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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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March 26, 2008


Jungle Monkey

Smith makes valid points. Bring up Rockford and QC will open up the dreaded AHL discussion, AGAIN.




Slammin the IHL is not the answer. As I mentioned in Ben's blog, iif the Komets were whooppin team game in and game out that's one thing, but they've had to scrap for most of the wins at home and a lot here recently. This is just a very good team and the league shouldn't be critzied for them being as good as they are. It's more of a statment for the good coaching and good scouting and not that the league is so bad. Another poster had brought up that if Flint hadn't of had all the injuroies they've had the lead might not be as big. The Komets have been very lucky so far (knock on Ben's wooden head, jk) that they haven't been in big injury trouble.


He opened the floodgates by getting 11 responses? What a busy day.
I don't have a problem with his opinion as much as I do of how he presents it. The K's not getting not breaking a sweat anymore? Go see how the players feel about that. This is like Ben beating his 9yr old kid in basketball?Making stupid statements like this bury any kind of point he was trying to make.
What I think makes the streak more impressive now is the fact that each team that comes in here is going to give their A game to the Komets. It doesn't matter anymore if its a lowly Wednesday or Sunday game.
The Komets are the class of the league, no question. But since when should being the class of the league be an embarassment? This is something to take in and enjoy, not mock or complain about. The IHL as it is today is year one. Let the league evolve a little before you throw it under the bus Ben. Speaking of the record, wasn't there 6 teams in the league the year it was set? Maybe that was not significant then either.

Justin Cohn

Comments don't include the number of readers, the e-mails, what people are saying on other sites, etc. In his defense.


This is quickly becoming an inane issue, recycling it from last week makes me wonder how slow a news day it may be.

Justin Cohn

Hey, shouldn't you be working on your pivots, St. Christopher? I detected a weakness to your left.


What method of detection did you use? I beat you left pivot everytime...lol

Jerad Shaw

Pivoting is designated for the greatest sport in the world, Basketball!

Carrie Jeanne

I'd like to thank Ben for taking the time to clarify his position in his article. While I will say it was unnecessary to compare this team to beating a 9 year old at basketball, the league could use some improvement. So what if this isn't our same team next year? So what if we have rookies comin in? We have the coaching, the scouting, and the fan base to at least discuss the possibility of moving to the AHL. Maybe we could get some of these boys to stick around if that change was made. While it is fun to watch the 6 teams battle it out over the season, where is the true competition in that when it is repetitive. I think we have what it takes to go bigger. And these boys are only shining their talents more in this league, proving that maybe it is time to move into a game our own size. But the current league and its setup should not deter from the fact these guys have had a kick a$$ year.


again, joining the ahl will not keep any of these players here. what dont you people understand?[the parent team will stock it with their players after we pay them a large user fee. add the league admittance fee and the union fees you will understand why the frankes will not go that route. we are lucky to be the class of the league this year. we werent exactly running away with this when it was the uhl, so deflate those swelled heads and understand this is a special year, not something you yawn about and expect it again next year.

Charlie I

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Jerad Shaw

I really think people need to understand that STABILITY is what the Franke's are looking for. If we can have a league that is 8-10 teams, and continue a strong league, we could work this way back to what the old IHL was. LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION. We get 10-12 teams in this region, and have proven owners. Just wait and see what happens. If it comes down to it, give me the IHL rules with the AHL players. NHL is going to step away from the European way of hockey before next year. IHL will be the league. You just wait.


The NHL is going to do what, Jerad? Step away from what? European hockey? Where did you get that?


In regards to the Komets and the AHL. I prefer a strong IHL over the AHL. More than willing to wait it out a few years and see how this league grows.

On the flip side though, saying it is too expensive to go to the AHL is false. You really believe that? It would be too expensive to go as an independent team for sure. But to be affiliated it is completely possible IMO.. Now there is some baggage to go along with an affiliation. However rising of ticket prises, and expenses are not the baggage to be concerned with..

Frankes do not seem to want an affiliation, nor would I be thrilled with one really, and b/c of this the AHL is only a dream.

With the right moves the IHL will be a heck of a league to watch. No need for AHL at this time.

Jerad Shaw

I might not be 100% correct on everything I heard. They were talking about it on the NHL network about a week ago. They said that their will be another amendment to the rules. They are looking at limiting the "touch" penalties that get called so often in the NHL. It was just speculation, but the guy talking seemed to have his ducks in a row.


going to the ahl is costly. ive done the research. it is very costly upfront and travel alone is about four times what the ks are paying this year. add to that the player fees, the expansion fee, union costs and any salaries of any free agents and the costs are vastly higher than the ihl. why dont you do a story on it sometime jc and get it in black and white so these people who dream about the easy transition to the ahl can see the facts.


a footnote to my last post.. a sampling of ticket prices in the ahl ....hershey 15.50 to 21.50 pretty close to ours but then theres des moines which is about the size of ft wayne 8.00 to 50.00 and then theres lake erie with prices of 10.00 to 60.00. i personally like my 19.00 tickets and the opportunity to only pay 6.00 if i choose to!


Where are the six dollar tickets? The rafter seats are 9 dollars for adults.


The "rafter seats" are $6 for adults if you have a coupon published in the JG.

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