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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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February 26, 2008



SO if Warner comes off IR who goes on? I am sure they will extend Legualt's IR by moving him from the 10 to 14. He is scheduled to come off on the 28th.


First Henley said he was speard, now he says he was slashed. Which is it? And, this suspension is consistant with NHL rulings regarding head shots which is apparently Henley admits to.

Ryne Gurney

seems steep, he didn't get hurt and it wasn't unprovoked

Komets fan21

I think henley needs to start using his head more! He seems to do something dumb every few games and it's gonna cost us in the playoffs sometime if he doesn't do something about it. Maybe the franke's need to look for somebody out there to replace him.


Sure, 6' 6" D-Men just grow on trees. I had one of them in my driveway under all the snow today.

Henley has always been a target by the UHL/IHL since he is one of the biggest players. How many times has someone tried to check him and get knocked down on their butt, only to have the ref call Henley for something? Does Brent have a hot head sometimes, yes. Does he need to stay away from the ref and the door to the box? Yes. But is he a damn good D-Men? Heck Yes!!!

I think the team will be fine for these 5 games and I think Henley will rest his knee and come back with more fire in his tank! As long as he can play in the playoffs at full go, the Komets will be happy to have him!


Henly will be back from the 5 games in time for the March 14th game agains Kalamazoo.


Hey Justin with the Trade Deadline on Friday at 3:00 PM what is the "rumors" are out there? Port Huron and Bloomington made a deal today Sending Neil Clark to Bloomington for our belove Don Margetti. Will the K's be active or on the sidelines. With only six teams in league really not much to deal for and I don't see the K's making any deals.


Ha Ha.
yeah I tried to take his head off, but he's touching me mom!

McCalister was the same size, if not bigger and he was not a target for the UHL, so maybe Henley is just a goon!


Do I think that a player s/b suspended for a high crosscheck? - Yup.
Do I think that a player should get less of a suspension for doing it to an constant instigator such as Willis? Yup.
Is that a double standard. Yup. I'm comfortable with that.


I like Brent Henley. I think he is a good player and an awesome person. He has had a lot of pressure put on him and a lot of high expectations since May when he was injured. It has to be very flattering, yet tiring. But, like life, we are all responsible for our actions, and a double cross-check deserves punishment. I remember a few punishments last year too. His size is against him when it comes to dealing with little ones like Willis. But Henley has always been a big guy, so he needs to play the game accordingly. I try to support all our players because they are a part of our team and I love our team. But let's look at it like this- the team has a great lead and it's not like he's missing the playoffs. And he will think twice before making a move next time- which will take us into the playoffs. Go Komets!


Did Willis bleed? Could he stand up for himself or just flap his jaw? PLEASE! So you put a Komet out for five and that player gets 1 A Komet gets 5 and that player is'nt even going to miss one!!! Things that make you go Huh.


if you want to go at Willis just drop the gloves, don't wack'em in the head with your stick FOUR TIMES, it just wasn't a "high crosscheck" it was a attempt to injure. I don't know whats worse- him doing it or SOME FW fans backing him up!

Ryne Gurney

Big blue, no one is backing him up, what he did was stupid, I just disagree with the 5 games, two games would have been enough.


ok so i dont agree with what brent did. even tho i cant stand willis, what brent did was wrong. however, he gets a five game suspension for a double cross check- willis is fine, he's not injured or anything. but when Hansen was sent to the hospital from being hit from behind, that guy only got what? one or two game suspension? how is that fair?


I guess thats the world we live in.
We have a great tradition and so do you, all of the FW and K-Zoo fans are very passionate, you couldn't ask for two better minor league hockey towns. thats what has made the rivarly so good. I hate to see this happen between these two teams, why couldn't have happened with Musky a team I have very little or no respect for.
I don't like that Mr. Cohn's name was brought into this mess, he's just a journalist doing his job, covering his local hockey team that he probably loves to watch and cover.
Henley got 5 games, is that a little to much? I don't think so but I also think MLB/NHL/NFL/NBA should be more stiff on there suspentions.

everytime I see all the FW fans in the Zoo I think "what great fans the Komets have", I've never had a problem with any of you in anyway. keep coming up and helping us get our attendence up!


Don't think that it was an attempt to injure. If Henley wanted to injure Willis - he'd be injured.

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