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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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February 20, 2008



Toledo named there new team, the link is below.

Toledo Walleye, this will turn into something else quickly...



Imagine that, everything isn't as perfect in QC and their fans would like us to believe...shocker. How long before they're out of the AHL? Think they make it to next year?


I love watching the Komets pummel teams in the IHL but what about a merger with the AHL. Would they allow the Frankes to own the team and the rights to the team? I would love to see more regional teams like Dayton and Toledo involved.


What's the facination with QC. The Komets don't them anymore so why bother with them? Just my two cents.

(A different Greg)


I don't think you can mention the AHL in the same breath as the Komets on this blog. People will start having a cow.


Not to read too much into it, but no one from the organization said anything about them playing in the ECHL.


PS...I was talking about the Toledo article.

Jungle Monkey

If you got to www.toledowalleye.com it is an ECHL site.


I was really hoping Toledo would be in the new IHL. This league needs some strong hockey cities nearby. Hopefully Indy.


Toledo was in no way shape or form going to leave the ECHL and I don't think the ECHL was going to let them without a fight.


That ECHL seems like an awful fishy league what with them having Walleyes, Salmon Kings, Steelheads, Stingrays and Sea Wolves.


Hey Justin, speaking of Venedam. He's out for the rest of the season. Last weekend when Bakersfield was in Utah, he broke two places in his right leg. He had surgery and I believe he is supposed to go home sometime today or tomorrow.


i refuse to pay to watch the Ks play KZOO WASTE OF MONEY...we own them (7-2) against them or something, and it has been the most boring game the last few times.... just tap a KZOO player and they will be out of the play

they have no heart


We're actually 9-1-1 against Kalamazoo.


I'm actually getting tired of seeing us beat other teams so easily. I want the Komets to win but this is getting rediculous. Borring.


It would not be boring if we would GOON-IT-UP!! Start running goalies & brawls!!And fans?? WHERE IS THE NOISE?? We call this the jungle?? When you can hear the players talk =its not loud enough.

Jerad Shaw

Yeah, I don't believe I will be making the trip after 2nd thought this weekend. I have to save some scratch for a lil trip to a UFC PPV next weekend.


man... talk about just complaining! Now we are doing "too" good. i can put up with the regular complaing on this blog for the most part :) but to hear someone say now it's getting rediculous, boring, GETTING TIRED OF US BEATING EVERY BODY SO EASILY....! Come on,your jokin, right? lol... we are kickin some ars. havin a great year! enjoy it. new league, 6 teams. what are you expecting. imagine Kzoo and bloomington. I gotta say. im lovin havin less teams right now...more excitment. these guys are getting sick of seein each other lol. anyways, no offense johnny. just had to chime in. but you are jokin right.... :)


Stick of winning? Jeez. You think the Yankees complain for their 26-WS Championships? Nah, I don't think so. ;-)


I'm heading up to Kzoo Sunday, I always enjoy going up there. I don't care who the Komets play, I enjoy watching this team skate, score and hit...who cares what the other team does..I'm not there to support the other team, I'm there to support the Fort Wayne Komets...end of story



Some of us fans are a bit more sophisticated(I didn't say better) and we go to watch the GAME of hockey, not just the Komets. And as much as I want to see the Komets win, the competition needs to keep up or it will get very boring...at least at home. The Ks aren't quite as strong on the road.


Waay off topic here... but..

Anybody else notice that www.theuhl.com no longer forwards the ihl-hockey.com? (Yes, I know what bookmarks are, but typing theuhl was so much faster!)

Jerad Shaw

Caleb, you aren't the only person that has used it!!!! I don't care about bookmarks!!! Much quicker for the UHL website. Legualt on IR again from what I hear. Either the Franke's want to keep him at a rookie level for next year, or they are giving him the shaft. I really hope that isn't the case!!!

kyle hunt

I don't think anybody on this blog could put a team together that could beat Kzoo, I believe some people would gripe if they were hung with a new rope. lol.


And still there would be people to gripe about what people gripe about.



Those new ropes aren't as good as the old ones since they aren't rubbed down smoother like the old ones. They put too many "rope cuts" in the neck while the person is hanging. Any "sophisticated" fan of hangings would agree, right TGP?

kyle hunt

TGP and Hoss, Good stuff! L.O.L.

Jerad Shaw

I agree Kyle!! LOL


LOL, hey guys, i got a old rope with me :) Hey TGP, if you go to watch the "game" of hockey then you should be happy having a hockey team in this city. I am so glad to live near a hockey city like ft. wayne. i dont really LOVE watchin the NHL...beside the wings ;) but sure do watch every game that is on tv!!!! because i love the game! good game, bad game(when the wings lose)up beat game, boring game...doesn't matter to me....i'll be watching it!!! i love this sport. it is my heart and soul, so go komets!!! keep it up!


Anyone know if the feed in Muskegon is good on B2? I was thinking about watching it tonight...


I agree totally with you Justin about Kzoo. I know things got boring at times here with Puhalski as coach, but how the Wings picked Curran over Chief is beyond me. I thought that missing out on the boring games against QC was going to be a blessing to the IHL. Unfortunetly they just manifested into the Wings (they just need a 5 foot goalie with anger issues and it would be complete.) I use to think QC just didn't have the right talent, but watching a couple Kzoo games this season, it's obvious that the coaching is what is killing that team. Has Curran ever coached a season that was any better than mediocre?



Just give it time. I belive you will find Toledo, Dayton, Cincy, and etc. in the IHL. These same team cannot afford to ECHL or AHL travel. Again, just give the IHL time. The IHL is like a growing child... Let it grow


ANd hopefull it will.

Booner, having hockey is NOT enough for me. The UHL was hockey and it was a terrible product. So bad I quit attending. The new IHL was new hope for me, but the GAMES still have to be good. I like having a local team to cheer for but they have to be playing quality hockey against quality competition in a quality league. Just having a team is not enough for me. The UHL years were not quality years especially the last handful. Things are better in the new IHL (but not by a lot), but it must grow or at the very least get some stronger teams in it that can rival the Komets is all areas.


The later years of the UHL was very good hockey TGP, I cant say the same about when the Komets first joined the league. Lots of good players came through the UHL and I was gald I got to see it.

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