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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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March 26, 2008



He’s one of our top-four guys now.”

Wow that is a bold statement...I would agree the kid has improved a lot over the course of the season, but I also say that the guys who play around him have made him better. To say he is a top 4 defensmen is amazing because one could assume that the top 4 are Dupuis, Bertram, Hansen/Henley/Drudin then Pence??? So which of those defensemen are behind Pence? Hansen, Henley, or Drudin???


I feel Pence has definately been a nice addition to the D. I like the story on the behind the scenes players because they are after all a part of the team also. I just think there is so much talent on defense unless you are a superstar you might get overlooked. Nice article Cohn.


I like 2 then 22 then 20 then 14. 43 while big sometimes is not as big as he thinks. 8 ?? Make your own case. Must be a really sore neck.?

Jungle Monkey


I think Henley, Pence, and Warner are all pretty close. They all just bring something differnet to the table. Obviously Henley is big and physical. Warner has nice skills and a great shot. Pence is a steady force on the blueline.

How many goals did Kevin Schmidt score?


Wow! I think Schmidt only had 6 goals. May be wrong. I know I only witnessed 1. It was like he hit the big payout on the lottery.


Anyone who feels Pence is not one of the top four guys we have on the blueline right now simply is not paying attention to detail.

Jerad Shaw

I agree with Scoops. He isn't flashy, but has just be getting the job done consistantly. The last game sticks out in everyone's mind right now, and that is understandable. I like to look at the whole body of work. ( Kinda sounds smart.)

As far as the tailgating on Saturday, I probably won't be making the trek Saturday night. College basketball + No Marathon night = Jerad stay home and listen to Chaser.


Imagine that! My boy Pence finally getting some respect and props. Bert also went to UMASS. Must be a D-man depot. Toe, the "Top four" comment was quoted from Coach Sims that is a qualified remark,I respectfully disagree it's a "bold statement". However, I can agree with you that the other D-men around him make him better and his improvement is great. In addition, he has earned the "top four" from his team mates and coach.I think he's had way too much judgement passed over him on the blog. Maybe now he can drive the bus instead of being thrown under it.


Shaw! Come on. I have script tickets and the games will be on at the coliseum. No excuses now!


I agree Shaw...I don't know you but your color commentary the following day on the blog would be missed.


Pence does play really well these days...people were booing him on Sat. when he was playing right in front of his man the entire way down the ice..the guy never escaped him and had no passing angles but people booed him because he didn't knock them off the puck. He is not the largest guy and is not going to knock over everyone who he is defending. He is definitely in the top 4...durden-inconsistent, Henley-out to much, takes some dumb penalties and has been clumsy this yr. (some may be due to his injuries I know,,just being honest) and Brandon is getting better as well. Hanson takes a lot of dumb penalties too and whines a lot about calls but is a good defenseman when he just focusses on that. Back to Reiter he had a game at Muskegon (again earlier this year) where he took a delay of game penalty that led to Muskegon goal and almost scored on himself when trying to clear the puck so he definitely used to play the puck and go way to far out of his net. He is 90% better and seldom makes me nervous anymore. I even caught myself cheering for him recently...I was surprised because Boucher is the man.


Very good article Cohny...journalism school paid off for you. Too bad I was O for 24 last night, it was a long night.


There is a repoter claiming Indy will not be in the league next year, because of the junior team siging a lease at the Pepsi Coliseum. Rumor has it, if they have a team, they would play at Conseco Fieldhouse.


Hey Shaw, will you be there Saturday to see your buddy Ramsey? I hear he will be looking for you beside the bench!


Shaw will chicken out because he saw the Port Huron fight with Muskegon last week and now he fears the entire team...including the puny stick boy who probably had him kicked out earlier in the year. Shaw fears the Fury.

Justin Cohn

The Komets top four defensemen: Dupuis, Bertram, Pence, Durdin, then Hansen, Warner and Henley.

Jerad Shaw

Yikes. You guys are being pretty harsh to me this afternoon!!!! Once again, I'm not sure if I will make it on Saturday. I will be out of town on Wednesday @ Wrigley Field. It depends on if the female friend wants to go or spend quality time watching Basketball!! We aren't married yet, so March Madness can live on for another year!!


Is that list your opinion Justin, or is that from Sims also?


Pence=K.Schmidt-it seems that was said 40 games ago.


Cohn if Pence is in the Top 4 defensemen, then why is Henley and Hansen the first two out for the penalty kill? I believe if Warner was given the same amount of ice time he would be a better all around defensemen then Pence and that would include scoring.. It really is a mute point though since the entire K's defense is the strongest in the League period and it doesn't hurt that the forwards have bought into supporting the defensemen.

Justin Cohn

That was my opinion. ... And 0 for 24? Were you batting?


24 apartments 0 saves...long night at the Hunt Club.

Hit Somebody!!!

Durdin is still much over-rated. He coughs up the puck way too much, and he takes the dumbest penalties I have seen this year.

Pence has been nothing but solid this year. He continues to get better at what he does game after game. A role player that makes this team a champion because he knows his role and plays it very very well. He doesn't try to over-do it on the ice, he plays within himself and does his job. I agree with Scoops, anyone that doubts his abilities doesn't watch the game that close. He is sound on defense, he doesn't have to make the big hit or the spectacular pass, he positions himself very well, breaks up passes, pokes the puck away, battles for the puck in the corners, moves the puck out of the zone, and so on. He could be my unsung hero for this season. People gave him so much grief early on, and he has become a good d-man.

Durdin came here over-hyped, and has stunk much of the time. Plus/Minus is a joke if that is your argument for him.

Justin Cohn

That's terrible, St. Christopher. Speaking of which, want to come make the wiring in my house safer.


Actually, there are some brothers on the job that do that professionally on days off...can hook you up with a sweet deal. My specialty is beating you left pivot... hockey style.


Durdin gets extra points because he's one of the few hockey players in any league who throws hip checks...I don't care if they are a little low sometimes, they're worth the penalty minutes just to see.

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