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February 25, 2008



Sounds like the big guy is in the barrel again this week.


King-Kong HENLEY should not of crosschecked little willis= he should of choked him!!

Jungle Monkey

Give him a two game suspension to rest the knee, and a medal of honor!

Ryne Gurney

I will be shocked if he gets more than two games.

Justin Cohn

Hey Jared, I tried to get on that board so I could set some of those people straight with their facts. But I registered and the moderators never shuttled it through. Anyway, whoa, I tell you, I haven't laughed so hard since Quad City's fans left the league. Talk about irrational.

Jerad Shaw

Haha Yeah they are. I'm going to defend you as much as I possibly can, unless they get your name through. Seems like maybe they are taking cheap shots at someone who can't defend themselves and I'm not going to let that happen.

Hit Somebody!!!

What blog is it? Maybe we all need to Hit Somebody!!!

Justin Cohn

Yeah, I saw the guy talking about the unprofessional e-mail I sent him. He has my permission to post it; I doubt he'll actually put what he sent me and then my real reponse, though, but I was professional.

Jerad Shaw

I'm pretty sure there isn't a whole lot of people up right now that blog, but I will put this out there.

Justin, I'm not going to speak on your behalf, but they think that I am you from what I have read. If anyone wants to read what is going on, you can go to wings.com. Make up a name and post, but after the last 2 days, I'm sure they will wake up to the overload of new subscribers. I'm going to protect the name of Cohn as much as possible. If I have to cross check someone to the face, in the heat of the blog, it might be warented. My views are starting to change in the end of the game!


i just got on there site and read the posts...they really make it sound that willis does nothing bad....do they not watch the games?? I mean come on..he is always giving someone a cheap shot and pickin on players that dont want nothin to do with him..he had it coming....maybe not what henley did but he was askin for it...mouthing off to boucher at the last game and gesturing towards the bench....he gets what he had coming...and last i knew the wings fans hated Curran and wanted him out because if it wasnt for him they would have an enforcer!! Rechliz or however u spell it

Skoal Apple

JOEL RECHLICZ. He is in the American Hockey League with Albany how would that be Currans fault? You mean to tell me he should play in K-zoo over the American League?


Anyone have a video clip of the late game pounding?

Jungle Monkey

Their message board is as pathetic as their team.

I remeber what tough guys the Wings were when they jumped Hansen at the end of a game early in the season with Rechlitz and Little. Now that the tables are turned they don't want to take their medicine. Tough crap. Willis has ran roughshot for years and now has turned into a giant baby..

Ryne Gurney

They all seem upset at something Boucher did after the empty netter, I was on the other end so I didn't see, anybody know what they are talking about?

Jungle Monkey

He made a couple of gestures at some hecklers. It was all in fun when they were dishing it out, but again Kalamazoo fans can't take it when they get it back.


Hansen was hardly jumped in that game JM, but he sure jumped into some piles himself after it started. Of course he had multiple opportunities to do something about it during the game, but didn't...as usual. He was at it again in this last game in Kzoo. His new nickname should be Kevin THIRDMANINSON.

Not a Hansen fan as you can tell.


I think it is funny how they all make Willy out to be some saint. You can't tell me that Willy doesn't know about Henly's knee problems and that maybe they need to look at what Henly said about speering him in the leg. I think I would take offence if someone tried to do something like that. Don't get me wrong what Henly did was not right, leave the stick out of it and deck the guy with the fist, but Willy might be guilty as well and should be suspended also.


JM's right on the Little/Rolchiz incident as they gave Little an instigator in that game. Yet, I remember Hansen jumping in after the thing was mostly broken up is what I remember, and he had opportunities to battle both those guys straight up before they decided to take matter into their own hands...which is what Henley did. I just wish Henley had dealt with Willis without using the stick.

Ryne Gurney

I was thinking that too wingmnn, if i'm Henley and im just coming off a knee injury and I get speared in the leg, I probably wouldn't quite have my head on straight, but i didn't see it so i don't know. As for Boucher, probably dumb on his part, but not worth a fine or suspension that they are asking for.


Five game suspension for Henley.


I guess FTW fans need a refresher.

Willis is NO angel, the coach even said that himself.But to be cross-checked 7 times, 4 to the head, with just seconds remaining in a game where you will win by 2 goals is uncalled and unprofessional.
Has Willis done things before that were wrong, you bet he has.

But we all know what Henley did was dangerous and stupid.

As for Boucher, using your stick as a penis and masterbating is not 'good fun" it is offensive.

The rest of his actions were fine. Except that.

Get off your high horse people.

K-Wing Enforcer

Most rational Kalamazoo fans are upset by Goon, cheap sh*t play and using your stick like that is Cheap Sh*t no matter who it's against. Where was Collin "Too much Stick Work in the IHL" Chaulk when Henley was doing exactly what Chaulker despises? I'm not saying that Willis is an angel by any means, he gives and takes but you can't say that he cross checks guys in the face, in stead of dropping the gloves. Willy gets in his fare share of hacks, whacks and hits just like a lot of other guys but he doesn't cross that line with intent to injure like Henley did. Willy is like 5'8 or 5'9 and he drops the gloves with guys his size and bigger and doesn't cross check them in the head. He mans up, unlike the beastly "Beat up by Robert Snowball" Henley.

What people are complaining about is a guy who is 6'7 jumping a guy a foot shorter and instead of taking the fight instigator and getting 1 game, he decided to be a punk and use stick work and cross check a guy to the head 3 or 4 times. Henley would more than likely destroy Willis in a fight so why not just do the manly thing and drop them? Instead he hurts himself and his team with a 5 game suspension for being a bone head.

Also for B, who says our message board is as pathetic as our team, I just say this...This years Kalamazoo team may not be that good and come playoff time may be hitting the links early, but what golf course was Fort Wayne playing on the last 2 seasons when the Wings won the cup and went to the finals again? You guys won the league last year regular season title but choked out during the playoffs. Now who's pathetic?

sick of fort wayne

when I watch hockey games sure taunting can be fun but Boucher went way too far. Sure the crowd was giving him a hard time but what he did was totally un called for. My 7 year old grandson was in the front row with us and I don't appreciate the jestures used by mister Boucher.You don't use sexual jestures to the crowd and than flip people off. He is representing the komets and hockey players.. Kids are suppose to look up to them.

If my Boucher can't take the heat than he needs to get off the ice.


I don't remember reading anything on the K-Wings message board asking for Boucher to get a fine or suspension. I was under the impression that they were just belly aching about how "unprofessional" he was being. But then again, I have been to quite a few hockey games in my day, and I don't think I have ever been to one where I haven't seen at least one person being unprofessional. It's a physical game, the players get into it. If anything I think it shows heart for the game and their team. It's not the same thing with Henley though. I agree with the everyone who said that he just should have left his stick out of it. I'm proud of the IHL for dealing with this situation in a fast and proper way. Willis is much smaller than Henley... what kind of a man does he think he is not only trying to hurt him, but using his stick to do it. Shame on him!

k-wings fan

Your fans aren't all that great. One thing for sure is you don't want to take kids to your place.
Last time we were there someone broke our windshield and the time before that they threw beer at my daughter and grandson. Fortunately there was a nice young gentleman there who came down and set behind us and said he would set there as that was totally uncalled for.


I think the correct term would have been: "Who was pathetic then."


Hey I think all the K-Wing fans that all came on here to gripe should just love their coach. All he does is gripe too, almost as much as Ramsay.


It is funny how the K-wing fans are complaining about Henly's actions. Yet 98% of Komet nation thinks what Henly did was bad and he got what he deserved.


No one should feel what he did was right.
If any of our players had done that, I would be embarrased.

Curran does gripe, every coach does, ever see Kerr? Curran even said some of our other players should have recieved suspensions now and again, when they didn't...does your coach admit to that or does he congratulate his goon players for doing what they do?

Hey Boucher...jack off in front of kids...because you are professional and all, it will be funny.

Is that what Sims encourages?

Hey Henley...smash Willis head in just because you our rank him in size by 2 times...

Immature....plain and simple


K-wing,Are you saying that your guys don't do anything? I guess making those justures to fans from the visiting bench or saying the fbomb and slaming the door is the classy thing to do in front of kids. Take off the Red colored glasses.


You are talking about too many different topics.
First of all, I have never witnessed our players swearing at fans or jacking their sticks off to fans. If they did, they are wrong. And that is not to be tolerated.

As for slamming the door and saying the F word on the ice...thats on the ice...they are not doing that to the fans. Every player does that...and thats basically part of the game.

Jerking your stick off to a 7 year old...no thats not part of the game or attempting to injure a player who is several inches shorter than you by beating your stick wiht both hands either

Who has the glasses on here? I know whats wrong...and if we did it, it would be wrong as well.

Show me a player that does not slam a door on the ice...come on..get real.

We do alot wrong...notice the penalties and suspensions we have this year. Do some research before you sound so stupid.


I wonder if the people complaining about Boucher's actions have their children or grandchildren go to public schools. If so, you should be happy that they saw it around you, so you can explain that it's not a polite way to act. Any kid going to public schools will most likely see things ten time worse than what Boucher did. Instead of complaining about it, how about everyone take the opportunity to teach our children the right ways to act. Lets see the glass as half full instead of half empty people!


Just because it is as you say "part of the game" does it make it right? Now who sounds stupid. I have personaly seen a few of your players this year and in past years do just what I said within earshot of kids.


For all the Kzoo fans. If you were Henley, and someone poked you in your hurt knee, you'd be upset too!! That knee was the one Henley rests when hes "puttin the wheels back on the Fart Wayne tourin' trailer!!" After a hard game, Havin to bolt those on is tough, it's double-wide and heavy y'all!!


K-wing. If you would have done your research you would have noted that I have never condoned what Henly or Boucher did.


Looks like the league finally got it's Old Time Hockey back. Using a stick to make sexual gestures at fans and some head hunting by a hockey player.

At least the fans are into it this year.....

Git r done

I would think that most of the Kzoo faithfull could relate to 4tonutin's comments. I'm sorry. Thats not right, Lord please forgive me and bless all the pigmies in Kzoo including little Willis.

Yeah I Know...

Pygmies, lol. I have noticed that K-Wings fans are considerably smaller than Fort Wayne fans. I think it's more of a WEIGHT thing than a HEIGHT thing though. Not every town can have the ability to not only boast being the "Stupidest town in the US" but also, in my opinion, the "Biggest fatty fats" too!


No fans are bigger then muskegon fans know there you got some fat fans plus in my book the dumbest city in Michigan!


Well i guess the kids that didn't see it at the game are sure reading about it explicitly right here Thanks to K-wing and others.


This thread has gone downhill fast. It should be an interesting game on the 14th


There is a big difference in being frustrated on ice as a player and calling out fans and showing your lack of class...one of our players did it before and he was released from the team.
Does your team have the guts to do that?

I love how FTW fans condone it...hell its done in school, so its ok for professionals on the ice.
last I knew, kids do not look up to their classmates as idols.

What a tool!


Kwing fans, nice to have you here.

Andy Jach

What Henley did to Willis was a cowardly act. Willis is no angel by any means; however five cross checks to the head was uncalled for. He got his 5 games! It's time to move on. I too agree we have to many idiots on the message board. I think they were spoiled with two great years under Reeds. Kalamazoo is great hockey city with lots of tradtion. Fort Wayne has just the same amount of morons as fans like Kalamazoo. Don't judge a city by a few retards. It sucks were having a down year, but that will happen during the years. Congrats to Fort Wayne for being the better team in the IHL this year. The season isn't over yet, but the Wings have alot retooling to do.

Prison Guard

Don't worry Burgee only about 1/3 of the Ft. Wayne fans can actually read these comments, the other 2/3 have to wait until their Maw and Paw buy em the picture book. Sadly, they can't even spell comet right.
Oh,speaking of dim bulbs... I'm sure the suspension was limited to only 5 games, because the league didn't want poor Henly to have to use BOTH hands to figure out when to come back and play.


First of all, I am a Wings fan, not a Komets fan. I sit in section 27 with my four year old son, and we both saw what Boucher did. But instead of getting on a message board and complaining about him setting a bad example for MY son, I made sure he knew that was not appropriate behavior. Kids may not look up to their classmates as idols, but there is a such thing as peer pressure, and it is often times stronger than idolization. I'm not condoning what Boucher did, it was very classless. But it's hockey for God's sake. What do you expect. If it's not a player doing something like this, it's the drunk guy flipping off the ref or yelling obscenities at the other team. My son sees things at hockey games that makes me sick as a mother. But I take pride in knowing that I set the example for my kids, not other people. I let him know what is right or wrong. I know he's going to be witness to some bad stuff, that's how the world is now. The only way to keep your kids safe from viewing such classless things would be to home school them and keep them locked in the house his entire life. Was it wrong of Boucher? Yes! Should he be suspended or fined for it? No! In a fair world he would be put on waivers and be out of a job, but this isn't a fair world. Sorry for popping your little bubble there.


Henley deserved every bit of the 5 games he got. Willis is not a clean player, but have never pulled a stunt like that. I lost a lot of respect for one of the biggest enforcers in the league Sunday, you just dont do that i would have respected him more if he would have dropped his glove and cold cocked him.

Well either way i think next game could get ugly.... oh wait Kalamazoo is back to being a soft team. Ft wayne wins fights and game by big margin.

Yeah I Know...

You can bad mouth the Komet's fans all you want for sticking up for their players, but just take a look at us K-Wings fans. Our message board is littered with trash talk about out players and coach. You call yourselves fans when you will single out players and talk all kinds of junk about them. Komet's fans show support for their team. And while you can accurately accuse them of being classless and rude, you shouldn't belittle them for being good fans. Maybe some of us K-Wing's fan can take a lesson from them.

Kalamazoo Fan

Well I guess we got a taste of Old Time Hockey this past Sunday. Well the IHL wants to encourage thugery by have a extra player and no instigator rule. As far as Willis and Henley when they stood at center ice neither one were ready to drop the gloves and fight. Once the two were seperated in the corner from Henley's cheap shot. Willis look more than willing to fight.


No Bubble was popped here.
I think professionals should act like professionals, yuo think they have a pass back to 4th grade.

NO biggie, I can handle the real world.

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