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March 28, 2008



wow what a game....what a gutsy performance....never giving up..unbelieveable..i dont believe this was the first game when the komets came back against kalamazoo at home and won....the fans tonight were amazing....ive never heard it that loud in a regular season game....lets see the third period hustle the whole game tomorrow and this streak will go on....hawthorne blew in the first two periods but made up for it in the third..which was uncalled for..it should have been even the whole game...some lame calls he made especially against dupuis....again great hustle by hodgman...i love watchin him play....great game...lets keep it alive tomorrow night!!!


controversy is what you get anytime Hawthorne is involved, i am so disappointed with the league giving him games to ref.

Records are nice but i'm a bottom line guy, the only thing that counts in my book is the Turner cup.

I remember 93 and 2003 because we were champions.

If we play Komet hockey and keep our eye on the real prize, records will fall and hardware will come.

All in all its been a great season, but my eye's on the only prize.

Jungle Monkey

That was sweet! That's all I'm going to say. PC Douin is a bad mammer jammer.


Indeed a plus to Druin and Dupuis who both skated to the odd end of the arena at the end 201-205 to applaud the crowd down their. It was awesome of them to do that because they hardly ever cross center ice. Hawthorne was particularly hard on Dupuis tonight I agree (the cross check call was horid) I thought the horn went off before the puck went in if that has anything to do with it. Don't look now Bloomington is only 8 points back and the play K-zoo tomorrow....wow...great come back by the Thunder. See everyone tomorrow...same winning place same winning team.


Hawthorne -Even At His Best He Still Can't Keep The Komets From Winning!!!

Way to go Komets!!!
Hands down the best I have ever seen!!!


You guys should check out the kwings.com board It's quite funny.

They think Hawthorne was screwing them....


I thought the calls in the 2nd, particularly the two that lead to Wings goals were terrible calls. Karlander flops on the 2nd call, but the 1st call, Saidachev got called for highsticking. The stick never hit Karlander in the face. I turned and looked at Hoss and asked if that hit him in the face and he said, no it didn't.


while i'm in my He man Hawthorne haters mode, does anyone notice when he officiates they have to blow the horn to get him to the scorers table multiple times during the game.


i asked denny if hodgemans penalty was a penalty at the end of the first and he said no.


K-wings also made history tonight, we beat them to break the franchise record (19th win) and beat them for the league record (23rd). i learned this while i was checking out the new Komets Korner page.


Oh man how I am upset I could not be there for this monumental accomplishment. Way to go K's you deserve it.

If anyone wants to see a Conley going crazy after the last goal, look no further http://www.indianasnewscenter.com/sports/17118486.html?video=YHI&t=a

I just thought I would share that.


Ok Nobody even realized this..but last night the K's only dressed 5-defensemen...Now I know injuries happen, but was Bertram really hurt? Did he have to work?? Because I want to know who's decision it was to only dress 5 D-men...Those guys had to be a tired bunch sense GUy had about 6 minutes in penalities.


Where was Bertram at?


Can you get/post the replay video Justin?


What a bunch of complainers over on the kwings board. I had to laugh at all the fans saying that it was a fixed game and that hawthorne wanted us to break the record. Are they seriously that dumb as to actually think that he would be helping us out. I bet they weren't saying that when all the penalties were being called on us and they took a 3-1 lead. I'm not sure if that was a goal or not but I've heard many komets fans say it was. What can you expect from someone like hawthorne. Its sad when they announce him as the ref and all the fans already start on him. Get rid of Hawthorne!!!!


Hawthorne was Hawthorne tonight- what was up with the Woods penalty (I think in the second period). Hawthorne needs to let things go and let them play- he must realize we are there to see the players play, not the referee's.

On a different note, Komets played GREAT. I think it was because J didn't return to his seat the entire second and third period. We must have been to boring for him.


Justin, do you know the story behind the $2,000 bid for the #89 jersey? Was the person a family memeber, crazy puck bunny, or just plain drunk?


Word is Bertram was out sick as was Coach Sims. Lets hope everyone is back tonight.


Great third period by the K's last night. I was worried last night after the two bad periods and should have known better. I really didn't have a problem with how Hawthorne was calling the game. K-Zoo really outplayed the komets in the second and the K's were just taking bad penalties. As for the goal (or non-goal) I was at the opposite end so can't comment.



Apparently, Kalamzoo are protesting the game alst night and according to the article they are coming back to play a 5 min overtime.


Justin, can you get us any info on this Kzoo protest? Do you have access to the video? I don't want to see them come back to play a 5 minute overtime. That is complete junk. I didn't think we used replay in the IHL anyways.


I highly doubt they win(the protest) because its inconclusive. You can't see the time when the puck crosses the line. btw..Komets win..Komets win


You never know Mark, stranger things have happened.


Are they going to protest the entire 3rd period where they lost the lead they had? Where will it end? Should we just play the whole game over again? I didn't know there were mulligans in hockey. What a joke.


I can't imagine that a protest would do the Kwings any good unless someone has some video shot from the grassy knoll that shows the goal line and the clock. Sounds like a bunch of sour grapes to me. Over on Blake's blog the goal judge said the goal would've counted but it was too late. That's good enough for me. For what it's worth, I thought I heard the horn before the puck went in.
Anyways, the K's are awesome. I couldn't believe the way they came out in the third after being so awful in the second. Keep it up guys! :)


I saw the replay as I was walking out of the building last night. In slow motion, I saw the puck hit the post, bounce back out, and the green light came on before the puck went into the net.
Side note, Bootland had a great game last night, whiffing shots, bad passes, crying about every call...Then the real slap in the face for him, NO GOAL!!!


cry-baby-cry-stick your finger in your eye-say it wasn't I.GET OVER IT k-zoo!!!

Jungle Monkey

This might cause Krylander to finally have an emotional breakdown.


The technology is not in place in this league to review goal video(let alone trying to review video like the henley willis incident a couple of weeks back). This protest by Kalamazoo is stupid and IMO gives the league a black eye, why would a member team want to do that?

On the other hand maybe it will help get rid of hawthorne, games officiated by him are like a stopped up toilet - NO FLOW.


YOu people are funny. If that had happened to the Komets you would all sound like the Kwing fans...even worse. The Kwings were robbed. Bad call.

Jungle Monkey

The Wings were not robbed.

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