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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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March 05, 2008



where did he come up with allen park? and its funny to read him bashing our intellegence when you can read his article and find numerous gramatical errors!


I find the constant picking on the city for the name of the Komets frustrating. The history of that name is well documented and easy to find. Blaming the city and using that as an example to prove the city's stupidity makes the writer of the article look silly. How the Komets name is spelled is not the fault of the city.

If they want to pick on Fort Wayne and the Komets for stupid things, they can go after the silly ugly promotional jerseys the team has worn over the years especially in the UHL. The year they wore the pink holiday jerseys with snowflakes...there should have been some executions over that! I saw the upcoming camo jerseys...groan. The causes for these are always good, just leave the jerseys alone.


Who really cares what a hack like Brendan Salvage thinks anyway. He live in Flint for peats sake.... nothing to be really proud of there.

Jerad Shaw

TGP, I completely agree with promotional jersey's that the money goes to charities.

Cohn, I have never had a difference with you, but I will take exception to your thoughts on Puska. After being directed to him on another board, I loved listening to him. He isn't like another "away" commentator I have ever listened to. He might have made a comment about the Komets "only" fault is a slower defense, but he was prasing the entire night. If the Komets had one fault, our defense is a tick slower then our offense. He seems like he sees more about the game the most of us. It was amazing to hear him call the game with no bias at all. I'm glad I can count on B2 Ft. Wayne vs. Flint to be a great commentated voice!!!!


You could always post about Flint being one of the top most dangerous cities. Hey, I'd rather be living in the dumbest city than the most dangerous. I'm sure Fort Wayne has achieved a little higher status since that article last came out but I doubt Flint got better. haha

New Komet Fan

Sorry I missed #17 in a row but just got home from the Blackhawks game. They totally dominated the Ducks 3-0. Great seats right on the ice and not a bad crowd for a Wednesday night, 16,666 attendance. Wore my Komets jersey and had about 5-6 people acknowledge the Fort Wayne Komets jersey. It was pretty cool. The game in person was like watching a rink full of guys Legault's size with Aquino's speed. Unreal.


salvage is an idiot....i had some friends who went to a komets game at flint last year and no longer than 2 minutes after gettin there at a stop light....a guy ran up to their car askin them if they wanted to buy some weed or cocaine..or both...wow what a great city to live in!!! way to go tonight k's.....i think woods got that ten for makin the ref look like an idiot..it wasn't like woods was yellin at him or goin crazy.....i thought the puck should have been brought out of the zone anyways because it looked like woods hit it out with his hand...i dont know how to rule that one! someone let me know on that


I'm glad I don't remember the last time we lost at home= it means we are a WINNING team!!!!


the only thing that is worse than his "writing" is flints economy


Yeah, the Frankes are really pretty stupid people and so are the people of Fort Wayne. We average about 7000 folks for hockey games and it's been going what since 1953? I know that hockey will be here in 5 years but will it be in Flint? I believe we probably have more season ticket holders then Flint has seats in their rat infested arena. (Can anyone cue up the movie slapshot). So yeah, I guess were all just a bunch of idiots. Can someone give this guy a Fort Wayne welcome next time he comes to Allen County Park I mean the Memorial Coliseum. Because according to the Flint writer (and I use the term loosely) we changed the name after it was renovated.


I bet we have more people in the restrooms during intermissions than Flint can hold in their entire rink. Savage needs to get a life and just admit his Generals STINK!! He doesn’t have anything good to report on his team so he attacks other towns and fans. Although we should take it as a compliment that he talks about us, they generally pick on the BEST!!!!!!!


My response to Savage in his paper and blog: Well first of all get the name of the stadium correct. Seems to me the last time I was in Flint I had to wipe rat poop off my seat and all of the toilets were backing up, kind of reminded my of the movie slapshot! For such a stupid city there are a couple of natives (the Frankes) who are pretty darn smart. Seeing that the Komets have more season ticket holders then can even fit into your rat infested arena I don't think there is really any room to criticise. I know there will still be hockey in Fort Wayne in five years, can you really say the same thing about Flint. So I may live in a stupid city but I can drive down the street without the fear of being shot.

Jungle Monkey

Savage is a clown.

As far as the game, the K's gave it 75% and still dominated. Good to see Legault get a goal and then make Tuzzilino run like a girl. =)

The Generals need a captain that doesn't stink. Marvin should have beat Mallette with his stick for laying in his crease and costing them a goal. Mallette is a slug. And Beausliol... does that guy ever shut his yap? Somebody should stick a fist down his throat.

Other than that, great win by the K's the Turner Cup Train just keeps rolling down the tracks!

Justin Cohn

Hey Jerad, don't prove his point. Did you ever read what I wrote?: "I think Puska has been a great addition to the Generals' organization. He's very entertaining." How is that negative? The comment was how he thought Fort Wayne had an immobile defense was bind-boggling. What's Flint's?


But the Generals have those cool Reebok-Edge-style jerseys.


And Ft Wayne fans wonder why they are the most disliked fans in the league...


I took a stand for the fort and posted this on savage's article today:
Well there you have it. 17 in a row and 6,802 fans there to see it. I'm just glad the generals were able to make it to the game...well at least the 1st and 3rd periods. Savage I loved your pregame notebook piece mentioning the intelligence of Fort Wayne. Maybe you should move here, or at least take a typing class - "We'll the opportunity to rest some guys (down the stretch). We have enough guys who can step up and play a regular shift. It's a nice option for us." - I think you forgot a word in there.
I love how everyone criticizes Fort Wayne for spelling Komets with a K, but no one seems to be smart enough to research why. A little history lesson for you: 56 years ago when the Komets were founded Ernie Berg used a K instead of C after his wife Kathryn. Also as far as names go I'm pretty sure anyone that knows anything about minor league hockey has heard of the Fort Wayne Komets. That is what it is all about - Pride. That is why we have 6,802 fans at the game on a Wednesday night. How many games does it take for the generals to entice that many fans. We appreciate the hockey tradition here in Fort Wayne, so worry about your own attendance and in the mean time we'll be here rockin the jungle.

Go Komets!


Good job by the Komets last night. Can't commet on Savage's stuff because i refuse to read his blog anymore after his Toledo disaster.

Getting ready to see the Coyotes-Canadiens game tonight.

See you all on Saturday night.


STEVE65497...please explain your point to why Fort Wayne fans are the most disliked? You seem contentious?


Because HE IS contentious!

Nothing said on this particular topic should in any way make Komet fans look bad. We are reacting to an insensitive comment that really had no place in a sports blog by the writer of a sports team in a city that has SO MANY PROBLEMS it really should be looking at Ft Wayne with awe than with contempt. Komet fans can be a pain about other topics, but not this one. We are unified on this one, I think.

Get a clue, Stevie. A big one!


Some comments from this very Blog...

Commets From Cohn's blog.....

"Who really cares what a hack like Brendan Salvage thinks anyway. He live in Flint for peats sake.... nothing to be really proud of there."

"i had some friends who went to a komets game at flint last year and no longer than 2 minutes after gettin there at a stop light....a guy ran up to their car askin them if they wanted to buy some weed or cocaine..or both...wow what a great city to live in!!!"

"I believe we probably have more season ticket holders then Flint has seats in their rat infested arena."

"I bet we have more people in the restrooms during intermissions than Flint can hold in their entire rink"

"Seems to me the last time I was in Flint I had to wipe rat poop off my seat and all of the toilets were backing up, kind of reminded my of the movie slapshot!"

I rest my case

Jerad Shaw

I worded my comment wrong Justin. I didn't take an exception to anything. I was just kinda saying I love his commentary. My apologizes.

Justin Cohn

I think Puska is very good, very entertaining, good for the organization, a nice guy.


Steve65497 - Perhaps none of those comments would have been made if your very own Savage was a tad more professional?

Maybe a certain writer in your town should hold his tongue a touch more and those lovely quotes you have there never would have been spoken?

Flint could learn a ton from the Komets. Imagine that, Flint learning something from the dumbest city around.. What does that tell ya??


TGP...I agree, good post and to the point. Savage has been able to stir some of us up, only because we are very passionate about our Komets and our great city. Insult passionate and prideful people and the fangs come out. If our record was in the basement you could safely bet Mr.Savage wouldn't even bat an eye at us. However, that is not the case, we hold the top spot in the IHL and in attendance. We are in the crosshairs everytime it's hockey night in Fort Wayne.Now...Steve65497, I can appreciate the passion you have as a hockey fan and assuming you are from Flint,the pride you have for your city.The point is you really have no basis to say we are the most disliked fans in the league because of a few blog entries.


Not a bad game last night.

However, the best player on the ice last night was Flints very own Kris Mallette. Without him the Komets do not score 4 goals.. So Put your hands together for our favorite D-man..

Every time the komets scored i think he was out there.. Heck, he even held his goalie out of the way for us on 1 play. .. I am starting to really like this guy.


The Condescending attitude has been around for years...

Being proud about your hockey team is one thing...but just the mentality that most you guys have is another..

I have meet a number of Ft Wayne fans over the years, and i consider alot of them friends. But it is comments like..."Flint could learn a ton from the Komets" that make you guys look like you think you are bigger than what you really are.


We are the least liked fans now since Rockford is out of the league, right Steve? ;-)


come on steve are you kidding me....how come stating the truth on what i posted makes us bad?? i mean it is the truth...a guy came up to them in flint at a stop light and wanted them to buy weed or cocaine or both...how safe of a city is that?? do you see guys on coliseum walkin up to your car saying hey i got some cocaine its really good wanna buy some?? I haven't had that happen to me in all the years i have been comin to hockey games!! the komets are on a tear and his generals are ina slump he just has to have something to write about and make fort wayne seem bad....


Steve, if the Komets were in last place would we fans still have the condescending attitude that you emphatically portray us to have? Better yet what if Flint was in first and the Komets last? You wouldn't even post here if that was the case. Savage took a cheap shot at us, like TGP posted earlier, the article from Men's Health has absolutely nothing to do with his hockey blog. So now your team and city are getting H.E.A.T rounds from our fans. Two wrongs do not make it right but three lefts do.


H.E.A.T= high explosive anti tank

Jungle Monkey

I agree with Steve. We're a bunch of cocky jerks.

But when your as good as the Komets ALWAYS are.. you can be a little cocky. It's the same reason everybody hates the Yankees. Take it as a compliment folks..


And i have lived in the Flint area for 30 years...not one time have i been approached to buy drugs, or seen mouse droppings at the arena...

If i was in the Ft Wayne area i would not post on a blog every shortcoming the city has....im not that pathetic.

This dosent have anything to do with that place our respective teams are in...


Steve- You keep picking the latest quotes to use for your argument, however you fail to realize every comment has been made in retaliation. Everything said on this forum, and to you, has been provoked. Pick a new angle for your argument.

Komets nation is a large one. Naturally with a larger fan base everything is magnified more. Good and bad alike. with current circumstances you may only being seeing the bad side of things..

Under current circumstances, your beat writer called out the Komet nation. Komet faithful responded and returned fired. You have taken over from here and fired additional shots.. saying

"And Ft Wayne fans wonder why they are the most disliked fans in the league... "

Now every response to you has been provoked..


"Komets nation"?!?!?!

Again...i rest my case!!


Yes.. Komet Nation. Never heard a saying like that referring to a sports teams fan base?

Didn't mean to throw something at you so complex. will dumb it down for you flint fans next time


Yea i have heard of the term....from MAJOR league pro sports team....


You're a warrior Steve. I can see you love the city of Flint and its hockey team, you'll defend them to the end! Just like the rest of us fans here in Fort Wayne. Guess we're not that different are we?

#1 Komet Nation Fan

Steve, you're a tool, get off our blog and get back on your own. I've had enough of you.

Jungle Monkey

Take it easy people... Jeez..


Major league sports teams are only ones permitted to use that term.. Gottcha. Will keep in mind for future debates with you. I will inform rest of Komet nation in due time..

Come on Steve. Sorry to offend, (if id did) , but am simply replying to your previous attacks. Most fans on here and the ones found at the coliseum are indeed friendly people. Sorry for your experiences and observations that may differ from this.

Perhaps next time approach a "komet blog" with a more diplomatic statement. Might get a totally different response. However, I fear your current visit to this blog is already tainted. such a shame.

Us Komet fans that defend our city and team should be punished I am sure. Next time You and Mr. Savage can have free reign at slanderous comments concerning the Komets and Fort Wayne.

well ok, maybe not.

Komet Gallery

Mr. Steve likes to make inflammatory statements on other hockey sites then ducks for cover here after his own Mr. Savage takes his stabs at Fort Wayne... Good call there sir... It is truly sad that you don't see thigns for the way they actually are... Your team is underachieving BIGTIME so you take your anger out on the Komets and their fans because you don't measure up... Does that hit home enough for ya...


What funny blogs today and yesterday. The Komets are famous everywhere. I have even gone to Canada with my Komets jersey on after a game at Port Huron a few times and even had a guy not let me into Canada until I talked about the Komets with him for a few minutes...and I thought I was in trouble for something and really it was just someone who knew of the Komets and wanted to know more. WOWO has done a lot for getting the Komets across the airways and the number of players/coaches to go through leaves its mark on the country. How nice must it be to play for a team that has 25 people go to Bloomington (4-5 hour drive) for what is a meaningless game to the Komets? How cool is that to be cheered in every building you play in? People hate us like an earlier blogger said because we are one of the premier minor league towns around and others are indeed envious of it. I love the Yankees ananalogy although I hate the Yankees. Every city/town in the country has its flaws but in the city of Fort Wayne Kometnation is something we can call ourselves for 55+ years of having a team that is almost always near the tops of the standings in attendance/game standings. I think history and the numbers give FW fans that right...not they need it. The product on the ice and the fan support on the road is enough. I have been to every arena in the UHL then and IHL now except Flint and will be there this year and every place I have gone I have had fans thank me for coming to their building to help them keep having a team. They know the attendance FW fans bring to their building helps them tremendously. Ask Kalamazoo to take 10-15 thousand off their yearly attendance every year if FW doesn't play there. GO KOMETS!


sorry about the long post...but had a lot to say after reading all of this.


best post ever tom. how do you tell other teams fans what the komets mean to us? how can they understand? ive been around since the beginning and now 55 years later we still have a team, the same name and one of the best minor league barns to play in. i know each day i wake up and i know there will be komet hockey. how can you descibe this feeling to others? ive been able to be a komet fan, a coliseum goer and a bob chase listener for 55 years. how do you ever begin to put that into words to a dummy with a team and arena that you never know if its gonna be there tommorrow?

Ryne Gurney

Glad to hear Cuadeau is ok, he looked like he was struggling to get back to the bench.

Also it has been said before that the article that says we are the stupidest city comes from Mens Health, which also has articles on how to better plaesure your lover and such, sounds like a real valid source.


Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if local beat writers would just stick to there own teams and not worry about any other teams unless they are specificly reporting on game action, not pre-game, and not what's going around the league. the internet let's us do that all on our own.


Amazing post Tom,thank you.The WOWO comment was right on...I was on vacation in Myrtle Beach last Nov.while checking out a place called the Barefoot Landing one of the vendors asked my girlfriend where we were from.His first words were "oh yeah,WOWO and the Komets".Come to find out he had grown up around the Washington DC area and remembered listening to WOWO and Komet hockey games.True story.


WOWO needs to go back to the 50,000 watts it used to be also because people really got used to hearing the Komets. It is really sad that in Warsaw I can't hear the games over the radio and I have to watch them on the internet or over komets.com either way you have to pay for what used to be something I could do. I remember the Canada trip so well because they started talking about some Komets I didn't know and they were old Cleveland Lumberjacks fans so I remembered that team. This team means a lot to the people here...and I am glad some liked the post. It is from the heart and that is what this team has been for a lot of people through the years. Nothing is more exciting as a fan also to go to another arena and know that you can actually have enough fans to cheer for your team as loud or louder than the home crowd. That is tradition, experience, and dedication and if Steve still does not understand then I am sorry for him...would talk to him in person and try to explain but don't know what else to say. You can't win them all? Or can we?


HEY- 1st it was k-zoo Buckos & now flint Buckos - when King- Kong HENLEY returns saturday to put these Buckos away !!! It is fun though having others join in.

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