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February 24, 2008



it was a great game, I watched it on B2.

I know this has nothing to do w/ the Komets but since they don't have a Wed. game I figured I'd post this...

High School Hockey City Championship:
Wednesday Night at 7:00
North Side vs. Homestead

it's going to be a great game


If I had to pick the Komets biggest weakness right now, I'd say it's their weakness infront of the net. They've got to get someone who can stay posted in the position despite taking a beating and shove home the rebounds. If they could train Legs in this, they'd be even more dangerous then they already are


THey have a guy who is physical, plays the body, and positions himself in front of the net. Legualt is that guy and if the played the kid he even get better at it. The other guy who needs to pick up his physical play is Reynolds. He is a capable type of player who has found a scoring touch. He needs to get himself a little more dirty in the physical department. But first Legualt has got to stop being the odd man out and give the kid a chance.

morency fan

awsome game it was well worth going down there. the end of the game w/ henley and willis was great i would have been upset if i wouldnt have went

good work komets...


Although I'd say that the Komets don't have a major weakness I'd say consistency might be a weakness that sometimes shows. I really had to think about this question though, that's a good thing.


Hey morency fan, I think you ment to say "UP THERE" Remember Michigan is North.

morency fan

haha yeah thats what i meant

Ryne Gurney

I thought Durdin caught him with a clean hip check well above the knees, I love hip checks and am sad to see them as basically a lost art.

New Komet Fan

Here's the reffing from the two games today:
(Port Urine vs. Flint)Langdon- 0 roughing penalties, 12 total penalties, game time 2:17

FW vs. Kalamazoo)Hans Graber- 6 roughing penalties, 29 total penalties, game time 2:50
Ding, Ding, Ding, we have a new Hawthorne. Pathetic

Jerad Shaw

New Komet Fan, I would say that pretty much everything he called was deserved. He let some things go too. In my opinion, he called a pretty good game.


You should have been there new komet fan- we would have loved to have had you. I went alone- would have given you a ride.


play legault and sit which forward? his time is comming.


When exactly is his time coming?? if he plays its one game and then he's out for 6 games...no one ever knows when he gets a chance to play...hopefully he gets out of here next year and goes somewhere where he can actually play on a consisten basis! he has potential.....give him a chance


by the way did anyone look at how many people played for flint tonight?? it was 13...no wonder port huron took it to them!!

Jungle Monkey

Play Legs, Sit Saidachev.


who wants legault to play here next year? we are doing fine with him playing every other weekend.....if he switches to vet status next yr whats the chances he comes back? who would you want back a healthy henley or legault?


I want both Legualt and Henley back next year. Also Legualt more then likely will still keep his rookie status for next year, he should fall under 60 games this season without a problem.

BTW, I am not picking on anyone. But I want 4-5 tougher players like we have this year. I just don't get why certain people think 1 is enough. That sure worked out well against Rockford last year where they blew us out of our own rink.


legault probably will since he has been sat so much. if they didnt sit him so much he would be a vet next year. then it would come down to henley or legault, thats what i was saying


I do have a question for anyone that was at the game, or has been at any games that Henely has played in. Please do not get me wrong, I love Henely, but sometimes I think he does things that are not called for. Most recently, at the end of the game yesterday, I don't think he is all there sometimes and this is not the first time he has roughed people up just for the sake of doing it...again this is just my opinion but I was wondering if anyone else felt the same way.??


Back to Justin's question- I definitely think the weakness is planting someone in front of the net. Marchant is the best at staying in front. Curradeau does too, but the rest don't stay there at all. I am forever yelling, "Get in front of the net!"


Legault is a 21 year-old true rookie. He has to play 300 professional games to be a vet; to date, he's played 37.

Justin's question: Also yelling, "Get in front of the net!!" although occasionally at the goalie.


legault would become a tweener not a vet. so he plays one game then sits . what you fail to understand is that he is showing what he can do, everyday in practice. i like the kid and i want him to play, but right now i still ask the question, what forward would you sit??? some of you get really angry on here but its ok, but it sure doesnt help your arguments when you either dont know the facts or the rules. on the subject of henley, wee were all blessed for years to have an enforcer named steve fletcher who dindt go looking for trouble or take cheap shots at others. but if you look at all enforcers as a whole, they usually play the way henley does. every once and awhile they go a little off kilter and so stupid things. its the price we have to pay to have an enforcer. its the coaching that keeps him under control as much as he is willing to listen.


Let's see what Henley has done this year:

Slammed the Pent. box door, get's kicked out.

Lost all of his fights.

Cross Checks Willis in the back of the head 2-3 times at the last 2 seconds of the game.

I like the guy, but come on. He has to play smarter then that.


agreed Junior....

Jerad Shaw

Junior, it was to the front of Willis head. It was the back of his head that continued to hit the boards. I like him as well, but last night was uncalled for. Give him a face wash. Check him through the boards, but don't cross check him. What cracks me up during KWing's games are Woods and Willis jawing all game long. Every dead puck, Willis will put his stick between Woods legs and get him fired up. I think those 2 were seperated @ birth. They remind me alot of each other.


Ha!! I watched the game, but the camera didn't have it on any of the action the last 2 seconds. If it was the front of his face, then the league REALLY needs to take a look at it. You can't have players running around doing that stuff.

I can't say I like Willis, but on the other hand, it was great watching him and Woods go at it JS!! Bertram and Willis were also talking the entire game. Did Bert cross check him in the face?? No, he took care of it w/o fighting and w/o an intent to injure. If a guy that's 6-7 has to go to the level of using his stick to defend himself against a guy that's 5-6, there's something wrong w/ that IMO.

But, like I said, I like Henley, just wished he'd use his head a bit more. Now we will be out a d-man for a few games because of it.

BTW, I would suggest playing Legualt this weekends game against the PT. They can sit Sadiachev and use the same principal for him, like they are doing w/ Legualt.

Amazed Komet Fan

Komets biggest weakness this year,,,playing in the IHL

Jerad Shaw

By the way, Bertram is a Big Big Boy. Willis saw him coming, and Bert just kinda lowered his shoulder and hit him. Granite, I think Willis embelished a bit, but it looked like he got shot out of a Cannon.

Henley will get a decent suspension over this one. Remember when he came into the league last year. He was suspended indefinately in one of the leagues he was in. Anyone remember what that was for?


ECHL, for hitting others with his helmet.

Jerad Shaw

The Kalamazoo article on the game last night is an interesting one. Curran and Willis both sound off on Henley. Henley claims he was speared by Willis in the back of the leg.


I'd have to say Bloomington does a decent job of exploiting the Komets(weaknesses) from time to time, especially in front of the net.They(Bloomington) have some advantage in size and work hard at screening the goal mouth. I believe the Komets work equally hard to defend that but sometimes fall short due to the size disadvantage.


First on Henley, I agree with Chuckitt you are going to have to live with some of things he does on the ice because he does have a short fuse. I do think that he will be given a suspension for what he did last night and my guess is he will get at least 5 games for this. I still think the K's are going to have to make a roster move here shortly they just have to many bodies on the roster and to kepp playing muscial chairs with the IR is getting ridiculous. Warner, Sharfkov(sp), Sadiachev, Legualt, are all potential guys who could be let go. On top of that the K's are looking to bring in 2 Am's since they do not count against the Roster. So you can not have that many bodies and bring in 2 more guys. I think Warnger is a better all around player and has a better shot. I think Pence is a guy who could sit a while. Not all that impress with the guy really does nothing outstanding and I not a physical player. Warner is a much more physical player than him. Sadiachev is a gritty little player but does not have the up side a Legualt has. Legualt is more of a threat in the physical department and can be a guy in front of the net. Reminds me of Kotyluk(sp). Sorry I am rambling here but trying to do this before a meeting..

Jungle Monkey

All the same people that couldn't wait for Henley to come back are complaining now that they have him. You people can't be pleased. All you do is gripe. We have the best team in the league. We have the most entertaining team in years. Enjoy it. Henley has played with a lot of heart. The guy is playing on a bum knee. Lighten up a little bit. So he slammed a door on a bad call. Big deal. He hasn't "lost" all of his fights... And he cross checked the biggest cheapshot artist in the league in the face. If "hockey jesus" Colin Chaulk takes a stick to his surgically repaired knee at the end of the game and does the same thing, you people love him even more. Henley does the same thing and he's a monster? Please.. Take a logical look. Did he really do that without provocation? Willis speared him, he retaliated. What's the big deal?

Jerad Shaw

If Willis speared him, it had to have been very early in the game. I never really saw those 2 together @ all last night. I don't care who you are, you don't cross check someone to the face not once, but @ least 3 times. If he wanted to go after him, he could have done it in a smarter way. It was a selfish play in the fact that he will lose time. Hanson hurt the team last night for being third man in. Some of these things are going to come back and bite us if we can't control the emotions on the ice.

kyle hunt

When I was a kid in the sixties and played in the lake league, that stuff was everyday. Biggest reason....self policed...could some of the goofy reffing lead to some of the problem? Hmmmm.


Also earlier in the second period I believe Willis was messing with Boucher and hit him when he didn't need to (illegally) and that could be part of why Henley finally sent the message when the game was over. Dumb on Henleys part but maybe it was what he was thinking. I like Willis and respect his play because he is just like Woods/Danny Stewart only at this point more talented....Woods could get there if he stays with it. Also Willis being on a line with Karlander/Bootland doesn't hurt...like when woods was with Chaulk and Aquino....coincidence? Similar type of players surrounded by similar talent.

Jerad Shaw

Cohn, forwarning. For some reason the KZOO fans are upset with your article and are making an email Wahhh march your way. Just letting ya know.

Justin Cohn

Yeah, well, I've got a whopping two e-mails already. My favorite is from a so-called journalist ripping me. Yes, he was very objective.

Jerad Shaw

HAHA...I'm sure it was!

Justin Cohn

By the way, you can tell him this "small" newspaper is the second largest in the state, one of the largest in the region, and that he can take down the illegally obtained copywrighted material he has on his message board. That guy calls himself a journalist? Very professional.

komet family


Justin Cohn

Has anyone seen video of the incident?


I think Amazed Komet Fan said it best.

Jerad Shaw

I'm on their board and will pass along the information!

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