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January 16, 2008


Adam Craig

The Article was very cool to read about. It is nice to see Reiter play like the Reiter in Missouri.
I'm B2ing.


Henley's not going to fight in his 1st game back from such a major knee injury. That's just common sense

Adam Craig

You are right, I didn't even get into a fight in my 1st game back from suspension.

Adam Craig

Congrats to the komets
on a hard fought victory.
It was nice to see Henley back
and sad to see Reiter's shutout
streak end.


komets played tired but they didnt give up or in. too bad the crowd was so small.


I thought the crowd was great!!! Way to give Reiter a hand and get him back into the game after giving up a goal on his first shot. Way to show him we love the way he has been playing in the last four games!

The Fan

The game didn't live up to the hype but, man it was good to see Brent back on the ice.

I was hoping someone would drop Flint's #9. He took a couple cheap shots at Reiter tonight. Took his stick right to the side of Kevin's head.

Shaf was on once again. 2 great passes to set Durdin and Huk...

Brent seemed to gain more confidence as the game progressed. We will have to see how he comes out against Muskegon and their player #22.


komet fan

Pretty fun game tonight. Reiter made some really nice saves and it was great to see Henley back. He's fun to watch even if he doesn't fight. He's very physical and polices the crease very well. I would think there is a fair chance that we see him take care of the punk Kovalcik on Friday after their friendly gestures last game. Here's a question... when Hanson comes back, who's out? I hope not Woodsy, maybe Pence or Sergie "Mr. giveaway" Durdin?

The Fan

I vote Durdin! But, he seems to be untouchable in the system. The rumor that has been tossed around was Warner. I would be very upset if this were the case. He has been very strong. Reiter was giving to Durdin tonight for not taking the body.

We, well, I missed seeing Legault out there tonight. The boards seemed quiet with out him.


i didn't think much of McCarty's game tonight. Didn't stand out at all.


Jordan Fox wanted to go at it with Acquino in the 2nd. Luci wanted no part of it.

McCarty skates slower than Shafronov. He's definitely not the same McCarty that was with Detroit back in "the day" haha!

Everyone on Flint was afraid of Henley. I hope he takes care of Kovalcik Friday too. Segal was placed on IR, so he won't be playing Friday. DARN!

GO K's!!!


Good game tonight! could always see more hitting, but i wont complain. I am sick of sitting in my seat and hearing negative remarks about some of our players. like i said a while ago, let the coach make the decisions and suck it up and live with it!! a lady behind me kept yappin about how slow terry was and how much he sucked.....is she serious??? she must not know the game to DARN well. he has been playin great. maybe not the fastest on our team but sure as HECK isnt the slowest. and too all who itch about pence. i like him. i haven't seen him turn the puck over anymore than any other player, think about it. i NEVER name names here and dont plan on starting, but with any complaints i have.... i look at our record and think, "dang we are doin well"... so please ease up on our komets...they work hard and i would love to go to a game and be able to root on my FAVORITE team without hearing negativity. sometimes it's like goin to rockford to watch the komets play... JEEZ. I know i dont blog much, but im irratated and i apologize. Good job K's!! see ya friday..

komet fan

I too will be disappointed if it is Warner who is let go. I think for being a young guy he is doing pretty good. To me Durdin just seems to give away the puck way too much in very vulnerable areas in our zone. Yeah he scored a goal tonight but it was absolutely because of the great pass from Shaf.

Cudos to Larry for playing Toby Keith, "I ain't as good as I once was" when McCarty went to the penalty box. He must have been peeing his pants with anticipation of him being called for a penalty.


The Fan, I was sitting right behind the komets net in 230 and to tell you the truth..it was #9 who took the cheap shot at reiter when reiter got slapped in the head with a stick..as a matter of fact it was our own Guy Dupuis!!! Anyways where did our ref go to school at?? Hawthornes School of Refs For Idiots?? one powerplay after the first period and that didnt come until 50 seconds to go in the game!! horrible...Tonights game was a good game...the k's never gave up and I can't wait to see friday's game!!

Hit Somebody!!!

That felt like playoff hockey to me. And for those who doubt the abilities of Mr. Henley, he was on the PK all night long and was one of our best D-Men tonight as he does an excellent job of breaking up the puck from the other team.

Shaf is awesome right now. Someone said he is a slow skater? He actually has kicked it into gear and is making serious moves out there.

We have an awesome team at this level guys. I don't think enough people realize it. Look at the depth of talent on this team. We still have guys on IR and have guys not getting as many shifts as they should who come onto the ice and make plays. Look at Woods tonight taking the puck to the net a couple of times.

Is Marchant still hurt? He just looks like something is seriously wrong with him. If he is hurt...IR him and give me back my Legault please. I will take a healthy guy that gives 100% over a hurt guy who is only giving 65%. He sometimes looks like he is in a hole out there and is trying to skate out of it with lead in his boots and a parachute on his back.

Flint has a good team. We just happen to be better is all. Wonder how those Flint fans want their "Marvin vs. Reiter" crow served up?

Jerad Shaw

Kometfan, as much as you hated the way the game was officiated towards the Komets, I agreed with about everything he called. Every time I have see him officate he has called games the way the "new" IHL is suppose to be called.

I thought tonight's game was a great game between the 2 best teams in the league. It was like 2 heavyweight fighters trying to feel each other out. I think before it is all said and done, it is going to be these 2 teams playing some great games against one and another.

In Henley's first 2 shifts, he looked a little iffy. He gain alot more confidence throughout the game. It takes a long time after a major knee injury to gain confidence in the knee. I thought he played extremely well as a defenseman tonight. He didn't need to fight anyone to stand out to me, and he did. He made some great plays on defense that made me realize that he is alot more then a goon. I'm glad he is back and hope he stays healthy.

Shaf's pass on the 2nd goal was amazing. He is finding his stride. Sims hit it right on the head where he stated that he was playing way to much European hockey. Shaf has alot of skills that lead to goals, and he is getting his legs under him.

Sorry I am long winded, but the K's are really coming into their own. I was upset that Said came in and toke Woods' spot, but man does that line gel. I am loving the chemistry of this team, and can't complain with any moves that the Komets make in the weeks to come!

Jerad Shaw

Hit Somebody, I said that to about 4 people on the way out. That WAS playoff hockey!!! I loved it!!! If that was game one of a series, there would have been more fireworks towards the end, but it was a great battle!


Jared, I couldn't agree more. Every call that Ragusin made was warranted and correct. All of the penalties were just, so we have to deal with it.

Flint had little desire to cover the front of their net and left Marvin out to dry on both Hukalo's first goal and the beauty of a goal by Durdin. Hukalo's second goal was a highlight reel deke and I believe that Marvin wants that goal by Dupuis back. All in all, the Komets forechecking (not necessarily hitting) caused a lot of turnovers in the Flint half of the ice resulting in a ton of high quality scoring chances. In the D zone, the only problem that I saw was the missed opportunities to get the puck out of the zone, especially 5 feet from the blueline. Flint stepped up their play in the second period and earned both their goals (they weren't flukes, by any means), but after the 18 minute mark of the 3rd they just looked like they ran out of gas.

I thought Reiter was great tonight, continuing to cut down the angles, especially on shooters coming in from the wing, resulting in many Generals shots going wide of the net. He still makes me a little nervous when he plays the puck behind the net though, but hey, whatever works for him, as long as he doesn't pass the puck directly to the opposing team. On a side note, kudos to the crowd for applauding him after the first goal went in. That was a very nice gesture.

While Darren McCarty may have looked invisible on the ice, off the ice he was incredible. I couldn't believe that he stopped and spoke with, signed autographs, and took pictures with everyone that was lined up outside the Generals locker room. He was such a class act. I overheard him saying that he had never been to Ft. Wayne, but he likes the city and he thought the crowd was awesome.


Were people applauding Reiter or Henley coming out for the first time???

I was doing it for both when I realized Henley was out. I actually kinda glad to see the shutout streak end cause then he could just focus playing his normal game...if that makes any sense.

Glad to see Henley back and I thought he looked really good out there palming that guy's face. Hope he can keep playing.



Well shaw..that call he had on henley for slashing was ridiculous..both players were slapping at the puck and both missed and it just happed that henley hit the guy in the leg...and if he called the game the way it should have been...then why didnt hukalo get a penalty on his second goal when he pulled the flint guy down to get around him??? that was clearly a penalty!

Hockey girl

Man, the komets have really been out there working it hard! Reiter's on FIRE and he's just giving it his best every single night! I am really happy for him! Plus I agree Henley's not going to fight on his first night back in! I hope Henley does well this season!
GO KOMETS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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