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March 29, 2008



Well that settles that, but I doubt that would make Komet fans happy if it happened to the Ks. I believe they would be much more indignant than the Wings fans are...and say far sillier things.

Jungle Monkey

Huck played a great game.

Reiter didn't have the kind of game Huck did.


Clayton Pool's save tonight was amazing. Reminded me of the St. Pierre save from a few years back.
I wish Hodgeman could catch a break and net a goal for all his efforts. He played another solid game.
Reiter wasn't as sharp tonight but he made some key saves down the stretch.


Was that something neg about the team comming out of scoops mouth? People down south better get some winter coats soon!!!!

Jerad Shaw

Scoops calls it like it is. He has done it since the first day I was on the blog. He just doesn't like dealing with the drama people try to stir up when we hit a "slump."


I would have to disagree Shaw, but that would be me "stiring up drama" in a "slump."

Jerad Shaw

Yes it would Hoss. You better watch your step!! :)


Don't get me wrong I love this winning streak but I am getting worried about the playoffs. For the most part our team takes good years for granted and blows it in the playoffs, take last year for perfect example.

We have become the comeback kids as of late which does not show our dominance (as other teams might be griping about) which we should be showing.

I really do not want another disappointment this year in the playoffs. However, I guess the Kzoo game showed how important we the fans are. These playoffs we need to be loud and support this team at all times.

Lets capture this cup! Go Komets!

Jerad Shaw

Andy, very good points. The thing is, this team make up is so much different then last years. Last year had so many ego's, they couldn't control. They all kept talking about how they will be around during playoff time, and then nothing. Last year's team was full of vets who thought they could walk their way through the playoffs. This team is much more about the ultimate goal.

Jerad Shaw

I met that years team was full of vets.... etc.


Question- is all playoff series 4 out of 7 games?


Yes, Both rounds will be best of 7.

Jungle Monkey

Yeah, this years team doesn't have any egos. LOL. They are a lot easier to keep in check when you win 78% of your games.


this years team plays for one another, thats why we see too many passes at times and thats why weve seen so many guys come to a teammates defense. we just need to be sure we dont allow a playoff letdown. we should have a playoff slogan,'' remember san diego!!!!!!!''


you give me a good slogan..I will make a banner for it...Any suggestions?


remember san diego


Last years team was solid, but they spent all of their energy getting the Terry and had nothing left for the playoffs. This years team will not have to worry about that. They have shown the ability to come back in many different ways, and that is a good sign.


Conley That is a classic picture of you in that slideshow that Justin Posted a couple days ago. Your in the shot at the 18 second mark. DEFINANTLY showing your happiness. LOL


I like "Remember San Diego" but i do not want to be so pessimistic.


Homco if you like that watch the video on WANE.com He was all over that goal!


Here is my problem with how the K's have played of late in terms of the "physical department". We have really not played with an "in your face" mentality last few home games. The only time we stir things up was when Woods and Legualt were on the ice against Flint. When you are down 3-1 against the wings why didn't Woods try to do anything to get the club fired up...and yes I do mean a fight. How about Last night with Segal or the Cowboy..You can talk all you want about starting to get into "playoff" mode and not wanting to take "bad" penalties but for christ sake that is what Woods and Legualt's roles are as players. I just have not seen that out of Woods consistently enough like he did in the early part of the year. And Legualt maybe gets a few shifts at home...They could have really sent a message to Muskegon and Kzoo by not only beating them but also roughing them up. They already know how good a club we have, but why not do a little "face" rubbing in the process that is what has been lacking over the last few weeks, ecspecailly at home!!!

Jerad Shaw

I think they have proven that they are the most physical team in the league. No reason to get anyone hurt at this point.


King-Kong HENLEY will SOON return!!! He WILL be in any Buckos face. Legualt turned down a fight last night with Segal-Woods tried to fight with #23=I'm scared to drop my stick & gloves.

Mrs. Mightbite

Hi Mrs.mightbite here.My suggestion for a banner is ...



It looked like Woods wanted to get into a fight at one point. But it was broken up and roughing was called instead. Drat. And I wanted to take a picture.

But I wouldn't go so far as to say fighting is Woods' role (or Legualt's, for that matter). Yes, they are there to add toughness, but these days the fighters can skate and score too. Woods is a great asset to the Komets even when he doesn't drop the gloves.

Going into the play-offs, though, the K's do need to step it up a bit. We may have a huge point lead now, but none of that matters in the post-season. It'll be a whole new hockey game then. The good thing is that the Komets have great depth and have shown that they are capable of stepping it up when they really need to. Now the trick is getting them to do it consistently.


Regarding a banner, how about this?



How about "Miller Time"

It would save us time from painting a new one...


how about "Mess with the best, Die like the rest"


all very good suggestions...Hoss..do you still have that banner, I dont and besides, it has to be someone on the team this year, wishful thinking though. Keep the suggestions coming, just remember I only have so much space on the wall in 202


um...you know Janice that you have the wall in 204 sinces its all your family that sits in the upper row of 204...in other words...You have plenty of room...


Here is a suggestion Go Hodgman! Go


"Thanks for Playing, enjoy the ride home!"


"The Frankes didn't buy this league, YOU JUST SUCK!"


WOW! Shy of being witty and somewhat profound.


How about "You Can't Win Here!"?


how about bring the turner home


lots of good suggestions, I am looking for something that will fire up the crowd as well and the players, something that will inspire them...I normally use the playoff theme but I wanted to do something different this year...you know since we have a unique team...keep the suggestions coming.


Did anyone catch Aquino reminding Segal what happened the last time they played here? I believe it was in the 3rd period and Segal got in a few players faces after a stoppage of play. As he skated by Aquino, Luciano gave him the "wobble knees" on their way to the bench.


I thought I saw that, but no one else around me saw it. Pretty classic!


That was great! Wobble knees and the eye rollback.


I do like the I want it all...I want it all...and I want it now saying too. We could play the song with it. Or It's Hockey Night in Fort Wayne...maybe you should try playing...never mind you already are. The second one was a joke..my bad.

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