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January 04, 2008



wrong jerad, its common physics. watch on a shootout, a lot of the goalies come way out and they then skate backwards into regular position. i get tired of people putting down reiter because of the style of goalie he is. there are angle cutters, there are floppers and there are standups plus a coule more styles. i can understand if the guy is crummy, but hes the number three goalie in he whole league. what do people want??


1.-a louder jungle.2.-more fights 3.-more body checks 4.Henley to get well. not in any order but they all add up

Jerad Shaw

Chuckitt, you just said skates back into regular position. If it cuts off angles, why wouldn't he stay about 5 feet in front of the crease??

Jerad Shaw

I'm just asking. Nothing personal. I am learning the game of hockey and am just curious.


why would a minor league fight end up on ESPN?


Coming out and playing the angles does a few things. One, it intially gives the shooter less net to look at. It may just be a few inches but inches are important in this sport. You will see a goalie come further out on a play coming straight in than from the side simply because of the amount of net the shooter has to work with. Aside from wanting to be moving, you may also want to influence the decision of what the shooter might do. As a goalie, you would want to try and invite the shooter to shoot at something you are purposely making look too good.

The best way to beat someone like Reiter is with a deke or a pass. He is quick and agile enough to stay with the shooters on a deke and thus far the defense has been able to cover the passing options when he has overplayed the puck carrier.

Keep in mind too that Reiter is 5'7". That is not big by any means. He is rlying on his agility and playing angles for success. You may see a larger goalie staying closer to the crease relying more on his size.

I think people are pulling their hair out when he does stuff like the other night. He went behind the net to play the puck when there were already a few of his own players back there. I think the K's were on a PK if I am not mistaken.

Jerad Shaw

They were. I remember that play!! Thanks for the Info scoops!


Did the Legault fight make it on YouTube?


I agree, Reiter makes me nervous, but he is exciting to watch. You never know what he is going to do next and as a fan, I like that. Who knows, he might start playing the puck even more now that the Komets are down to only 5 defensemen.

New Komet Fan

I do love the way he stick pokes opponents as they skate by him! Several times it looked like he wanted to drop the gloves with someone. Would love to see him take care of that punk goalie from Muskegon.

New Komet Fan

I do love the way he pokes opponents as they skate by him! Several times it looked like he wanted to drop the gloves with someone. Would love to see him take care of that punk goalie from Muskegon.

kyle hunt

Scoops is right, its the passes that get you burnt when your out to far, and those deals behind the net - I about freaked. Don't get me wrong I really like Reiter.....sometimes in a close game I just get to wondering, what if? I think he should still be our NUMBER ONE.


Corpus Christi, TX - The Corpus Christi Rayz have activated veteran forward Nick Lindberg from the 30-day injured reserve list and waived defenseman A.J. Bozoian, Head Coach, Ken McRae announced on Friday afternoon.


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Melissa Sarrazin

Why did Brad Smith get a Bench/Coach Game misconduct tonight? Anyone watching on B2?
On Pointstreak it shows what I wrote above.

Justin Cohn

It was Curran, not Smith, for arguing a call.


Reiter has been avg this season IMO. He is an angles goalie yes. It isnt his style i have a problem with, but how he performs. I look at end results, and frankly i expected more out of him.

He does make me nervous from time to time as well, but that just kinda adds to the excitement of the game when he runs out of the net.

Reiter is 11 W 7 L 3 OTL.. just over .500 .. boasting a 2.70 GAA and a .898 svp.. very respectable stats for a back-up...

Boucher is 9 W 1 L 0 OTL.. .900 win percentage. boasting a 2.27 GAA and a .919 svp.. very respectable stats for a starter.

Boucher has the stats i expected out of Reiter in the beginning of the season. IMO that is my problem with him.

Jerad Shaw

He is the number 2 goalie in the league next to Boucher! What else do you want out of a "# 2 goalie" in your words???? I guess we should have 1,2, and 3 goalies in the league right. Bring on the superstar. I guess we need Pokey back. 0.00 GAA with 1.00 Save percentage.


I think Reiter played a great game last night. The breakaway he stopped in the first was huge. That could have changed the whole game. Unfortunately for Reiter, the boys got a little sloppy in the 3rd and the Wings scored 2 goals.

Keep in mind Reiter has played 5 games in the past 7 days. That isn't easy for anyone especially a goalie. Give the kid some credit. He deserves it.


The problem Jerad, is that our other goalie is hurt. Reiter IMO is not a number 1. He seems to lose more games then a number 1 goalie should. Even when Boucher is healthy Reiter seems to be our number 1 goalie. I think this is a poor choice.

Also, HE was talked up as our number 1 and brought in to be just that. again, my opinion and that of some others, is he has not exactly lived up to the hype.

I look at it this way. If Chaulk was brought in and he only 15 points at this point in the season i would be scratching my head saying whats up? why is Reiter exempt from this?

Maybe Reiter is turning it around in the absence of Boucher. I hope so. But i think Boucher is our number 1 goalie given our chances of winning on a nightly basis.


Reiter's start to this season was so-so. His current stats are not indicative of his play since Boucher went down. Whether its mental, trying too hard to show he is the number 1 goalie (while Boucher boasts better numbers) I don't know. I know if I was in his position and someone was doing better than me, I would probably try to do too much to prove my worth.


i would agree with last statment scoops. to be fair he has played much better since Boucher went down. hope he keeps it up. so far so good

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