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April 08, 2008


Hit Somebody!!!

ummm...ok? Didn't see that one coming. Henley hasn't been close to 70% all year and hasn't hit a thing other then Tyler Willis' ugly mug about 4 times. He is obviously slower due to injury.

Good Luck to Brent. Hope he doesn't go up to get hurt any further.


With King-Kong HENLEY gone for the weekend -think flint might try to Goon it up???Hurry back Brent!!!


they obviously have a player on the opposing team they want beat up....thing is henley has finally looked human in his fights this year. hopefully he doesnt bark up the wrong tree with someone like mirasty who can take punches from anyone and give them as well

Jerad Shaw

I read where they are looking for an enforcer next season. They wanted to give him a look as a try out sort of thing. Should be interesting to see how he handles himself knowing he is working for a job!


Good for Henley while he may have not come back true to form this year at least he is getting an opprotunity. Now maybe Bertram will pick up in the rough stuff category. He really has not had a fight in a long while


Good for Henley but really this is much to do about nothing. Henley has not been an "enforcer" here all season here so I doubt Flint or Muskegon are licking there chops at the poor, defenseless Fort Wayne Komets.
Hopefully he is closer to 100% than he has been here so they get a true look at what he might be able to do for them next season.


darnright buckos! king kong henley is the mvp of the komets and if he does not play on the first line for the playoffs the team is gonna be in big ol trouble

Jungle Monkey

Hopefully Legault will get some more ice time.. I'd like to see him toss around some of the Generals!




Anyone interested?


All these awards are nice and deserved, but it is time to set a play-off roster meaning the K's will have to let 2 guys go. They can only have 19 and 2 am's on their play-off roster. I am guessing that Legualt and Shirokov have played their last games as K's. It is a stupid rule. While I think the K's should keep Legualt the kid has been a team player, but really not totally happy with his playing time. He will more than likely move on next year to another organization.


who knows the title of that russian jig they play after shaf scores?

Komets PA


It's production music from many years ago. It came from Chuck Baileys collection. Not sure it even has a name.


If Springfield needed a goon they could of called this guy


Jungle Monkey

C'mon IcyKometsFan84,

Worlton doesn't play here anymore. We don't need clips of his skating to be posted.


Taking the family 2nite IKF84?


What are you talking about toeblake? Do you just make up stuff as you go along?


I agree the rule kind of sucks. If they bring in this other amatuer defenseman I think the two guys who could get let go would both be defensemen. While I don't vote for anyone to get let go, I would say it could be Shirokov and Henley.
I would be shocked and disappointed is Legault is let go. Players like him help win championships.


No Junior I do not make things up, just check the rules for play-off rosters. I am sure this will be similiar to the wavier draft the UHL had every year. My guess would be they would be put on Waviers and teams would be able to pass or claim them, not sure but just a guess. I am aslo assuming that you can not put guys on the "IR" during the play-off's


thanks kometsPA


Komets PA
A while back you played a song during warm-ups that had bagpipes in it, can you tell me the name and artist?



High Octane rock with bagpipes? My guess would be something from the band "KORN".

Komets PA

Shipping off to Boston by the Dropkick Murphys. One of Henley's favorites.


Ah yes! From the movie "The Departed", nice selection.


I thought you got the song played after Shaf score was from Borat...it's very nice

Yeah i plan on going to the game tonight...im gonna use the baby to get a bobblehead


How about the name of the song you play right before the start of the 2nd period Komets PA?


Hey... Komets PA,the Dropkick Murphy's have a great song called "Walkaway", would make a great tune for tilts.


IKF84...using the baby for a bobblehead? Great trump card I'm jealous.


Komets PA, whatever happend to the immigrant's song? It was a great song to play.




penguins bringing it back for the playoffs...bring it back bring it back bring it back


minnesota wild going to shock the AV's then take the west by storm !!!!!!!



What is the scoop on Legualt? He is not on IR, so what gives?


PA please do not bring back rock and roll part 2. Thank you.

Ryne Gurney

Andy, why the heck not, even if you don't like the song you can't deny the momentum in the building afterward.

Komets PA

RnR pt.2 not gonna happen. We have the Jungle back and that's good enough in my book. Enjoy the ride! I've been a fan for 40 years now and I've never seen anything like this and probably never will again. Just enjoy!


please play the hey song at least if we get muskegon...PLEEEEEEEASE JUST A FEW TIMES FOR OLD TIME SAKE

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