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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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February 07, 2008



Another blog from Savage......what can ya say.

What's up w/ the poll???? Aquino's leading the way with 30% of the votes?!?!?!?

The guys a pimp, but come on. I'd give Huk the nod before Luc.


Junior...have you watched any games at all? Sure Huk is prolly the best offensive defenseman but Aquino can dominate the game by himself. It's a no brainer for me and 30% of the other people. The only other person i'd put w/ Aquino would be Reiter...



Aquino plays shotty defense. He's not bad but he's an offensive player and he doesn't play both ends the way an MVP should. Hukalo is the MVP on this team (with Reiter being #2 at least in the time being).

Just look at how bad we played without him two weeks ago. The man is all heart and determination and he's the kind of player that inspires. Hukalo should get the MVP...unfortunatly too many people look at "stats" first.




Justin Cohn

Whoa, I have to chime in here. Hukalo as the MVP? I'd go with Aquino, too. Think of it this way; how many periods go by where you don't notice him making a profound impact? I know the defense is sporadic, but that guy affects positive change. Hukalo is great, too, don't get me wrong, but for MVP, I'd have a number of guys ahead of him -- Dupuis, Reiter, Chaulk.


About "Mr. Bad Back's" Blog, how can he say at the top of the page that Ft Wayne doesn't have to worry about it's attendance since they have more than 5,000 people a game but then say it's because Flint is playing that we have as many fans?

"I'd be willing to bet the presence of the Big Bad Generals will help Fort Wayne draw a crowd of at least 5,000"

And why do we care about his bad back? Do the fans in Flint wake up and run the their computers to check his blog and see how his back is doing? Maybe Flint could get more people to the games if Savage got his back cracked at center ice? Maybe he could line up with Henley next game and Brent could do some "adjustments" for his back!


I still wanna find out who the person is from Sweden who voted for Aquino. Former Komet who is playing in Europe??


Haha, I made that horn JW...someone else made the video but that's my horn...I've been creating all the minor league horns since the season started.


good work FWKRTJ im glad i found that, lol.... if you type in IHL and hit the date added tab on youtube there are a bunch of IHL team horns...did you make those as well ??

by the way the nashville predators do the old school 'hey' song with all the extras- which now makes me a closet preds fan...hahaha


I'm with JW on this one. BRING IT BACK!! That goal song got me pumped almost as much as the actual goal itself. It was that kind of excitment that got me hooked on Komet Hockey. Even if the actual "Hey Song" is off limits, we could use the "Mas Tequila" song by Sammy Hagar that is periodically played. Same beat and people still do the chant. See everyone Friday night. GO KOMETS!!!

Jungle Monkey

Curadeau should have a place in the mvp discussion. 21 goals while leading the team in +/- because he is a COMPLETE 2 WAY player. He doesn't have the flair that Aquino does. But he plays a complete game....


Sure, Aquino is a natural scorer and Huk is great at breaking up plays (not to mention slashing and hooking!) but Chaulker is the best all-around player. He proves it every time he steps on the ice. He is the complete package and gets my MVP vote every time!


I agree Curadeau should have a place in the MVP poll. You could also put him and Aquino on a ROY poll.

St. Christopher

I'm riding Jungle Monkey's train....Curadeau definately!!!Goes both ends of the ice and hits.


BRING BACK THE CHANT!!!! Because it's not just hockey it's KOMET hockey!!!


Keep the chant away. Just my two cents. It's a chant not hockey.

Tough decision who to choose for MVP. I like the Curadeau idea. Good defensively and can score. I think Aquino gets some props as well, but I also think he needs to work on the defensive end a little bit.

Blast it they chose March 5 for the make up game, I'm in Phoenix that week.


I've been to a Preds game down there, and after they play Tim McGraw's "I like it I love it", they play the "Hey" song...and instead of saying "Were gonna beat the he** outta you" one time, they say the word "you" 5 more times so every player on the ice for the visiting team gets heckled. We should start doing that here as well.

And/Or throw in Rockford's "Mony Mony" after each goal. The Jungle will be rocking once again as if it were in the 90's!


Why because I have an opinion that people ask me if I watch the games Andrew???? Do I have to explain myself?

I SAID Aguino is GREAT!!! Do I think he's the MVP, NO. Do I think Huk is the MVP, NO. I just said I'd put him above Luc.

Chaulks the Asst., plays both ways, and charges up the team. I don't think offensive production in hockey should over look the other side of the ice.


Do you watch the games is such a lame thing to say, it's an opinion.

Do you watch the games Andrew?

booner (blog ref)

WOW fellas. lol i watch the games :) deffinately too scared to voice my oppinion now... who needs it anyways. i think we have 3 or 4 very big contestants for the MVP spot. just cant wait to see which K gets it :)

kyle hunt

Quit straddling the fence boooooner, c'mon go out on a limb, make up your mind, c'mon!


I think the current goal song is fine. The one with Ole' was terrible, and I could understand the outrage of not having the "Hey" song. But the current song is perfect and a nice change.

No way Hukalo is the MVP. That is just someone voicing an emotional opinion about a favorite player.
The games I have seen, a nod has to go to the keepers on this club.


No one's asked in a few weeks so I will now: Do we know the playoff format yet???


It's the top 4 teams doing a best of 7.


Is there any link someone can provide. I'm gueessing that's true do to the fact that our palyoff ticket package is 8 games that covers the enitre playoff, but i've seen no official word from the league.


Henley Im with you on that one... Sorry TGP the current song is far from perfect. Now im going to get ripped on here for let me guess being a "song hater." can wait to hear it.

Henley67250, we should start something new. That would be fun.


I said the song was fine, not perfect. It's better than "Ole'." The chant the fans did just got old. RR2 is great song and always will be no matter what the singer did, but the fans ruined it with the "You suck!" I know a lot of you liked it, but in the 90s when Komet fans just yelled HEY, that was much better.

Time to let this go. The song now works.


actually you did say it was perfect. read your post above last sentence first paragraph...not that it matters but you did say it.

That chant will never get old. Sorry


Booner (blog ref)

SONG HATER SONG HATER SONG HATER :) and kyle...im not starddling anything... :) The "you suck" song did get everyone into saying it and pumped up the team. I wouldn't mind "mony mony" either. I guess whatever song there is make it big.. something to get the fans up and louder. The louder we are the better for the team. everyone talkin about how it isn't the jungle anymore.... HA! it is, just too quite of one :) Get loud. get the fans around you wantin to do the same. dont complain about the song or the players... start a chant, yell at fox, or snowball, or king kong mallette...lol i had to.. i will go ahead and give myself a 4:00 double minor for that one... and I might as well slam the door too the box 5 times real hard so i can get kicked out. I am now the leading penalty minute holder on this blog... Good luck tonight K's. Tear em up!!!!!


Great game tonight. Is it just me or does the crowd seem quieter this year than previous years? As far as the 8pm start time, it's good and bad. Today it was good because I got out of work late and still make the game. However, it does get kinda late when I have to work in the AM on Saturday.

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