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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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January 10, 2008



When do we leave for the Colts game Justin ???? Im going to job shadow you that day !!!!!

Justin Cohn

You can write the stories. And pay me to do so. It'll work out for everyone. Just don't tell anyone. ... Oh, wait. ...

Hit Somebody!!!

I will make 2 comments here and then go to bed. I am just thinking out-loud here so please...please, please...no one have a cow and start going crazy.

1) Congratulations to Kelly on getting picked up by Wheeling. He is a fun player to watch and a good guy. One of my favorites by the way.

2) Isn't it odd that Kelly gets picked up by Chief so often and normally gets dumped on by him too? At least early on in Kelly's career he had trouble getting ice time, played very well, and still seemed to get the shaft from GQ. Then the next season he is like one of the first guys signed in the off-season and like the first guy cut when the season starts. Then has been picked up and cut by Chief a few times since. I really am not going anywhere with this, I just wondered if anyone thought the same thing here? Maybe Kelly and Cardboard Coach have patched things up over the years. Both from Toledo and such. I hope the best for Kelly this time around. He played awesome 2 seasons ago for us when most everyone else on the roster was either hurt or uninspired.

Go Komets!!!

Jerad Shaw

JW, you can't start the wave in the pressbox, or the slow clap for that matter! Probably not a good place for you to be sitting!!!


Good Luck Kelly! always enjoyed watching him!! skated hard every game! he derseves a spot anywhere as far as i am concerned!!


I can chauffer you down to the dome and be part of your posse for a press pass Justin.


I'm really shocked that Miller would resume his hockey career after he got a job at Toledo's local hockey rink and is coaching a Midget Toledo team that goes to Nationals fairly often.


I almost would rather go to Champs in downtown Indy. We went last year and didn't have tickets to the Cheifs Colts playoff game. We watch the game in there. Had a blast. The place was packed with Colts fans. People we didn't even know said "Hey we can make room at our table do you want to join us?" We sat with them, shared food, drinks, and cheared on the Colts. Everone always did the First Down chant. I have been to 3 games in my life. I must say that I think I had more fun at Champs.

kyle hunt

I agree with Hit, I think Kelly is one of the most complete players in minor league hockey, I don't know why the coach always see's something different with him than I do!

Jungle Monkey

I heard that the Loch Ness monster asked Cohn for "Tree Fifty"...


I just read that Irons article this moring and was going to e-mail you about it Justin.


Where can you find issues of Hockey News



Jerad Shaw

Justin, I have never seen someone more deserving to be blocked then Hobo. Blasphemy.

Lee Davidson

The Hounds Booster club forum mentions the rink in Dundee



Yea Hobo Go Chargers and get back on the bus and don't bother comming to play the Colts because you will lose anyway.

Justin Cohn

I think Borders gets hockey news.


i'm a steelers fan and can't stand the colts. i have nothing to cheer for now. so i cheer for anyone playing the colts. sorry if you dont like it. i could say go patriots???? would that be better?


justin why so negative? the hounds have a very solid owner and its logical for him to come back as long as he can find the right place and the right deal from a rink. maybe we can start a pool as to when kelly miller will get released or traded.



There is NO logical reason for you to hate the Colts. You are probably a local and grew up a Steelers fan. Now that the Colts are having success and have had success for years now, the local TEAM and their fans are getting to you somewhat. The Colts have never beaten the Steelers in the playoffs since the Colts have been in Indy (0-3)so for you to hate them is puzzling.

Both the Colts and the Steelers are well run franchises. And both teams have great fans. Even if some of both teams post on a HOCKEY board.


I think there is some kind of "good" player/coach relationship between Chief and Miller. Something along the lines of what Parcells used to do during his tours in the NFL. Regardless, I think his departure the last time around was not exactly totally in Puhulski's control. That is strictly my own opinion. But I think he could stick in the ECHL for awhile. The talent level is not vastly superior to anything else in minor league hockey.


do you know who are the veterans
for flint now that cesky and mcarty have signed ?


I hope to see King Kong HENLEY put the smack-down on a few muskegon guys tonight!!!


is king kong his real nickname or something the bloggers made up... kind of weak and cheesy because ABEATENhorse wore out that one... please think of something new...something edgier that really gets the point across, king kong would suit some fat dude like tedstone.

just a thought


Horse is the ONLY one that really uses that as his nickname, everyone else is making fun of Horse. I'm sure Henley's real nickname is "Hen's" or "Hen-y" but who knows, it could be king kong...

Justin Cohn

Duglaw, I do not offhand.


I'm not a Colts fan! GO BEARS!!!! I don't care what they do.

Musky 3



Is it me or is these games starting to take on a boring tone. Very little aggressiveness, hitting, face washing, etc. Muskegon and Kzoo should be a rivial game with a lot of "bad" blood and they have been really tame lately.


hey bucko! you want to make fun of me [... deleted by Justin, who is putting abeatenhorse on warning of possible blocking from the site]


That 40 minutes was absolutely boring there is no passion, aggression, or hitting at all. I am glad it only cost me 6.00 bucks instead 56.00 to get tickets. In 200 minutes of hockey at home against Kzoo last weekend, back to back games, and tonight's contest there has been no hitting at all and not even a scrum. That is pathetic

Justin Cohn

Whoever has video of that fight -- send to me ASAP. lol


FINALLY some rought stuff and some pay back. I will go to the end of the bench and eat some "crow" now...Just call Legualt Killer


hey bucko. want to block me go ahead. you let these buckos make fun of me and dont say squat then get mad at me for defending myself. its your blog bucko and you can favor whichever hind ends you want to.


and iffen you dont want me postin no more all you have to do is say so.


WHAT A FIGHT!!!!! That was one HUGE K.O.!!! What a way to end a great game. I only had to yell out, "Reiter, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?" twice. Pretty good with a shutout to go with it!

And to Horse, let be the first to say "SO!"


[deleted by Justin, who is getting fed up]


Somebody better had gotten that KO! Post that bout on YouTube!!!

Justin Cohn

I want you posting. I don't want you getting profane or particularly lude, like you did two comments ago.


That fight was AWSOME. I will look for it to be posted in the morning. Nice job Legault!!!!
Reiter did a solid job tonight as well.


kyle hunt

That was one nice Knock out.........holy cow!

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