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March 01, 2008



Well the K's got a road W tonight in what may have been the most boring hockey game to date. After last nights fireworks and hatred neither team really seem they wanted to do any physical play. K's are skating 2 men down and that may be a reason. I have a feeling the Flint game could be an ugly contest since we are 2 men short. FLint may take advantage of that and play a very physical style of game.


I wonder how many people now are going to have the "Komets against the World Theory" now, it wasn't worth two games, just like Henley's wasn't worth five (maybe 3)


Flint's IR list is a bit lengthy. They signed Lorne Knauft (born 7/7/68), who hasn't played for Flint since '01-02. He played tonight in their 5-3 loss at Kalamazoo.


Wow- 2 fights in first 3 sec. muskegon & port huron, margie vs. kovalcik ?? Bad hit for Ryan Smyth vs L.A seen it on espn. I'm starting to think that it could be true that its the K.s vs. league.

Ryne Gurney

Turns out Indiana high school basketball uses the same refs as the IHL, the luers - Bluffton game was terrible, its amazing Luers won considering they had to play the refs and bluffton. I saw Warner yesterday and he said he's probably ready to come back soon.


Parsons gets 1 game for leaving the bench during a fight?



What is the playoff format for the six team league?


Hey Ryne- was at the same game and apparently you were in the auxillary gym. Thomas should have been out with his 5th foul. The ref's didn't have the intestinal fortitude to give him his fifth on that mysterious charging foul by Bluffton. Go Komets

Ryne Gurney

what about those touch calls on Barnett while Thomas gets mugged under the net, also Thomas' jersey kept mysteriously coming untucked.


Couldn't get B2 last night for the game in Bloomington so had to listen to Chase on WOWO. Is it true the PT fans got under Boucher's skin so much that he whined to the officials and the Bloomington BENCH? If so...WOW. Embarrassing. There are different rules in different arenas, I would think a pro could handle it. If he can't block that sort of thing out, maybe he's in the wrong line of work.


Justin...we gonna see you at S&P this week? Had 3 really gorgeous txt book xchecks last Friday and I was -2 also.

Ryne Gurney

Drouin is really putting points up, 53 points in 43 games is nuts.


Komets Win! Komets Win! Komets Win!


How soon before we clinch a playoff spot? It should be any game now right?


22 point lead=way to go K's !!!!!


Snowball got 5 didn't he for leaving the penalty box?
Ewasko got 5 for leaving the bench I thought as well.


They could have only given him one game since they were making a line change and it wasn't totally clear if Parson was leaving the bench for his change or to go in as the sixth man. That's the only thing I could think of why it was so short. I am sure someone will tell me if I'm wrong...


Sorry, after re-reading my post I relized I am no journalist!!!

1st They = IHL Officals
2nd they = PT bench

But I'm pretty sure I'm still wrong...


I mean wow go komets! What more can you ask for P.C. Drouin is the hottest thing in this league. How can we put Aquino back on the top line with P.C. Chaulker and Woodsy lighting up the points? Maybe Sims should put Aqunio back with Huk and Curadue. The two young Studs and Huk I could see that working well.


about Boucher and the PT game....if I heard it right, Boucher was complaining about one of the glass panels that was coming out. not the fans.


Tj you are correct...I went to Bloomington on Sat. and one of the pains of glass behind Boucher was fixed I think during the second period. I didn't really here anything from the Thunder fans except for the occasional boo from them for their powerplay they had and some bad passing. Love their arena though because of the replay screen...with sound. National anthem was funny b/c a 4th grader was singing and she tried to hit a high not and screwed up so she stopped and told the crowd she never had screwed that up before and so she was going to restart...the crowd moaned but she started anyways and did a nice job. Bertram was hilarious during warmups...he had the normal death look he has all the time and then my friend held up a Parsons wobblehead and started punching it and pointed at him and he started to laugh. Those were two highlights of an otherwise boring game on Sat. 4 powerplays the entire game...that was a nice change of pace. Also Sunday there was a referree labeled default ref...any ideas what that means? Magic number for the Komets is 16 points...to clinch first place.


I was watching the Bloomington game on B@ and their radio personality said it was a piece of the glass that they were stopping to fix. Bloomingtons arena looks really nice, to bad it is such a haul. That's ok, it will be worth it in the playoffs.

Any more word on that bus trip yet for the final weekend?

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