. The officiating on the poopy diaper scale was runny. you know, kind of like a pool you could dive into.


Did anyone elst notice Bertram giving Boucher the game puck at the end of the game? Class act to show that their fued is over!


I was hoping Bert was going after the player the took a run at Hodgeman. I think it was Herring, looked like a dirty hit.


From my angle it looked like burt was going after a player... I glad though that bert gave that to Nick

No more Fued :)


as soon as i figure how to put it on you tube i have the whole musical chairs on video


K's WIN 5 in a row.I liked last nights line-up=no marchant.Lots of hitting.Way to go port huron=now lose 4 in a row.King-Kong HENLEY = good game.


i really get tired of all you who nit pick or just dont pay attention. the refeal to best goalie in the league is becasue he had THE GEST GAA IN THE LEAGUE!and while you all like to jab, did anyone else notice the real class move last night at the end of the game?? i doubt if you saw it, but as the team swarmed boucher at the buzzer, kevin bertram skated to the opposite end of the rink and retrieved the game puck and skated it up and gave it to boucher. now thats a classy act to end any anomosity between the two unless you guys need to blog more about it and keep it stirred up in your own minds.


sorry to mispell but i was going way to fast!!


i just now saw the other references to bertram, they werent on my computer when i posted the first time! i think that act should be mentioned in the paper!


Nice team effort and team win. There was never a fued on this team...I posted earlier it was a momentary lapse of reason,it happens and you bury it. I enjoy good hockey no matter the team or player, I try to look at the big picture...you could name a half dozen homers any given game on thier great efforts, last night VanDrunen and Rohr really played and hustled their tails off. Pool played well in the net and made some impressive saves. Not to mention when I left the coliseum last night it was a balmy 76 deg. I feel like I got my moneys worth last night.


Funny how Bert was thrown under the bus last week and this week he's driving it! Last month it was Jake Pence...the month before that was KK Henley...we need to have the weekly or monthly Greyhound Award! Anyone agree?


I def. agree w/ that St. Chris.

Justin Cohn

Hey Chuck, what are you referring to? I don't see anyone slamming Bertram here, on this post. Or is it directed at me? Either way, I don't see what you're driving at.


I don't know how anyone can say that Boucher is better than Reiter or vis versa. To me they are both the best golies and instead of giving one the award just give it to the KOMETS as team. We have more than one goalie on the ice every game as I have seen more Komet players dive in front of a puck for a save than any other team combined. Probably why we don't give up to many shots on net.

Jerad Shaw

It will be interesting to see how VanDruden plays tonight. He was on the ice ALOT last night. He refused to come off the ice at times. I give him grief and get on his case an awful lot, but he showed alot of hear tonight and showed why he is the captain.




I have 4 going tonight so I am pumped up for my 6th game in 8 days. I just hope there are some weekend dates at PH if we are there...(when we are there) so I can make the drive. Cohn we really should get a blogger bus to go to all the games...brought to you by the Journal Gazette...or other sponsorship. Please work on that in the offseason. I agree you shouldn't have to drive to all the games but dang it neiter should we...lets get a bus. See you tonight...look for the orange hair and listen for a loud mouth....not the twister...the other guy with orange hair and a loud voice. Note: Blogger Chris-205 will be there two so there will be at least three loud mouths there. I am so excited...this could be another time where K's fans are louder than the fury fans...notice the little f because there "fire" is about out. GO KOMETS! Third time is a charm. No 5 on 3's tonight and the K's will win. (5 5on3 pp goals for fury in Muskegon).


I have 2 heading up in about 40 minutes..Drive safe everyone..and



come and say hi Janice.


Ok, so what game did most of you see last night? I saw a TERRIBLE ref and lots of dive's (especially with pool in goal) Lots of comments from out section about "diving in the pool" :0

Also, Kevin Hanson is the man. He is always down on the ice at least 4 times during the game. I'm sure he's total purple by the end with all the bruises. I see no mention of him here.



I will be there tonight with aHomco, so that's 2 more


So how many of you musical chair-ers wake up sore this morning? Or in Conley's case, when you woke up this afternoon

Hit Somebody!!!

My knees were purple last night, and a very nice gash on my leg. Not sure how I got it.

Can anyone say for sure if you can watch the B2 networks games on the Playstation 3 hooked to a tv? Anyone try it ever? I want to watch the B2 tonight, but I don't want to watch it on a crappy computer monitor. What other options are there for watching it on my tv?


hit, If your TV has a S input and you have a computer that you can put close to your TV you can get a cable to plug directly into the TV and you can watch it that way.

Hit Somebody!!!

So S-Video into the tv....what is the output side from the computer?


i get tired of chuckitt slamming people and putting everyone down just cause they arent hockey gods like him... lay off people dude it gets old. we realize your the know all source for hockey in this town.

Hit Somebody!!!

So should will all worship Bert for his act last night of handing over the puck to Boucher? Yes it was probably a good thing, but he hit him a week ago on the ice. I know you forgive and forget, but I don't recall Bert saying anything since the whole episode. And I know that alot of you will say that he is not entitled to say a word to us fans about it, and that the only thing that matters is that he and Boucher patched it up behind closed doors. So I would say, he should have hit him behind close doors then. You do it out and public, and you are going to get the public's attention and at some point you need to also face the public...ie Justin Cohn. If he would just come out publicly and say that what he did was regretable and that he was sorry to Nick, then this thing would be dead.

He gives the puck to Nick, so is that our sign?

I am just trying to figure this thing out since it continues to be a topic of discussion. I could careless either way. It really isn't that big a deal. Shat happens. It is just funny to me that there have been 2 sides to this whole thing. One side that Bert was wrong, the otherside that says Bert can't do any wrong. Then he hands the puck over, and the "Do no wrong" crowd wants to point it out like he is some Saint now.

Just funny to me. I don't know about you all?


GO Komets...I'm b2ing tonight...should be a great Komet game...


I have a nice bruise on my hip but other then that I am good..all the boys were more worried about taking each other out that I had it fairly easy...it was fun.

Tom we are 106, come say Hi

Let Go Boys, lets end it tonight


the same s input would have to be on the computer also.



that is what you are looking for

Hit Somebody!!!

I don't think I have that on my computer. I might have to upgrade my video card. I saw there is a HDMI video card. Would have to also buy a HDMI cable of about 25 foot. It would cost about $250 to do all of this.

That is why I was wondering if the Playstation 3 would allow you to get the B2 and then I would have problem solved. I know you can youtube on ps3...just not sure if it would work with B2 or not. If someone knows...please help the RUNNERUP out....LOL


mine is the 7 pin input i would guess yours would also....however that is just a guess


I don't get the same impression Justin has about Muskegon.
Here's what I saw in the third period from about seven rows from the ice after Boucher stonewalled another shot - Muskegon player looking up at the ceiling in total resignation. That player had no expression of hope left in his face. As good as quit. Why? I think he knew, and the rest of the Fury for that matter, that if Boucher and the Komets play defense the way they were last night - Muskegon doesn't have a chance. The player was Herring.


Highlight of the night was you two clowns popping the chair. I was at the other end of the rink at could still hear it clear as a bell. Awesome!

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