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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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February 27, 2008



I think bloomerton ripped off porthuron- I would of traded Marchant for Clark.


While I agree with not "shopping" somebody around, we still have to many bodies on current roster and if I am not mistaken they are looking for 2 AM's to bring since they do not count against the roster. Which again I ask who are they going to sacrifice to allow to 2 AM's to play? It would appear to me that they are going to have to make a roster move at some point. Justin please correct me if I am wrong in this department. Or are the going to continue the musical chairs with the IR"?

Justin Cohn

I would expect musical chairs to continue. I don't believe the amateurs count against the 19.

Jerad Shaw

With the lead the Komets have, I wouldn't be upset with sitting some of our better players throughout the last month or so of the reg. season. Get some legs back underneath them. I'm not saying sit them for extended periods of time and lose the chemistry that has been built up, but sit them to rest the legs a little bit. Straight to the Semi Finals will up the anti and physical play early.


Nice job on the color tonight Justin! Very well done...now all you need is a play-by-play guy and you're set.

The video was great at K-zoo, much better then the MC. I'm assuming that it's because of the placements of the camera, but it'd be nice if they took the same approach at the coliseum. You can actually see the players and the plays.....

I watched it on B2 the other night, and this version was 100 times better.

Hit Somebody!!!

After seeing the game tonight, I can't understand how Henley got 5 games for that. That was weak. He hit Willis, wow, big deal. That was not worthy of a suspension. Willis does 10 times things worse the whole game long and Henely nails him at the end and gets 5 games? That is total BS. The stick-work that Willis got away with the whole game and that he gets away with all the time, is alot worse than what Brent did. If Willis got nailed at the end of the game, he deserved it. I just don't see 5 games for that. MAN!!!

Justin Cohn

Thanks for the words. Yeah, the video was great. It's because the camera was so close to the action.

Jerad Shaw

Is there any nice Komets fan out there that is taping the game tonight or when it is played? Being from Warsaw I don't have the chance to see the replays. I would really like to see this game on tape. I'll pay ya for the tape you use and the time! Hopin I made enough friends on the blog for this!! :)

Hit Somebody!!!

I wouldn't ask any K-Zoo fans. Wish I could help you out Jared. I am only armed with a DVR. So I can't really help out.

What a pleasant bunch these K-Zoo people are. Funny how they came onto this blog and showed their class. Last home game we had against the K-wings I had a K-Wing fan sit behind me and he bad-mouthed our whole team all night long and praised Willis over and over to the extent that this guy actually yelled "I Love You Willy!!!" I kid you not. He mouthed off the whole night and no one said a word to this guy. He then sneaked out before the game ended because the Komets were winning and I think he was afraid that the crowd around me was getting ready to turn on him fast. This is the same class that I read on this blog from the K-Wing faithful that I saw from this guy.

On the other-hand, Me and my daughter went to K-Zoo for a game around Christmas time and the fans we sat around from K-Zoo for the most part were warm and friendly to us.

So I guess just like everything, there are good ones and bad ones in every group. The ones that found their way on here were special to say the least.

I still don't get the 5 game suspension that Henley got. I just don't see it.


dang you guys are still on marchant. More goals then woods, drouin, and hukalo. more points then hukalo and woods. More assists then Reynolds, hukalo, curadeau, and woods. Tied for first on +/- rating with Dupuis and Curadeau. Only 32 penalty minutes. 3 power play goals, 5 power play assists, a game winning goal, a short handed goal and two shorthanded assists. He is rated 8th on the team in points and you guys still bash on him. WOW!

Jerad Shaw

Don't take what the Kzoo fans on here to heart. There are plenty of people that see the game the way they should. I have met many of people from KZOO that are amazing. I met them @ away Komets games. Why is it, the corners of rinks seem to breed the fans that have no clue??? Same in Skegy.

I'm hoping someone can help me out with a tape from this last game. wingmnn... I know where you sit!!!! If you could throw a random VHS tape and help me out, I will take care of the prices!!!


Hey Jerad, Sorry didn't watch or record. I would have loved to help you out for free but can't sorry. I haven't been to to many games as of late due to my daughter's indoor soccer games, practice, and her social life. Sat. and Wed. games are about the only nights avail for hockey right now.


I'm not bashing Marchant-I'd rather have Clark-he fights& scores goals.


Jerad...I sit on the ends most of the time and have a good knowledge of the game...but I do know what you mean. See everyone Friday night.



First game i will miss in 8 years this friday and i am sure more are on the way with a kid on the way in April. As long as I am back by playoffs


I really like the chemistry and gel the Komets have this year.We have a nice lead in points and continue to play with passion and purpose.Last year, and this is totally hindsight now,it seemed we had a team of I's and couldn't seal the deal.This year a new team a new/wiser coach and the distinct possibility to bring the cup to Fort Wayne.Even through the adversity and negetivity this team has yet to disappoint me or fail to provide me with good hockey.Some of you may remember this quote from the 2003 finals....Egos don't win cups,teams do. Enough said.


Headshots in hockey are being taken very seriously. Had Henley only hit Willis once, maybe the suspension would not have been as bad. Henley admitted he hit Willis high and the tape proved Henley hit Willis at least twice. Sorry, but I have to agree with the length of the suspension.

kyle hunt

Tough to feel sorry for Willis!


No one said anyone had to feel sorry for him. The issue is, was what Henley did part of the game or not? From what I've read in the media and from othe Komets fans, it wasn't.


Of course not. These guys should be held accountable if you want the league to survive through the years....just sux the guy was on our team.

Ryne Gurney

So Cohn, was this a one time guest sort of thing or do you plan on doing this more often, and i'm sorry that i missed it.

Justin Cohn

The color commentary? They just were in need of someone and I stepped up that night. I'd do it again, if asked and if, most importantly, it doesn't affect my Journal Gazette duties. Basically, it would have to be an early game.


Not trying to defend Henley because I haven't seen the altercation with Willis, but would someone remind me how many games Tidball got for trying to beat Hansen's brains out last year? The answer to that would help me put this in perspective.


You did a good job, Justin! Hey, if this newspaper thing doesn't work out maybe you could consider broadcasting! ;) Neat to see how many K's fans were in Kzoo.

Ryne Gurney

The K-zoo game was nuts, if it weren't for the music it would have been louder when the Komets scored than the K-wings goals. Also there was a very loud woman sitting a few rows in front of me who kept starting a "lets go wings" which would almost always get taken over by an overwelming "lets go Komets", it was great.


I listened to the game on WOWO and you could hear the Komets fans drown out the Wings fans. Very cool!

Ryne Gurney

I'm very excited for the St. Patricks day game in K-zoo, it's on a monday night but it still should be a great turn out.


I went fishing the other day and caught a [ big blue ] threw it back it was small lie willis. I have 2 k-zoo jerseys -Bawa & Gruhl back when they had a few good players.


Hockey in Indianapolis.

I attended the Indiana Ice Game last Saturday at Conseco Field House. The game was great, for Junior A hockey, and the attendance was almost 13,000. As a result, I think IHL hockey will work in this town. Someone just needs to do it!


Looking for anyone who wants to go to Bloomington Sat. for the Komets/Thunder rematch of tonights game. I would really like to go up there but definitely do not wish to go by myself. Email me at [email protected] and leave a phone number and I will contact you either tonight before midnight or tomorrow after 10:30am but with plenty of time to make plans for the game. It would be great to go. Also if anyone is going let me know since you will have to drive by Warsaw anyways maybe I could meet you. I also sit in section 203 row 14 with the orange hair so come and talk to me. Really want to go. I heard they having some decent entertainment and it is their bobblehead giveaway night.

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