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April 26, 2008


Jerad Shaw.

Alright, it seems like it is another 1-1 series. If that makes game 2 Saturday in PH, I'm in. I will be able to leave around noon for PH. I'm also leaving from Warsaw. We have some time to figure things out, but if the 2nd game of the series is Saturday, I'm trying to set things up. Conley, get at me. Everyone else, let me know where the party wagon is heading. I don't know about the parking situation in Port Huron, but I'm ready to tailgate anywhere. Friday at home, and Saturday on the road. Anyone else willing to go up early??? Hoping we have some takers. I could be to the Auburn toll road by 2 at the latest!!!

Jerad Shaw.

Cohn, I hope you had a safe trip home. This is my last post cause I do need to be to work @ 4:30 this morning.

I'm just a bit tired of the Red Wings fans getting into the camera angle. It is pretty obvious to me that ALL Red Wing fans have no respect for the viewing public. That would never happen at the United Center. I guess hockey town USA isn't as friendly as people think!!!


What is keeping game 2 from being in Fort Wayne on Saturday? I know the coliseum is booked May 9 & 10.


If it indeed will be Saturday in PH I will be there and happy to tailgate! I may also have room for three passengers.

Great turnout tonight at Muskegon and agreat game!


I just wanted to give a shout out to Justin and all the other bloggers. I was so board tonight and wanted to try to find any type of info on the finals that I even went over to the Dark Side.

That's right, I'm not proud of it, but I guess the first step is addmitting you have a problem. I checked the "Other Blog" and they had a grand total of THREE POSTS tonight. That includes the two from the guy running the blog. Ice Chips had over 140 POSTS!!!! I'm very proud to be a Ice Chip Reader and Poster!

Way to go Komets! Let's keep this ball rolling till we run into the CUP!!!


Anyone know what the Freedom are averaging this season? I've seen game recaps on WANE.com and they sure have a lot of empty seats...


like 2000 Andrew..


What a game in Musky. I was there along with about 300+ Komet fans. Pretty funny when the visiting team's fans can drown out the home teams, but not hard when you open the game with 3 goals on 6 shots. Way to go Komets. See you all in Ft. Wayne Friday night game 1.



Looking forward to Friday! :) I agree. Mitch did a great job in this series. In fact, I got a couple of really nice shots of him in the sin bin -- his home away from home. :D I'll have a slideshow link for those shortly.

Go Komets!!!!!


Shaw or homco count me in. I had some car problems on the way home tonight so I am hoping to find a ride next weekend with someone until I can get the funds to get it fixed. Shaw if you leave at 12 I have no problems leaving early and chipping in just let me know...and if not with you Homco (aka person about to die his hair) I could use a ride with you otherwise. Someone hollar back at me. Everyone in Muskegon tonight were really nice and friendly and they all wished us luck. I even had a few fans I have gotten to know up there pretty well give me a hug good bye...which was a lot different then last Sat.'s crowd. They do have a lot of caring people up there which I never realized until this weekend. Good luck Fury in the future but GO KOMETS! I had that feeling when I got there for the game and saw all the orange we were going to win. I overheard one of their security guards tell another at about 6:45 I think there are a lof more FW fans here than our own....lol...DUH>>.its not just hockey ITS KOMET HOCKEY!

Justin Cohn

The Wings fans blocking the camera is actually not their fault. My Dad's seats are right in front of the camera, so I'm one of those people who blocks. It's a poorly set up building for TV/media and they put the cameras right behind a row of seats, so blocking is unavoidable. It's the networks' fault. ... The parking at McMorran is right across the street from the arena. As I recall, it's a little pricey, to bring some dough. And good luck finding anyplace decent to dine downtown. ... That's for the compliments Hoss. You should know better than going to the darkside. ... Sorry y'all didn't get as many updates as usual from me on the road, but, as I've written, the Fury organization couldn't accomodate the visiting media with internet. Hopefully it'll be rectified next season. But I pretty much had to use a coat hanger and some chewing gum to get any signal to do what I did. It's 3 a.m. here in Musky and I'm finally going to get some sleep. I'll check in with y'all when I get my sanity back and get back into town.


Port Huron has a decent size parking lot for a tailgate.

Also the HAC or Casey's sandwich shop, both are close to the arena, are good places to eat.

Jerad Shaw.

Not their fault. Cohn is passing the buck. It is clearly the Cohn family that blocks everyone's view during all Red Wing games. I can honestly say, I would actually weather look at the back of Cohn's head then watch them win though.

Mrs. Mightbite

Mrs. Mightbite here ...

Thanks for the get well wishes RaVen! Going's a little rough, but am feeling better day by day! Hope to see you all soon!


she should be ready to GOON- IT UP on friday-nice to see DETROIT smack-down colorado-GO K's + PENQUINS + REDWINGS= WIN 4 in a row.


There are no events on the coliseum calander for May 3rd, in the arena so what is the holdup? Unless there is a commencement that night, none of the area graduations are listed on the calandar on the coliseum website.


Nevermind, I was informed that the St. Francis graduation is Saturday night. Looks like a roadtrip is in order.


Henley67250 and Geronimo - What's up with the scheduling at the MC next week? Is there really something going on next Saturday and Sunday? As for our road trip, are we talking next Saturday, if that's how the schedule plays out?


My turn to vent. Here's a quote from the Indiana News Center website. " The Komet's netted three first quarter goals in route to a 5-1 win over Muskegon, taking the series 4-2."
Sure, it's nothing major but I get sick and tired of hearing about Tiger having a hangnail and an hour long special on the college draft when we live in a hockey town. Okay, there are probably a few people out there that give a suirt if Tiger has an boo-boo but why can't they hire people that know a few things about hockey and give us a draft show of our own?


I used to know how to spell squirt before oldtimers kicked in.


Got home at 1:45am and had a BLAST last night at the game. The Fury fans that sat close to us were very cool and wished us well for the series aganst Port Huron. Another funny thing was a guy sitting 3 rows in front of me lives in Grans Rapids and HATES the Fury and Wings, he was wearing orange and black pulling for the K's. I thought that was great! What time will everyone be leaving for the game Saturday in PH ? LETS GO K's!!!!!!!!!!!

Go Komets!

The upcoming college and university commencement events are now listed on the Coliseum's web site. You think they read the blog too?


Any bus trips to P.H ?


Have the university commencement in the expo hall.

Go Komets!

EXPO Center - Vera Bradley Outlet Sale (April 30 - May 4)


The St Francis ceremony starts at 2pm. Maybe we are victims of giving other teams choice days to help their attendance. We know our attendance will be fine.


Might, i would love to try to set up a bus trip but right now we don't even know when game 2 will be. However, I would be willing to try to take charge of this idea and maybe I can get a count of who all would be in to see if there would be enough for a trip like this.

Email me with how many people you have that would be more then willing to head up for sat a game on Saturday the 3rd. (this is not official i just want to get a count to see how many we can get.)

[email protected]


I have a bus from American Heritage,I need around 50-54 people it will be around 20-25$ a seat plus ticket.They said we could meet at meijers on lima and make another pickup in auburn for those up north.Of course we need the date when decided, i guess on monday i understand.We can leave early if people want tailgate.When the date is made we can finish organizing.


Last year parking was $2 for the lot across the street.

The Huron Atheltic Club is the BEST road trip restaurant I've been too. Great food (sports bar to boot). It's right next to the arena.


Just put the big Komets sticker on the back of the dodge!!

I'm READY for the FINALS!!!!!!!

We hope to make it up to this one at some point when the schedule comes out.


if this bus pans out. Count aHonco and me in. Tom. Take the bus it will be fun. However if the bus does not pan out then we still have one seat available in our SUV.


mightbite family=1 on bus trip=Mrs. can't go.


WORD to RaVen for your beef with the lack of coverage on Indiana's "NewsCenter" site. Their on-air Komets coverage sucks too. Just don't email Tommy Schegler about the lack of Komets coverage...he gets really b****y with you. It's times like this I miss WKJG being separate from WPTA. They always had good K's coverage.


Whats Tommy's email address ? We could flood him with b****y emails in return!!!!

Horton's Jaw

Ben Smith, where is Ben Smith?

With a waxing (perhaps waning)Komet moon in southwest Michigan on a soft April's dance home with victory, nothing from the Beat Poet Laureate. Gonzo journalism just only for home games Ben?


I am definitely interested in the bus trip if it's Saturday. There would probably be 3 or 4 of us. Go Komets!


Count me in for the bus trip I'll have 3.


I know at least 7 or 8 out of our bunch would go on a bus trip. That drive to Musky was gettin' really OLD!!
Go Komets!


You can count me in if you wouldn't mind a newbie to join in on the ride to PH.

[email protected]


All there is this weekend is Wizards at the Stadium and Vera Bradley in the Expos, nothing in the arena. May 9th is Rascal Flatts so that day is shot, as well is May 10th with a Freedom game. I kinda wanna go when, or if we play a cup-winning potential game up there, either game 4 or game 6. I think we may lose one on purpose so we can win it here in front of the home crowd game 5 (at least that's what I'm hoping). If we go, are you buying tickets this time? HA!

Brendan Savage

$2 to park at McMorran. There's also a lot behind the arena. And former Beacon player Casey Baker has a pretty good pizza joint about two blocks north of the HAC. Casey's Place.(That said, Cheap Charlie's is the place to eat in Port Huron.)


Common now Savage, you're better than that. It's Casey Harris that owns Casey's Subs


Ok I guess a game 2 this Saturday is shot too cuz of St. Francis' Commencement. ARGH!!! We could still play a game 2 here Sunday, game 3 up there Monday the 5th, game 4 Wednesday the 7th, game 5 up there Friday the 9th, game 6 back here Sunday the 11th and game 7 here Monday the 12th...How about that IHL???


Make that 6 or 7 for the bus trip. I am dancing a "2nd game in Port Huron" jig as we speak!


Just something to throw out, we may want to be good stewards of the league by patronizing the Icehawks sponsors while we're up there, here is the link to their sponsors on their web page.

you can even get Shaw'd for a fee.

i didn't see it, but what end will the komets shoot twice at?


Yes game tickets will be bought also,when we find out the group rate we will know the total per seat(bus seat and admission).


Here is FULL VIDEO of the Musical Chairs



i was watching hockey fights on youtube and came across 91/92 Komets vs. Ice...Napa Ice scraper night hahahaha... this was about 3 years before my first komets game but i have heard the story before. i just never saw it until now. seems like martel was the early 90s jim hawthorne by the way the announcers were talking. anyways heres the link in case anyone cares to see



The Komets shoot at the Zamboni end, team entrance, twice.


The Komets are going to get hosed when it comes to home games in this series. The only open weekend dates (not counting Sundays) are May 2 and May 17. And that is assuming they can have Indiana Tech's graduation at 11:30 then change over to Hockey by 7:30. I would not be surprised to see many weekday games and have the series over by May 13.

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