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March 22, 2008


Jerad Shaw

I am efforting footage of that sitiuation on another board. I will let everyone know when I can get that. It's Playoff Hockey time in the IHL!!!!!


flint really gave up. the tried to keep u p and when that didnt work they tried to get dirty and when that didnt work they just proved who the better team was. had flint fans in front of us and they were pretty nice! come back as much as you want.


I think I might be wrong, but wasn't the "New Guy" (what we called him all night and I think it's gonna stick) the same kid that said he didn't like the rough play of the IHL? If it was, he changed his mind real fast! If he keeps this up, he will be a fan fav!!!!!


YEAH!!! What Hoss said!!!!!

Ryne Gurney

That Hodgeman kid was awesome, great pick up for the Komets.

Ryne Gurney

Curadeau's charge was weak, i don't know that it even deserved a two minute boarding.


The new kid Hodgman is a great pickup!!! Kid had some wheels and you can tell has some serious skills. I was really impressed. Looking at the scoresheets from the last 2 nights around the league solidifies my feeling that the refs are HORRIBLE in this league. They throw out 2 min roughing penalties like a float at a parade. Sickening!!! Question: If Hodgman stays, do we have to get rid of someone?


I was impressed by his play, his hustle, and grit. He keeps this kind of effort up and it might mute a few people who made a fuss over his comments he made in Erie. He easily could of had a few points tonight and looked to fit in nicely.
Great win tonight once again. Was a fun game to take in and look forward to next Friday against the Kwings.


Hodgman does not count towards our playoff roster. We are allowed two amateurs that do not count towards the playoff totals.

Jerad Shaw

Wasn't at the game tonight, so I'm not going to comment on it.

As far as the rest of the league tonight, I can promise you penalties were deserved. Check out the Port Huron stat sheet. That has been brewing for the last week. Skegy just defending their home turf. Chaser was all over the new guy. Said he was hitting everything in site. I would love that addition. Also said that he was winning ever face off last night. That would be a great addition come playoff time. 2nd or 3rd line. Anyone that can win 70% of their faceoffs, would be a great addition!


Actually Hoss, I believe what Hodgman said in effect was that the IHL isn't that high of a caliber league. (Some honesty there) But it's not keeping him from giving 100% so right now he's a keeper.

Carrie Jeanne

You know..Ben does have a point that we are way out of our league in so many ways..and maybe looking to get in another league is a good idea. However, you can't overlook the fact that these boys are having a great year. Sure, they've had a few shaky runs now and again..but they deserve to be recognized as the great athletes they are, not to be compared to beating a 9-year old at a basketball game.

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