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April 08, 2008



Congratulations to both Reiter and Aquino, both are well deserved awards. Boucher would have won the award in any other year with the way he is playing. I agree with Karlander as MVP, Kalamazoo would not be in the hunt without him or Bootland.

Hit Somebody!!!

Komets dominate the IHL and Krylander gets the MVP...I see it. WOW!!!

They must have gave the MVP to PC Drouin and Krylander must have protested it as he does everything on the ice...then they decided to recount the votes in his favor.

Great Job Reiter and Aquino. Boucher could have easily been co-goalie of the year. Both had great seasons. Curadeau had a wonderful year too.

It is all most time for the second season. See you Kalamazoo fans in the playoffs....errrr...maybe not. LOL


Karlander is a good choice but really you could roll the dice on 4 or 5 guys and have a good supporting argument. I don't agree this should of been a landslide victory. I would of chosen P.C. Druin over Dupuis. I can't see giving a league MVP title to a defenseman in any league or sport unless they are just putting up insane numbers.


first time ever goalie mvp not even the best on his own team.


How do you figure?

Butch Boucher

let me get this straight. Boucher has not lost since mid-December and has lead the league since then.
good for Reiter, however the award should of been as co-winners!


Giving the award to Reiter, who is deserving, shows that the best isn't always the one with the best GAA or save %. It goes to the goalie who is ready to play every night especially when his team really needs him to show up. He has played tremendous all year and I don't understand why people can't just say congratualtions and let it be.

Reiter receiving this award isn't discrediting what Boucher has done this year. He has been a huge asset to the team and took 2nd in the vote.

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