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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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March 30, 2008



Justin enjoyed the audio after the Muskegon game and the questions about "fighting" in the league. Look forward to the article that you are doing. I have to agree what Sims said as it pertains to Legualt and Woods having to fight the same guys. They are just bored with doing it, which would worry me as to guys wanting to return to a league that only has six teams. This league needs to expand to at least 10 teams to have an attractive value to players. Here is a question for you do you think with Ft. Wayne having such dominating year is a positive thing for this league or a negative? Let's face it Fort Wayne is the top organization in the league. Front office, facilities, fan support, etc. Why would anyone want to come into a league that has been completely dominated by one organization with the perception that this league is "owned" by the Frankes?

Justin Cohn

I think it helps the league because other people see a stable franchise with such a fan base grounding it. It makes the whole product more attractive, that the league as a whole can claim such talented players like Aquino, Curadeau, Dupuis, etc., and an overall attendance bolstered by Fort Wayne, and it gives other teams something to shoot for. You think the Muskegons and Flints of the world don't want to get to Fort Wayne's level and won't steal some of the methodology? ... Stay tuned for the fighting story. The audio you heard was just a bit of it, really there has been some exciting numbers, feelings coming out of the league in regards to fighting and physical play.


I think I would almost rather see the Fury in the first round. It seems as if more Kalamazoo players get under the skin of our players (mainly the guy with Little Man Syndrome), which could cause some stupid penalties from guys like Woods...and well, Woods. :o). Also...I thought I would entertain myself and check out the Kalamazoo forum I have heard so much about. Oh my dear goodness! It seems as if SOME of their fans believe the reason behind all of Kalamazoo's problems is the Komets. Unbelieveable. I'm just going to leave my thoughts and comments at that :o)

Justin Cohn

The funny thing is the guy who claims to be journalist. Very impartial. lol

Jerad Shaw

Justin, he forgot about more journalism then you would even learn. :)

Anna, Woods has gotten under Willis' skins just as much as the other way around! They are the exact same player with about 12 years between them. I love watching it. I'm torn with who I want to see in the first round. Muskegon gives me alot of options as a heckling fan, both away and home. KZOO gives me a Gas break with my truck. Hmmmm I guess we shall see!


I vote for K-Zoo in the finals to make for a fun bunch of road trips!


Muskegon going to the USHL is a joke.

Also, the Indiana Ice team has been rumored to have signed a 2 year lease at the Pepsi. Until it's in writing/print, don't count on it.


the komets have the best of everything but why cant the rest of the teams do the same thing? theyve got a model to follow and they allcan achieve it if they try. weve also been lucky in a lot of ways. this years progres of all the rookies is an example. where are all the people who whinned when they found out we had so many rookies on the team? its good coaaching and good hard work thats made us the class of the league this year but it could all go away next year. thats the nature of the beast!!!

Jerad Shaw

Justin, it appears our journalist buddy on Kwings.com isn't what he is all cracked up to be.


WOW...just went over the K-Zoo site to see what everyone was talking about with their posts. Maybe I'm just living the sheltered life, but I cannot believe their banter and abuse of Ft. Wayne and our fans, especially those like Jared, who were posting a favorable look in K-Zoos favor. I guess everything is relative, but come on...the Komets own the league, refs, and are manipulating the system? I love the Komets and everything that they have achieved this year, so does that make me part of the coverup to all but award the Komets the Cup? The last time I checked the Komets lead the league in penalties, so I guess that is part of the overall conspiracy. Anyway, I enjoy everyone's posts here and like to hear about the inside views about the Komets. I know I speak for many of my friends that read everyone's posts but don't say anything that if the environment on this post were as bad as what I have seen it would not make the game and the team as fun as what it has been this year! Thanks!

Justin Cohn

If you're going to argue with them, at least do it here so our advertisers are happy? lol.


I want in, what's the website?

Justin Cohn

Junior, what did I just say?


I'm only a member of 65 different IHL blogs.

Everyone gets upset when they come over here.

Where's my Sally Jersey btw?


I read a bunch of that junk today. Paying refs, blaming refs, whining about everything under the sun after a loss. Nothing that hasn't been said here before when Flint, Rockford, or Quad City was really good and we were not.
I hate to say it, if the Kwings and Komets switch roles, this board would be filled with much of the same garbage. And without a doubt, Hawthorne would of been crucified on this blog.


did anyone notice that on saturdays game the komets scored on the 10th, 20th, 30th, & 40th shots on goal???

I just thought that was weird but probably no way to prove it.

Justin Cohn

Sally Jersey? Not getting that one.

And 65 blogs? Could you let me know where the other 61 of them are at?

Justin Cohn

Oh, wait, you mean John Salley? I forget what the deal was with that.

Jerad Shaw

Off Topic:

GO CUBS GO!!!! This is the year!

Justin Cohn

As for the shots, I didn't track them all, but I know the Komets had goals on shots 20, 21 and 24, for what it's worth.


They're "secret" blogs, filled w/ the IHL's most trusted sources. The only things I can tell you from them are as follows:

-The Komets own the league
-The ref's are out to get other teams
-Chicago will be back
-PT will be back
-Pikard is in the Frankes back pockets
-the goal was good
-Having 3 suits behind the Generals bench is a stupid idea
-QC's fans are still the not the smartest people in hockey

Plus, I exaggerated a bit, I'm only on 4. I need a life.

Justin Cohn

You forgot the sanctity of saying "You Suck" at games.


Is there a 1st round playoff schedule (dates) yet?


Of course, Ft. Wayne fans are classless.

We went from being "over the hill" and horrible before the season, to paying off the refs and being in a league that has no parity. Go figure. Who's the main culprit?? Of all people Musky fans. You have one bad year and the leagues a joke, the IHL ref's are horrible, and they're considering moving to the USHL. WHAT A JOKE. Soooo, they can only survive as a team if they are dominating the league?

Actually, go pm BCMom at FYC, she has an interesting story from Friday nights game involving fans.

Justin Cohn

I tell you what, I didn't realize how irrational Kalamazoo fans could be until this season. I wonder if Brian Curran brought some of the QC fans with him.


From all of the "short-falls" of the IHL this season, I'd say K-zoo's attendance has been one of the brighter spots.

Curran didn't do anything in QC, why on Earth they would support him in K-zoo is beyond me. I'm not sure if he's going to be around next season. Although, it does make you look good when you have a goalie like Reynhart.

They aren't bad on our board, but after sifting through their message boards, I know what you mean.

Jungle Monkey

The Orange Envy is pretty thick over there. I don't blame them for being mad. They suck this year, their team is boring, and we have dominated them all season.

I don't know why they don't spend more time trying to get Curran fired. Talk about a guy that doesn't earn his paycheck.


maybe k-zoo should get some better players & quit crying all the time .


they need to complain about how boring the hockey is that the wings play.. just touch ANY of their guys who have the puck and they are off the play for good...

start up the uhl again and play your dump and chase hockey there. u can hire hawthorne it may be simple enough that even he could officiate it.


I still say don't sell Kalamazoo short. They are a good hockey club and have been in the finals the last 2 years with this core group. Enter a new coach...and things have not went as well. Regardless, this team has taken us to the brink of ending this streak twice in the last few weeks. If we meet them in the playoffs they will not be an easy out.


We do have a pretty decent record against them 11-1-2 or something, but, I know what you mean.

I tell ya, they have a good goalie and some good offense....they just didn't have crap for defense this season, not anymore w/ Rock coming back.

They have to reach the playoffs first.


Kalamazoo fans have some pretty interesting things to read over on their own board about the "goal." Just a small guess, not even half of those people watched/were at the game.


Regarding the Indianapolis rumors, who exactly is the supposed ownership group? I can tell you Paul Skjodt (current USHL Ice owner) will have nothing to do with the IHL. So if the "rumor" is the USHL Ice jumping leagues, not going to happen. I've too heard the USHL Ice re-upped their lease though not sure if it's official or not. So would there be 2 teams in Indy next year, USHL & IHL, or is the IHL team contingent on the USHL team folding?

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