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April 20, 2008



That was a fun game to watch - good to see the Komets looking like the Komets again. Seems that all that laughing threw Muskegon off their game more than it bothered the Komets.

Hit Somebody!!!

Great win.

They need to seriously address the officiating in this league in the offseason. That guy went Hawthorne x3 tonight. I know that it isn't cool to continue to complain about officiating, but that was awful. Getting worse each game. The phantom slash by Guy when he was pulled down in front of the net, and the Muskegon player was skating to the box...what the heck? Then to top a horrible officiating night off, he calls that idiotic call with 9.7 seconds left on Marchant as if it made a bit of difference at that point in the game.

Brad Jones needs to go. Find a new director of officiating who can attract decent young officials.

Sorry about this rant. It just sucks to see 15 minute discussions on every call. Make a call and drop the puck.


Parsons did get one game earlier this season, but it wasn't for something similar to what Chaulk did. Parsons left the bench to jump somebody and fight them. Then he scattered all his gear on the ice after being ejected. Chaulk just went to talk to the referee about the disallowed goal, then went back to the bench. Stupid, yes. Deserving of a suspension, no way.
Once again, ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE OFFICIATING!!!!! I don't know where they find these guys, but gimme a break. That game lasted an extra 30 minutes solely because of the referee. And how many dives did Muskegon take that weren't called?!?! How many times did it happen that after we scored a goal, Muskegon immediately went on the power play?!?! How is kicking a player who is down on the ice considered only a 2 minute slashing penalty?!?! Get a clue here Pickard. Fix the officiating NOW!! It makes games hard to watch. GO KOMETS!!! LET'S FINISH THIS SERIES ON FRIDAY AT THE JUNGLE!!!!

Hit Somebody!!!

My favorite had to be the guy who fell down at the end of the ice with no one within 10 feet of him, he threw his helmet off, and flopped onto the ice acting like he was dead. The ref turned and saw him laying face down so he called a high stick. I think it was Kos, he skated to the bench and was laughing as Ramsay high-fived him. They dive all most as much as the Quad City Teams did in the UHL when we first joined that league.

Ryne Gurney

That was stupid of Chaulk, he has to know he can't do that.

Hit Somebody!!!

I would and will cut him some slack, he has bigger issues going on in his life than hockey. I am really surprised he was even there tonight. Hope all is well with him and his family. My thoughts and prayers are with him.


Definitely have to agree with the absolutely horrible officiating again tonight!! What a ridiculously long game, all because Klosowski couldn't seem to get his head out and make a decent call!

The IHL really needs a change in their officiating management. I'm not exactly sure who it is Matt Pavelich (Supervisor of Officials) or Brad Jones, but someone (or both of them) needs to go, because this crap is just absolutely ridiculous! No one seems to be doing a thing about the horrible officials (other then scheduling them to come in and ruin the playoffs).


Watching the Fury flop all over the ice tonight reminded me of the movie The Mighty Ducks. "Take the fall! Act hurt! Get indignant!" Maybe Larry can get that sound bite for game 5.

Ryne Gurney

Hit, whats up with Chaulker


that goal should have been allowed a couple guys behind me in 230 said that there wasn't a whistle before the puck went in..i couldn't hear the whistle either...also i was talkin to some fury fans who sat in front of me...they were sayin that muskegon is jumpin for the juniors after this season...one guy said that its rumored that they will file for bankruptcy and then go to the juniors!...if so trouble for IHL another 6 team season..


I can honestly say that nothing surprises me when it comes to the officiating at games this year. It's a given that everyone sitting around me will begin calling whoever is out there an idiot within the first 10 minutes. Tonight, I think Klosowski was just asking for it. The guy had the nerve to pull out a rule book and leaf through it intently for several minutes as if though he were seeing it for the very first time. You can imagine what the crowd thought of that.

Wow, that is strange. First Sims gets thrown out. Now the player/assistant coach gets thrown out. I do hope the league will be fair in reviewing the incident. Regarding the personal/family issues he has been dealing with, it is difficult to know what to say without understanding more about the nature of things. But my thoughts are with Chaulk and his loved ones, of course. I do hope that things are better soon.

As for the game, it was good to see the Komets play with so much focus tonight. If there was any doubt whether they could bounce back after Saturday night's confusion, they certainly swept that aside. Let's hope they keep up that intensity on Wednesday!
But to be honest, I didn't have much fun at the game tonight. No one was smiling or wanted to talk. Except the red coat guy at the top of 215 who wasn't letting anyone move around during the game. What's the deal? I understand the puck danger, but how does standing on the landing put me in more peril than those seated there? I'm short, so my head wasn't any higher than theirs was. Not to mention that I took pictures from that same position on Friday night and no one said a word. To make matters worse, I could see a woman standing on the opposing landing happily snapping away without hassle from her red coat. I was tempted to march out and head over there. Instead, I decided to try taking a few quick shots from halfway up the steps until an older woman who had apparently taken the red coat's iron fist to heart told me that I wasn't allowed to leave my seat during the game. I hadn't been blocking her view, either. She was just being very type-A. So yeah, I was pretty upset about this, especially since I was hoping to attend the game on Friday. Now I'm having second thoughts. Someone, PLEASE tell me that this was just a fluke.


During the scrum in the 2nd, Hansen DID go after Rohr but Rohr really didn't want too much to do with him and I can't say I blame him.


It's common courtesey to not get up during play, there are more then enough whistles, you can wait until it has blown to go get your hot dog. It's quite simple..If you get up/go to your seat during play, you're going to be blocking several peoples view not to mention how it only takes a second for something huge to happen.


Does anyone else think the Komets were playing angry last night? It looks like the Sunday game awoke them and they are playing like the old Komets again. I bet they don't loose any more games to the Fury. Those players taking dives were too much for me. When you take a dive with no one around you, get a penalty called then go and high five your coach that's bush league.


Ah...the bush league comment. Again...what level of hockey is this? That kind of stuff shouldn't surprise anyone...though I must admit Saturday's teammate fight made me shake my head.

Brandon...great post to Wendy.
That red coat of hers should be hoisted out of the stadium on shoulders to a party in the red coat's honor. WATCH THE GAME, WENDY. Quit worrying about pictures.


I think Wendy's point was that the red coats and police are taking fan involvement away from us. There is such a police presence in 213 and 215- it baffles me. Why? I think people can police themselves. After every play the police and ushers went down the steps. Wendy was standing on the landing-not sure she was in anyones way. Lets relax out there.

Great game by the Komets- they did play angry. Muskegon looked like fish out of water with all their flopping around. Isn't there any good high school refs that we can get for this league?


People really need to quit complaining about the officiating at this level. It has always been bad, and it will continue to always be bad. If the officials were good, they would not be at this level, theywould either be in the AHL or NHL.


When I say quit complaining about the officials, I mean on message boards.... by all means, continue to yell at them during the games!!

Jungle Monkey

Several points....

1. Shaf had a GREAT game. The dish to Guy, and the goal were both awesome. Muskegon was taking Shaf off his game the first two nights, he overcame on Sunday.

2. Losing Chaulker for the game isn't that bad when you have Hodgman waiting in the wings. The kids is all-game all the time.

3. MITCH WOODS. Sims or someone had to have sat him down. The kid is keeping his cool like I've never seen. Getting jumped by that two-bit chump Segal should have set him off, but instead he kept cool and we were rewarded with a 5 min power play.

4. Reiter made some good saves, but wasn't challenged that much. I'd give him a game to rest and let Bouch play again on the road. If he can keep his own defensmen from beating him up, he's due for a solid outing.

5. I sat near the Fury Booster Club in section 221. Most of them were very nice folks. Although it's not like they could talk a whole lot of smack anyway. One guy didn't waste anytime finding a sheriff's officer and pointing out anyone that shouted "you suck"... Most of the Komet fans down there were decent enough, some silly chants of "pull your goalie" or "warmup the bus"... all and all seemed pretty peaceful, but like I said Fury fans didn't have much too cheer for.


So you can't say 'you suck' around the fury fans? I thought this was a free country?


Don't forget about the fantastic play and hustle of Hodgman! In the third he made two awesome moves back to back to hand around at least two Fury d-men their shorts and was still able to get off a wicked shot. Justin, can you get an indepth interview with him for the paper or blog? I think he has earned his stripes..

Jungle Monkey

The only problem I have with any of this is the fact that I broke out my Galbraith jersey for some reason last night... I hope I don't have to continue to wear for good luck...


You must still wear it! It's the rules of the game. Don't change anything...


I thought it was a great game as well and the Komets looked like the team we've seen all season. I loved the fact the Woods got Segal in for an extra 5. How aboutr cherry picken Hukalo on the shorty? I say stick with Reiter for game 4. You've got two full days until game 4 so why not go with him unless Sims is absoluty sure that the Boucher-Bertram incident won't be a distraction.

kyle hunt

Sat in 221 right behind a chap in a galbraith sweater, must have been a monkey. We couldn't say suck in there barn but they could say it along with we swallow, which I heard out of them again last night, now they bring there house rules to ours?


Dang Hoss. I hope we hurry up and win this thing. If we can't change anything then my socks should start to stand up on their own. Like super starch. Ha!


does anyone know why chaulk wasn't introduced in the lineup of all the players at the start of the game? He wasn't a scratch obviously but i found that weird.


Fun game last night. It was non-stop entertainment from the goals, the player antics (Aquino making fun of Segal..again), the officiating, Ramsey being animated Ramsey, the song making a rebirth, and the physical play, and a win. Had it all.

The defense the team played was great allowing just 8 shots through 2 periods. Gave up the one softy late which I was glad to see Reiter didn't bark that he was screened. Thats a good start. :) Hopefully the incident is history and they can start to laugh it off or have fun with it.

Hodgie was great out there. I wish he could of cashed in on a goal or an assist on that play where he basically undressed all the Fury players (and a few Komets) with his stickhandling. Those were bigtime moves. The top shelf goal he scored was amazing effort too.

The powerplay was clicking and when it does its a tremendous advantage for us.

Everyone else for playing well last night and stepping up when Chaulk was booted.

Not sure what to make of the officiating last night. Koslowski could of saved some face by calling a few dives. Good grief. Curdy and Bertram got hosed.

Segal...geez. Hoping to see a fight against him straight up. K's have shown some restraint until that 3rd period fracus when there was no choice but to fight. Makes you wonder a little if the reins are pulled back a little.

Stay away from the 5 on 3's as it seems to be the only way Muskegon can score.

Seen a few posts about the fans last night. Its one thing to be animated and having a good time at the game. But dumping beer on the bench and flippin' the bird/language at the Fury penalty box, for what it seemed like forever, shouldn't be tolerated. That was kind of disappointing to see/hear.

Chaulk getting tossed certainly hurts concidering he will prbably get suspended. I hope the damage is minimal from the league office.


chaulk had some family issues and arrived at the barn late.


We need more "MAS!!!" that was great!

Jungle Monkey

more mas... isn't that more more? My spanglish is a little rusty. At any rate, Larry needs to keep that in his rotation. Sitting next to the Muskegon Boosters and chanting was nice.....

I guess I'm a grudge holder, but I remeber their fans celebrating in our building a few years ago when the won the cup. I still get enjoyment in watching them lose in our building. I hold myself to the standard that they showed when I think about being the classier party. =)


Hey Cohn. Who is assigned to referee Wednesday?

Justin Cohn

I don't know. They usually don't tell me that stuff.


I too, would like to see a piece on Hodg. He has some amazing hustle!

And after the behavior of a couple Muskegon people (I wouldn't call them fans) at their arena I think they could deal with a little few "you sucks". But I guess I'm still bitter from missing most of Saturdays game.



The police presence is because of the bench. We have too many idiots who like to throw stuff at the vistors bench...like the lady who poured her beer on Ramsey last night and completly soaked him.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye! First annual bloggers musical chairs on the ice during intermission Friday night. The more the merrier. Details coming soon.

Jungle Monkey

Ramsey got a beer poured on him? Hope it didn't mess up that $99 S&K Menswear suit.


Will we win a free scoop if we win the musical chairs? I only hope it's hand delivered by SCOOPS himself!!!


Will we win a free scoop if we win the musical chairs? I only hope it's hand delivered by SCOOPS himself!!!

Jungle Monkey

I don't think any of us stand a chance against Shaw, he's a former athlete as I've read a number of times.


Man, I have to be out of town on Friday night. I am sooooo pissed. Oh well, I will just have to watch the musical chairs on B2.

By the way Conley, I think you do a better Didier singing impression than anyone


Thank you. Thank you. Its hard not to when he is so predictable. Same hand raise at the same time. You can count on that. I think Shaw will show Friday but I have a little surprise for him if he thinks he can run me. He is the front runner so far without a doubt. If that bird gets in my way feathers are gonna fly. Autographed team stick to winner so we need to make Cohn proud of his blog and represent. Let's get in shape and drink no beer till Friday so we are good to go.


Yeah, let's save all the drinking until Friday..that way we can be good and messed up in time for musical chairs


I like were you are going with this Brandon.


I just wish I could practice what I preach. Ha! I am having a beer as I type.


It's that section 213/211...It just breeds smartness...and alcoholism


This contest ought to be interesting, that is for sure.

Speaking of the autographed stick, did anyone pick up item(s) this season once it became evident this could be one of those championship seasons?


I have a hundred dollar trash can autographed by team in my private bathroom. I went ahead and replaced my sponge bob square pants one. That was a sad day. Well said Brandon. I would wager that 213/211 consume more per game than any other two sections. Just a hunch.


The only thing I've gotten is a lovely puck that nailed my husband in game one of the playoffs! LOL


aHomco you must of been sitting close to 211 i take it??? we were dodging them all night on friday

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