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April 14, 2008


Jerad Shaw

How many times is Fletch going to drop the gloves???


Are goalie sticks still wood or did they go composite also? Curious.


Just for you Shaw I'll antagonize him to no end til and when he's primed...hopefully Logan will save my butt.

Ryne Gurney

Boy would I love to go to this, but sadly i have Prom.


Watched the Red Wings and Preds on T.V. Noticed that they play Rock & Roll Pt. 2 in Nashville. Would be an awesome addition for the Playoffs!! Go K's

Ryne Gurney

No kidding, Rock and Roll part 2 gets me so pumped, unfortunatly i heard it about one too many times tonight.


RnR P2 is over used. We have a nice new goal song and it fits just fine with the Komets.

I know it is fun to yell you suck over and over, however we are better then that aren't we class?


new goal song stinks...it sounds like a soccer chant....bring back the hey song for the playoffs

Charlie Crawford

Depending on my schedule, and if my wife allows me, I am thinking about going to the game on Wednesday up in Musky. Can anyone recommend any good hotels to stay in on Wednesday night in Musky? I was looking at the Holiday Inn, its Website says that it is right next to the L.C. Arena? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much,


The Holiday Inn next to L.C. Walker Arena is nice. I stayed there during the UHL All-Star Game back in 2000.


I'm with JW, bring back the hey song for the playoffs. That song gets everyone pumped! The Jungle would be rockin for sure if that song started to play without warning after a goal!! I don't understand what the big deal is with using that song. Everyone loves it! Could someone fill me in as to why that song is no longer used? Maybe Justin or Larry the PA guy? Thanks and LET'S GO KOMETS!!!

Jerad Shaw

Charlie, if you are going to stay in Muskgy, the Holiday Inn is the way to go. It is a 2 minute walk to the arena. They have a nice lounge downstairs for dinner or whatever is your pleasure. There is also a neat lil sports bar down the road aways. Conley knows the name of it. I butcher the name every time I say it. Muskegon also has their pre game meeting and meal at that hotel, so you can start the verbal jabs early!!!

St. Chris, you will have to initiate the fight. I remember in his comeback game, he promised his wife he wouldn't start a fight. Then during the game, a kid asked someone if the "old" man wanted to go. Fletch said in an interview he never promised his wife he wouldn't defend hisself and finish the fight. I miss 77 patroling the ice!!


Racquets Downtown Grill is the sports pub/restaurant beside the Holiday Inn near L.C. Walker.


Tipsy Toad is the joint in Muskegon. 9 flat screens and a killer menu. 2 blocks south of the barn.

Justin Cohn

I will attest, that Holiday Inn downtown has gone way downhill. It is convenient, right across from the arena, but don't expect good service and I suspect it's got a lot of mold because my allergies go crazy. I stay out by the mall now. Much nicer and there's actually restaurants and things to do there.


Where is the mall in reference to the rink in Muskegon?


The bad boy of Flint was at it again on his blog, but i think he said it was meaningless first:

"Not going today since it's pretty much a meaningless game. But I'll be there in the finals ... if the Komets make it! Just kidding. If Flint makes it.

Posted by: Brendan Savage | April 13, 2008 at 01:08 PM "


It could happen, us not making the finals, so don't count your chicks before they hatch...

Justin Cohn

It's on the way into town. I forget the name of the road off hand.


Kris - We cant play the RnR2 song because we chant "you suck" in it. Here in Fort Wayne our stuff don't stink and we don't talk like that. Bad words and all. "we are above that kind of talk" .
poor innocent children at games shouldn't hear the word "suck"..

Well those are the reason i suppose. Silly reasons, but there they are as i understand it. kinda "sucks" but oh well. new song isn't too bad


I hear so much worse than that at other places but you are correct I guess in why we don't have it. Minnesota Wild play a similar song to ours.


We had been playing the Rock n Roll Part 2 song since the early 90s, it is time to move on.


"time to move on" i feel is incorrect. when the majority seems to like it more than any other song, then it is certainly NOT time to move on. Song is far from out of style apparently. If nobody got into any more i could understand "time to move on" ...

Only reason it is time to move on is because the song will not be coming back.. so more like, try to get over it..

A great majority of the songs played come from 90's or before.. so if that is the reason we need to move on then lets do away with 80% of what is played. go all out would ya?


So, what is the timer frame that other teams have to pick up Shirokov? I hope nobody gets him. It would have to be heartbreaking for him to have to skate against us after such a long successful season.


Not to say that your opinion is not important komets123, but after the amazingly successful season that the Komets have had and knowing how superstitious hockey players are, do you really think that the players would want to change the goal song (or anything else for that matter). I know that this is a place for fans to voice their opinions, but I would bet if you asked any of the players that they would not want anything changed. Just my opinion.

Justin Cohn

Please, not the song thing again. It's been years.

Jerad Shaw

Justin, we stayed there earlier this year. I find it a pretty nice and clean hotel. I'm not sure what kind of service you are talking about, but I have nothing but good service there. I don't have allergies so I can't speak on that. To each there own, I just know I'm right. :) JP.

Charlie Crawford

Thanks for all the hotel info Jerad, Justin, Bob, Shutterbug, and Conley. I think I just might get to go (fingers crossed). I know this has been asked on here before, but where is a good section to sit at? Where I might not get heckled to much, and be able to enjoy the game? Thanks again for all your help.


I also enjoyed the Holiday Inn in Muskegon last year when we stayed there...got in late after driving over from Flint in a blizzard and had a very easy check in and good service during the entire stay...As far as where to sit in Muskegon and not get ragged on too much, that'd be behind the penalty boxes from personal expierences..I would suggest behind our bench in section 106..yeah they'll heckle ya alittle bit but it's all in fun, they also join in in yelling at their own team/coach. No matter where you sit in Muskegon, you will get a handfull of comments but you'll get that every where..Have fun and dont take anything personal

Charlie Crawford

Thanks Brandon,
I have just heard some horror stories from other fans who have went to Muskegon, and have had really bad experiences with their fans. Thanks also for the hotel info, I think I will give the Holiday Inn a try.

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