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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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April 20, 2008


Jungle Monkey

I agree, Justin. Completely uncalled for.

Brendan Savage

That's got "Mastercard commercial" written all over it. Priceless! And here all I got to watch was a hit from behind.



seriously could you just delete this post? It's sickening to see and I think it's only going to create bad vibes/karma whatever you want to call it if we keep rehashing this crap. Boucher started it with his BIG FAT MOUTH and Bertram made the mistake for not beating the (DELETED BY COHN -- WATCH YOUR LANGUAGE, I'VE GOT ENOUGH TO DEAL WITH IN THE PLAYOFFS) out of him in the locker room instead of on the ice. So please delete this and let's get positive and support the rest of this great team.


maybe boucher wont blame everybody else now

Hit Somebody!!!

Did he really say the poopy word that starts with sh? WOW.

Jungle Monkey

Now Cohn is gonna bust into 55kometfan's house and beat him down ala Bertram.. LOL.

You're making the assumption that Bertie would have taken Bouch if they threw some knuckles after the game..

Hit Somebody!!!

Jungle Monkey,

What is up with Mr. On Ice Funny Guy stealing my name in game one during the intermission?

1 2 3 Hit Somebody!!!

What a thief.

Justin Cohn

Uh, my job doesn't involve worrying about karma. I think the fans who couldn't see it would like to see. So thanks to whoever posted it on youtube.

Hit Somebody!!!

Yeahhhhhhhh Boyyyyyyyy!!!!!!


sit them both. mr classless went after bertram in an aggressive manner but instead of skating away mr bobblehead instictively put his gloves up and protected himself. both at fault. give em a rest and make them sit in the corner together.

Hit Somebody!!!

Center Ice Kiss and Make-up....

That would do it!!!


yeah sorry to all for the "sh" word!! Slipped out!! It's just embarrassing that the Boucher/Bertram tilt happened and I just would like to move on that's all.

Hit Somebody!!!

Game Misconduct.....Game Misconduct.....LOL

Justin Cohn

Watch the language. I've got enough to deal with in the playoffs, with a crazy schedule that has me traversing the globe in my luxury automobile.


Have to say the "f" bomb to get the Game Misconduct!! Ask Al, LOL. I am pumped for tonight and hope we come out and hit them so hard they have snot bubbles coming out of their nose. I hope it's chippy from the first drop. Bertram redeems himself is he drops em with "the fish" Herring, now there's a cheapshot punk!!

Hit Somebody!!!

Cohn must be driving a 1978 Chevette....luxurious.


Chuckit, I never disagree w/ ya, but Berty threw the first blow.

Regardless what Bouch said, throwing a shot like that isn't necessary.

Hit Somebody!!!

Herring does need a nose job...bigtime. That guy is a punk. I challenge everyone to watch him tonight and see how many times he highsticks, slashes, spears, jabs, and rakes his stick all over our guys. He is brutal. Kill'em Bert, redeem me....redeem me!!!!!!

Hit Somebody!!!

I prediction...after Hawthorne last night....tonight will be his twin Amish brother Graber. He is as bad as or worse than Hawthorne.

That would suck.


That would definately get the Jungle rockin!! Bert taking care of some business with Herring would light the crowd up!! Let's make this a 2-1 series lead boys!! GO KOMETS!!!


K's need to rough-up musky little buckos=they too little!!


This has been discussed already in just about every entry from last night's game. The link was already posted from last night. Its a topic where everyone pretty much has taken a side like fighting or the goal song. To me...totally unnecessary. This is for internet traffic.

Both guys were at fault but there was certainly an agressor in this situation. Regardless, sitting them out is dumb. This is the playoffs where every game is important and we need them both. Not the time to make sure everyone gets a timeout from the sandbox.

Hit Somebody!!!

Way to call out Justin there Scoops. Justin might turn around and drop some knubs on you. Oh right, that happened last night. Here it is on YOUTUBE....

This view is different and a little distorted...


Mrs. Mightbite

Mrs. Mightbite here ...

I saw the video. It happens but they should have kept that stuff in the locker room; not on the ice.

As for last night's loss ... I'm an incurable optismist ... now we can take this series at home!

Hit Somebody!!!

Here is Bert's Grandma taking on Boucher's Mom.....that family has a history.


Just kidding. Funny though.

Justin Cohn

Scoops, first of all, my job is to present as much information to my readers as I see fit. If I need 10 posts to do it, I will. And you presuppose every looks at the comments or that everyone looked here last night. For some, this could be their first look. If you don't think a fight between teammates, during a game, is relevent. Well, you're wrong.


IMO sitting Bert out is the only way to go. maybe Boucher as well. Bad Bad deal all around. Playoffs or not, you hit a guy on your own team you sit. How much are you really helping your team out when you act like that? your better off not playing.

Things like this can get you booted off a team. It is an embarrassment to the Komets and the League. Disgraceful actions.

During playoffs players are expected to keep emotions in check. They are asked to be rough adn tough with other team, but not take a penalty. This is a complete meltdown and lack of control. If Bert would have done this to a fury player we would have gotten a penalty. To me is says he is a liability on the ice.

What effect does this have on other teammates? sit him out before others start in on him, and get punched on home ice.

Hit Somebody!!!

Justin Cohn.....the new Voice of Reason....who's your Daddy Scoops?

This is hillarious....Komet Nation is all up in arms. Komet love people....stop the hate.

Jungle Monkey

Cohn lays the smacketh down... =)


It was relavant yesterday. Stirring the pot is all you are doing.


Anyone know what Bob Chase said about it?

Hit Somebody!!!

Can I get a Heck Yeah?????


Can you smell what the Cohn is cooking?

Hit Somebody!!!

I heard Bob say that Cohn is Scoops Daddy.....HA HA HA HA HA

Jungle Monkey

Thats it. I'm dusting off the Galbraith jersey and wearing it tonight. Everyone in Komet nation is getting way too mouthy, I might have to stage a fight.


Aquino-Bridgeport jersey for sale or trade for Morencey.


Scoops- Dont see how this is stirring the pot really.. when something serious happens people tend to talk about it.

If the Komets win the cup should we only discuss it for a day then shut up or else we might be "stirring the pot"

This is kind of a serious issue. Fighting your own player in front of opposing team and fans is a big time story..

Bertram and Boucher stirred the pot. everyone else is simply reflecting on the situation and giving their 2 cents as to what they would do if they were the boss.

Hit Somebody!!!

Jungle Monkey vs. Tyler Willis?

Bertram vs. Boucher?

Cohn vs. Scoops?

what's next?

Twister vs. Enema Man....someone would get the crap beaten out of them in that tilt.

Hit Somebody!!!

How much does Mrs. Mightbite want for that jersey?

Jungle Monkey

What size is the sweater?


JC is the MAN!!! I guess we won't see any scoops getting thrown up to the press box....

Hit, how do you find these videos? I have been pretty board on the computer, but not that board.

I just wanted to get on and complain about the people that are complaining about the people that are complaining about the game and "The Fight." If you have nothing to do but complain about people that have nothing to do but complain about our team, what kind of a fan are you???


Jungle Monkey

I'm tired of your complaining Hoss.


Things died off there for awhile and the focus was back on tonights game and the team. Then a rehash of old news begins.

I'll rest my arguement because now the comments are getting rediculous now. Cohn calling for Bert to sit doesn't sit well as I am in Berts corner on this debate.


size54 - $600 -white #20

Justin Cohn

Bert, I mean Scoops, stirring the pot? You think I care who wins? I get paid either way. If there's a pot to stir, I'll do it. In other words, if there's something the fans are talking about, I'll write about it. Stirring the pot = newsworthy. This isn't the fair-weather blog, this is the one where I write continually, you know, all season long, about what's going on with the Komets. Think about this, last night, I ran into a rather high up Muskegon official, who said the team was watching the video of that just minutes before. I got the impression they were laughing their tails off about it. Think that's not relevant?

Justin Cohn

I just saw that last comment. I get the rehashing idea. But bear in mind, I didn't have access to the internet from 1 a.m. last night to recently, so I post it when I can. I can't do this 24/7.

Jungle Monkey

Scoops is in Bertram's corner on this one.. I'm shocked.

How are you justifying his actions, Scoops?

I'm not backing Boucher, but c'mon Bert took it to a PUBLIC and PHYSICAL level..


WHAT?!?!? You don't do it 24/7.

I bet Blake does.

Jerad Shaw

I'm in Cohn's corner here. It is huge news in a series where the Komets are struggling mightaly. Tonights game will show the true character of this team.


looked like bert was actually in the right position boucher looked out of position but it also looked like boucher did not throw
any punches with his hands at least bert threw all the punches

Hit Somebody!!!

I just hope since we are talking about corners, that Bertram hits someone on the other team in the corner for a change.

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