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January 12, 2008



Segal asked for it, glad to see he wasn't hurt real bad .He probably has some ringing in his head this morning. I see a lot of buckos running there mouth of to HENLEY lets see if they do when he returns!


P.S a call up to CALGARY is even better.


So, I'm guessing that he's been practicing for awhile. I hope he doesn't come back too soon and re-injure something.


Here is the Legault - Segal KO for those of you that did night see it on the other thread:


I heard McCarty's name used every time they mentioned the Flint game. Nice for sales but I hope he travels. Its also nice to say Henley will return that night too. Good for ticket sales. I hope he has been skating for while now to return at 100%.

How soon until the "Will Henley fight McCarty?" posts start?


Forget all the fighting crap. Let the game be played and the best team that night be the winner. I thought skating shooting and passing was what the game was about.


your absolutely right ds214.. the game is about shooting and passing...

plus it is about skating.. oh and hitting.. cause u know, when u hit someone off the puck they can no longer do that shooting or passing part of the game anymore. also when you start hitting a little too much or intimidating the other team, then fighting comes into play. so fighting is indeed part of the game..

McCarty is a big time enforcer, and i wish i could attend this one. Dont think a Henley/McCarty fight will happen, but if it does i hope someone catches it on cam and posts it up..


Skating, passing??? Since when did that have anything to do with hockey ds!

Hey, we saw a lot of solid hockey the first 2 periods with no fights IMO. I thought it was a well played game by the K's.

See ya at the bar on Sunday!!


next we'll get the original post about watching the UFC or WWE.....go watch chess

Legault's Hawk Rocks!!

segal deserved EVERY bit of wat legault gave him...hope to see henley bac that wld be GREAT!

Legault's Hawk Rocks!!

segal deserved EVERY bit of wat legault gave him...hope to see henley bac that wld be GREAT!


How about a line of Henley, Bertram, Woods, Legault, and Reynolds for one game in the last minute or two?

Let's just sit back, relax, and enjoy!!!


Thanks for the video, I was there but the fight was over before I could even get my camera out! Segal looked like a puppet whose strings got cut!


wow what a KO !!! Legault is a beast... Remember, he too has recently experienced some wobbly legs though !!!

I hope Segal is OK, he seemed like a cool guy when jerad shaw and I sat next to muskegon bench one time. And ill give him credit i have seen some of his fights on youtube and he will throw with anyone on the other team. LOL even though he doesnt often come up on the winning end...

GO KOMETS the rest of the

Its gettin close to Henley time

Hit Somebody!!!

Ok guys, Shafronov is simply showing off now. He is on fire. He might be trying for January player of the month or something here. He scores yet another to open the game at K-zoo tonight. Wow!

He looks like he has Russian Migs attached to his skates when he is on the ice too. He is back in shape and playing great. Who can stop the Komets now? Keep "Russian" the net Shaf!!!


Komets win! Woo-hoo! Back to back shutouts for Reiter, don't know what he's eating for breakfast lately but he needs to stick with it. Goal and assist for Shaf... I love the music Larry plays whenever Shaf scores!


Woot Woot back to back shutouts Kevin! Let's make it 3 tomorrow night! Anybody see the Woods-Bickley fight?


I saw it..Woods wins that...Bickley pushed/slashed woods, and woods returned the favor..and they both talked then dropped the gloves..

Your right HS, Shaf is simply on fire...

Someone asked if McCarty would travel. Well, tonight he played in Muskegon, had the game winner and a fight...I doubt he wouldn't travel.

oh yeah..nice win Komets..


Props to Reiter on another wonderful evening for him. He is playing well lately and hopefully he keeps it up.

Shaf is playing awesome as well. very happy to see these 2 playing up to their potential.

Hit Somebody!!!

Things are looking great for the Komets. Great job guys!

Another well officiated game by Mr. Langdon. He lets the boys play hockey and stays out of the way.

I was impressed last night on how he called the game. He got all of the fighting calls right and the scrums were called correctly. If that would have been Hawthorne, Puke-a-pile, Gallagher, Mondelak, etc, they would have blown those calls last night and things would have gotten seriously out of hand. He calls what needs to be called, and lets the nickel and dimers go. Keep this guy officiating in this league and get more like him...please!


I would of thought Wogtech would get a look tomorrow night but I'm sure no the shutout streak Kevin Luongo will now go on.

Congrats on the win. Anyone think the crowd may be low tomorrow? Indianapolis should be wrapping up at 4pm and Indiana plays at 4:30.


I'm pretty sure Indiana's game is on the Big Ten Network, so if they wanted to watch it wouldn't they go to the game and watch it in the bar?


The Woods/Bickley fight was funny because Bickley slashed him 2-3 times then Woods hit him in the face with his stick lightly well Bob was at the K-zoo bench listening to some crap (probably from #33). Bob is the ref. for those who don't know him. Was a good fight...short...but good and Woods clearly won. There was a fewe times late in the 3rd when K-zoo players started to start stuff with our smaller guys and Legault skated over and you could see them quickly skate away...it was very funny and obvious. I had a K-zoo fan come up and talk to me in the 2nd intermission and thanked me and all the Komets fans who travel well to the games because we really do help the league and our team out by doing it. He said our team really plays our game on the road and he wishes the Wings would start playing better. ??? Maybe if they stopped yapping at official non stop they would have more energy to score some goals. Bob Langdon again was an excellent official and I would take him every game the rest of the year if we could...and I mean that. Another thing about the game in K-zoo tonight I waited around for the 3 stars and with 29 saves and a shut out Reiter only got the 2 star. WOW?! I still am a Boucher fan but Reiter really made some tough saves tonight and deserved it. Great job Kevin...you are slowly earling my respect back and are starting to play how everyone had thought you would....Stay in the net some please...twice it got a little scary Sat. night.



the IU game follows the Colts game on CBS


bringing the mp3 player to the game...IU will be on radio..and I can listen to the end of the Colts game too...lol..Go Komets..


Woods vs. Bickley from last night http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sdun5UgBIg0

Football?? IU basketball, I didn't know there was a football game today?? And isn't Kelvin busy text messaging recruits??


Thanks to all who posts the fights. It's snowball vs. Legualt today.


Does B2 work form fort wayne yet? I want to buy the Flint game on wednesday.


Andy yes it does work with no delay. Can someone explain why Woods ice time has been decreased? I also noticed he is not paired on Chaulk's line anymore. He may have gotten one shift in the first period, but has limited ice time the last two nights.


Way to go Kevin!!! 3 straight Shutouts!!!! This proves we have the best goalie combination in the league.


It's all about the W's boyz and galz!! Sims knows what he's doing....

Good 1-2 periods of hockey, 3rd was somewhat boring, but a wins a win!!

Good game to cap off the weekend!!


Give Woods some shifts!!!!!


There is always someone who will find a way to complain about a 3-game winning streak, all three being shutouts no less.


Not complaining just asking why. Woods has been producing and was getting a regular shift, now his ice time has been decreased over the last week. His ice time should not decrease if he is producing, now if he was not producing that is understandable.


"Ex-sth" is talking about people complaining?? HA!


Just curious...what is the shut-out streak record in Komets history?

Reiter's 3-in-a-row sort of reminded me of Venny's hattrick of hattricks a few years back.


"side of cheese" is back so woodie goes to a different line...sucks but thats how it is.....


Hey Joe,
I found this through an internet search.
Most consecutive shutouts: 4, Marty Turco, Michigan K-Wings, 1999-2000.
° Most shutout minutes: 275:29, Marty Turco, Michigan K-Wings, 1999-2000.


Be funny to see if Reiter breaks a record and they have to use the old record books like wingmnn stated. Turco vs. Reiter is not a good comparison when thinking of talent level.

The Fan

Andy, Just wanted to confirm David's response. B2 does work out of Ft. Wayne.

A HAT TRICK FOR REITER!!! 3 shut outs. He is seeing the puck very well. Our defence has shown improvement as well. Shaf continues to score. He may not have the speed but he sure has the moves.

Looking forward to this Wednesday.



David like a previous blogger stated they have replaced Woods with Saidachev on the Chaulk/Aquino line and it is still working very well. Before Saidachev got injured he was paired with Curadeu and Hukalo and that was a fun line to watch. I expect woods/legault to get paired with Reynolds some. Stinks for Woods but this team has a lot of talent on it and him and Legault are the fill in guys or the guys to put on the ice when goonery is noticeable. I like Woods too (who doesn't) but I do undertand the switch...and since the swithch...10-0 Komets I can't complain about that. With a win in regulation over Flint Weds. the Komets will actually statistically have a real lead over Flint...now they are +5 points but Flint has 6 points or 3 games in hand.


Reiter is Goalie of the Week and
Shaf is Forward of the Week

Congrats to both keep up the great work!


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