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March 15, 2008



No, No, No, S T U P I D call by Jim Hawthorne


What was going on with woods tonite? i dont think i saw him on the ice once! Hawthorne is a horrible ref!

Ryne Gurney

I really Don't think Durdin's call was that bad, his hit was pretty high (I should have been blown dead though) I am curious though why is Durdin even on this team, he takes a lot of dumb penalties and is not a very good defenseman, Great win tonight Komets 20 in a row at home is just amazing. I have a tough choice to make, Luers state finals basketball game or K's next saturday.


Woods had a sore knee...he was dressed but didn't play


Congradulations on the Huber Trophy!


whata game!!! shafranov should of done a russian jig after that shootout sickness

Jerad Shaw

Looks like someone enjoyed an IHL game, correct???? I'm gettin to town as quick as I can tomorrow.


No fights in 6 games thus weekend-guess guys are tired of fighting the same ones.King-Kong HENLEY is a nice guy off the ice & best of luck to you!!!


We were sitting down on the ice when Durdin got his penalty. He tapped the guy, the guy tapped him back, they both laughed and nodded at each other. Then when the guy turned to the board, Durdin hit him. It was meant in fun, but no one else knew that but the two of them. Durdin just went a little overboard.

Jungle Monkey

Durdin taking a stupid penalty? I for one am shocked. =)

Fox plays pretty dirty.

It was nice to see Shaf get a goal in the shootout. Flint was hacking at him all night!


Another disappointing night from Hawthorne. He must have a certain quota of penalties he needs to call and tries to get them all in by the second period so that he can quit watching in the third.


oh my buckos man! komets win but still all cried up about the reffs

wise man once said "he who sits on tall toilet is high on pot"


Hawthorne = no flow hockey


I'm gonna have to start bringing Maalox to the games if they keep going to shootouts! I was doing the "watching a scary movie through my fingers" thing.
A guy sitting by me last night was abusing the referee and kept calling him Gallagher. I said "Dude, the ref's Hawthorne tonight." He pauses for a second and says "Oh well, doesn't matter, they both suck!" Couldn't argue with that one!


I'm HAPPY now!!!!


Finally made it to florida last night at midnight when we were suppose to be here at 10 am....saturday morning...car troubles made us stay the night in Kentucky..but glad to hear the komets won again.....and on the stats sheet it doesnt have woods listed as if he dressed for the game on saturday night!!! cant wait for the 22nd!!!!!! lets go k's!


also to say the least driving through atlanta looked like a disaster from friday's storms...and then 20 minutes before we got to atlanta saturday another tornado had touched down so the roads were horrible!


Hawthorn calls the game like he is deathly afraid of it getting out of control.

I can understand why the players get upset...there seems to be no rhyme or reason to his style.

As a fan I find it hard to enjoy the games when he gets on a 'roll'

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