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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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March 22, 2008



This doesn't sound like Ben.


I understand and agree with what he is saying. The K's are the class of the league with little to no competition. Even the games they have won they just put enough effort forward to get it done. If this league was competitive no way would the k's come from behind as much as they have. The goaltending as a whole is weak except for the K's dynamic duo.


But the problem is just that, they come from behind to win! If it was back when we were blowing out teams 6-1 or even the great amount of shutout game we had, I would agree we are the great team in a bad IHL. Now we are having to come from behind and battle to win almost every game.

I know some of that is our boys don't have anything to play for, already wrapped up first place, but I don't think this is a type of team that would flip a switch and turn it off.

Let's not forget this is the FIRST YEAR for the IHL!!! You can't tell me we are not better than the UHL. Heck, we are twice as good as we were at the start of this season!

Give it a chance. If we are three years into the IHL with six teams and we have won all three years, then I say we look for somewhere new, but let just enjoy the winning streak and this great team we have!



We have the fanbase, arena, and most every other tool we need to get into a better league with teams that are on our level.

just look at all the other teams arenas in our league...we dont belong here. They cant keep up with us, we just have too many resources and the other teams dont. Im not going to say we "sandbag" but 2 or 3 more years of this and we are sandbagging.

Of course its nice to be the dominant team in a league. Keep talking about all these surrounding cities joining, but thats just talk. We deserve better after this season or next season.


I understand with what Ben Smith and a lot of others are saying about this league but I would like to make one point:

IHL 1992-1993
The San Diego Gulls went 62-12-8 in the regular season for 132 points. The next best team were the Atlanta Knights with a record of 52-23-7 for 111 points. We all remember what the Komets did during the playoffs that year. They finished 28 points behind the Gulls in the regular season with 104 points. I think a lot of fans are getting carried away with "how good" we are and saying that no one can compete with us. Not too many teams competed with the Gulls that year but they didn't win the championship. Anything can happen in a 7 game series people. I don't believe anyone can beat the Komets in a 7 game series but you never know. We should enjoy watching the team we have and how many games they have won but lets not get carried away.


its hard for me to say that stuff because i dont want to take away from what our guys have accomplished this season. there have been some nice games especially with bloomington and flint.

but, i agree with ben when he said "there's just no one in this league that can make them break a sweat on a consistent basis, sad to say"

thats why i have a hard time being so proud of the dominance that has taken place. i do believe in chances and this is the 1st year of the league but if its like this next year somethings gotta happen.


Good point about SanDeigo Gulls-just a few years ago the redwings was winning everything & Calgary knocked them out.

Jungle Monkey

Ben makes some strong points.


bens a joke. ask the players if any team has made them sweat! you people are all fools to think we are so far above everybody else. just like the komets and the gulls, bloomington could come in and take us out of the playoffs. if we had dominated the uhl/ihl the last 10 years like this year, then id say we didnt belong, but people, its one year and it aint even over yet!! get a life out there !! i remember the first time we got in the ihl and we were the worst team a couple of years, shuld we have folded up and put our tail between our legs???? weve been lucky this year and all things have fallen into place. what happens with you people and your opinion next year when aquino and cudereua are playing in a higher league and age hits acouple of the guys an a few others retire and a bunch of the new guys really suck and well you get the idea, this year is special and may not be repeated so lets stop the nonsence of the ahl talk CAUSE IT WONT HAPPEN UNLESS YOU PUT UP THE MONEY AND PREPARE TO LOSE IT REAL QUICK.


I think we are all forgetting the amount of turnover in minor league hockey. We will not have the same team next year and neither will our competition. Every year is a new story. Enjoy this chapter in Komet history, it is a great read.

Charlie I


Password is Komets. Come show who the best fantasy blogger is.

Jerad Shaw

Shawn hits it right on the head. The fact is that the Komets organization as a whole has more tools in recruiting players and work harder at doing so. While other teams are worrying about paying the electric bill, the Komets are worried about finding the best possible players. We will not have the same squad this year as next. I can see a few guys moving up to the A next season. I have had the privledge of watching 2 other leagues play this season. Quite frankly, even with the K's REGULAR SEASON dominance, the IHL is more interstesting brand of hockey. Even with 6 teams, the story lines continue to build throughout the year. The K's are way up, but have you seen the other 5 teams. Those guys have been playing playoff style hockey for 2 weeks. In 2 years, I have a feeling the I will be a very competitive, and STABLE league. That is the most important thing. Stability is what the Franke's are seeking.


Ask the New England Patriots how dominance feels.

keep eye on the prize and dont let regular season games fool you. Long ways to fall for the Komets and most Komet fans. Thinking we are men among children can prove to be the death of us.

Because we dont play a meaningful game the rest of the season we might be in for a tough time in the opening round. The team could pick up some bad habits and carry them over. Seems some fans have picked up bad habits perhaps too.

Jerad Shaw

Please take a look at the Port Huron vs. Bloomington Stat sheet. 9 seconds into the game a brawl. Goalie fight it appears.

Jerad Shaw

My math isn't that great to be honest, but I know that it is impossible to have a fight and have 2 3rd man in's. Would the 3rd person in the fight be a single player? Hmm Just curious. It wasn't Hanson so that is something new!


And Pence does it again gives the puck away that allows a goal..I still don't think he is that good of a hockey player


Redemtion fro Pence..with a goal for the ks

Jerad Shaw

Toe, that kid has improved so much since the first game I was able to see. He has become a bit more physical on the boards and " doesn't make the bad mistake." Obviously I'm not there tonight, but he has played well since New Year's.


hes improved a lot but it stilldoesnt mean he doesnt suck! but like a good pro, he made a mistake and then made up for it. im sure he felt bad when he screwed up. the new guys got size and he isnt afraid to hit! hes pretty fast also. look out #25 your spot is in jepordy.


Pence is the most imporved, HANDS DOWN!!! He might have given up the puck that led to a goal tonight, but he also has move saves than Wogtag (SP?) and he played a whole period! How many times have you seen Pence lay out and block a pass or shot? He has given his all and has made leaps and bounds in his game. I would love to see him back next year!


WOW- when I said Pence was like Kevin Schmidt most of you said I was nuts & now Pence is loved??? Great brawl in muskegon=we need one here in the Fort!!!


WOW- when I said Pence was like Kevin Schmidt most of you said I was nuts & now Pence is loved??? Great brawl in muskegon=we need one here in the Fort!!!


I guess I'm the new DOUBLE-DOUBLE poster.


Pence to date has played 67 games only a handful on the roster can say that. It shows that coach Sims likes the way this kid plays and has confidence in his play. Big deal he gave up a goal, it's hockey and that happens. Gee, who can we blame next when the back of our net gets stretched? Pence is a great addition to the Komets and STILL gets my vote for most improved. Lets stop finding scap goats to crucify on our own team.


I didn't like Pence at all at the beginning of the season but he has come a long way. IMO, he definitely deserves the most improved player award.


thats scape goat and ill criticize anyone i feel like, thank you very much. just because the guy wears the organe and black doesnt mean hes some kind of saint. woops, play on words. pence was terrible the first part of the season but hes worked hard and has improved greatly. thats all you can ask from rookies! work hard and improve. hes done that, now hopefuly he can continue to grow and learn.



A few of us have made comment very similar to Ben's ALL season. THis is nothing new.

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