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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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April 23, 2008



First the format it was a bad idea from the start. The Franke's should have never let this format exist. If Muskegon had to play week day games so be it...I have to disagree with you about Bertram don't think he has played the role he played earlier in the year and his physical play has been non-existant. The K's have not establish any physical prescence in this series or intimidation period. Yes they dominated Sunday night, but we have let 2 goal leads go by the wayside in Muskegon the last two games and that was a problem for us during the regular season also. We have no Killer Instinct...It is time to do something different on PP Muskegon has shut it down 3 out of 4 playoff games and with as many chances we had tonight we should be up 3-1 in the series. Pressure is on the K's and let's see how they respond...Port Huron is up 3-1 on Flint in the series


We NEED to HIT those small muskey buckos=they are too little=should wear them down.van druin lip was pulled by King-Kong HENLEY & stayed that way.


mightbite im finally with you man...lets pull out the big guns and take it to them first for a change instead of them bringing it to us.


let me ask this...people are complaining that we have no 'killer instinct' or we need to be more physical...how is that possible when neither team is allowed to play hockey, when the whistle is blown every 5 seconds it is hard to get anything going. On any given night the ref has taken hockey out of the game because as Justin said neither team has any idea what a penalty really is. I have been a season ticket holder for a long time and over the last 2 to 3 years it has been really frustrating for a fan to watch how horrible the officiating has been. I will have to say that I dont think we will see another game like last night while Sims is coach. I look for a much better team on Friday and Saturday to wrap up this series.

Amazed Komet Fan

maybe the "meaningless game" to end the season, was showing the future.

play-off format is fair to everyone, Muskegon has to play the same night the K's do

let's stop whining and win some

as for the refs, a problem that won't be solved until they have an agreement with other leagues and learn to develop quality ones for the future, this is not working at all


I wish we had Legault right now. He isn't scared. He might take a penalty but who on the team doesn't? He goes to the box and the Komets get momentum. A little spark if you will. Bad move not having his presence on the ice.


Yes the officiating is less than stellar, but please people we still had 3 more pp than Muskegon. Killer Instinct Jancie is when you have a freakin 2 goal lead and you are the best "team" in the league you put the Fury away!!! We have blown 2 two goal leads in this series.

kyle hunt

Their taking long penalties anyway, why not get something in return.......like some respect from the other team. Offenses score when their in their comfort zone, hard to be comfortable when your looking over your shoulders all the time!


Who is pumped about Friday!? The Komets will be back to true form as always. Club raquets in Muskegon needs to pay the mortgage next week so we decided since we are all nice people to give them another game at home to help out with their economy. as for me. That drive is getting old! Kudos Cohn on going back and forth and still finding time to cover the team. You do great! Some one call the FWFD for Friday because they will need to put the fire out on the ice the Komets are going to start before the whole readers of ice chips chair thingy.


yes the refs are horrible,we can't change that.I think thats one reason why the physical part is going,maybe they are gun shy.With chaulk being out,curadeao being thrown,hukalos 10 min,and refs,it looks like the fell apart.I sat behind the bench last night and you could see the frustration.


All fans need to show up on friday ready to see a good game and get these boys fired up...All teams are going to have a bad game....Wear Orange and be loud.
Lets Go Komets!!!


I agree with you. All heads were hanging low. Coach included. Al is the fuel for the teams spirit and I guess the fuel prices were just too high for him to fill them up last night. I think I'm riding my bike to the game Friday. If I leave at noon I should be there for face off. After a break at boomers at the county line for a pit stop.


Someone needs to give me that ref's phone number. I need him to give me money for the gas I wasted going to see the whistle show last night. Now I look at this thinking, "am I just being angry because we lost?" Heck no, Muskegon got the shaft on the calls too. Ugh

Well, I will be babysitting my Post Knee surgery father across the state on friday, so B2 for me, but don't worry I'll yell loud enough that they'll still hear it in the jungle!


Pressure has been on the K's since it was known they were running away and hiding with the league title. It didn't start last Friday.

The playoff format is now a moot point. Both teams have held serve on their own ice. That is no longer an valid excuse of where we are at in the series.

I really don't know what to make of the comment "the Komets have not established any physical presense or intimidation". I think the series has been pretty physical myself. Maybe I am watching a different game.

Need to play smart and play our game. We cannot worry about the refs or worry about the extra garbage Muskegon is trying to get the K's into. Muskegon is doing a good job on taking dives and goating players into stupid stuff and the K's have lost some composure, especially on the road. Smart on the Fury's part. That is how they can stay in the series because they are outmatched man for man. You get all caught up in "evening the scores" and we will be shaking hands as the loser at the end of the series.



Normally I am not one to get into any of this, but

"We cannot worry about the refs or worry about the extra garbage Muskegon is trying to get the K's into. "

That kind of mentality on the ice is going to have us playing shorthanded all day. Unfortunantly or fortunantly, however you look at it this leage is VERY physical, and the refs are in control of how physical.
The "garbage" that muskegon is trying to get us into, will infact hurt us if we are not proactive about it, which I feel we have been. i.e. Woodsy has been very smart lately in getting some PP advantages for us.

However I do agree, the format is what it is at this point, and man oh man it has been SO MUCH more physical than the regular season!



On a side note.

I am not what you would call a Durdin fan, but WOW. That was a pretty shot in the 2nd last night!


Does that mean yo wont be traveling to Musky on Saturday? I was thinking about going depending on how things go Friday.


Homco, I think you made the same point as scoops by disagreeing. Woody DID NOT get into the garbage that the Fury tried, when he chose not to fight two different times, and got us on the PP. Being proactive would be fighting back or getting dirty as well. By Woods keeping his cool, he did not react and we were better off for it.


Was kind of thinking the same thing myself.

We need to continue to play physical and if its called a penalty then its called a penalty. At some point I would think we will get a unit of officials that let the teams play it out while keeping control of the game. The sinbin circus has been totally rediculous lately. That point alone has gotten the K's a little off their game.


Ahh. . . Well. . . Alright then glad to see I disagreed to only agree LOL . . . It's all good


Agreed scoops. If you play hard and take a penalty so what. No coach would be upset at that. Its when you turn it over and take a lazy penalty that's when things start getting thought about being thrown. Aka water bottle. And a nice little red faced chat from coach in the lr.


Btw Rich. The conman will not be heading to Michigan Saturday. B2 and a few brews at friends house. I got him hooked on Komet hockey.

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Jerad Shaw

Bachelor party. Interesting idea. Hmmmmm


This series has already gone longer than I expected. The Fury seem primed for an upset. To me, the winner of Friday's game is going to win the series.


Is Snowball out with injury or benched ?? It good port huron up 3-1= K's get on a ROLL WIN 6 IN A ROW!!!1

Legault's Hawk Rocks!!

I think it was stupid takin Legault out hes not the best at scoring but ne thing else bak urselves up! WE WANT LEGAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I agree Legault over marchant=with ice time Legault out scores marchant.I hope he gets hot & makes me wrong.

Jungle Monkey

Nick Boucher
Nick Boucher
Nick Boucher!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the judster lambert

Dear Komet Fans,

This years Komets team will be just as good in the playoffs as we were after a great regular season!
The 1997-98 Fort Wayne Komets


Wow, Legault over Marchant...

I'll take Marchant, but its not knock on Legault...Marchant does the little things that win hockey games, like faceoffs and he has been good at blocking shots on the PK...


I remember that 97-98 team. They had a tough time w/ the concept of "hustle".


that was the season the MIG line was here...I loved that line..but your right..they got beat by Cleveland, who the Komets couldn't beat for whatever reason

the judster lambert

yessir we were great. rolled over teams much of the regular season on way to 100 points then struggled to win the first playoff game in overtime and were never the same again. hmmm what does that remind you of.......


I agree the Komets should have already have won this series or be up 3-1 by now. But don't forget we have two of the next three at home. Don't go jumping in front a bus just yet.

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