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January 17, 2008



Im glad Henley didnt push it too much. There were some points it looked like he kind of favored the knee. Great gritty win by the Ks. Shafranov, my personal 2nd favorite K is burnin up right now... i dont know if he has been mistaking these American Arenas for the frozen tundra of Mother Russia or Kazakhstan but hes on fire.
Cant wait for Friday night, as long as the fake Bruce shows up.

Larry and Hoss----were you guys sitting in 217 ???? just wondering cause someone in that section had me laughing all night with the comments to the Flint bench, and their trainer kid.



Oh wow, look at these awesome deals The IHL is giving us fans on crappy merchandise!

Jerad Shaw

Do you have the seats??? If you have us in lower 215, rumor has it that the fake Bruce Ramsey will be in the Jungle. Its just a rumor!!!! Just a rumor!!!

Jerad Shaw

From what I hear, and this is coming from Komet Warrior. There is a Bruce Ramsey look alike coming to the game on Friday. He is going to sit in 215 or 217. This is just a rumor. He might take the show on the road the next weekend!!!! Just a rumor. You know how the Komet's fans are!!!


Justin, was the standing ovation for Henley or for Reiter, after giving up the first goal? I know it started for Reiter, but once it got a lot louder, I saw Henley hit the ice. I am sure it was for both of them....

It wasn't either Larry or myself. I sit in the top row of 204 and Larry sits in the press box.

Speaking of Larry, another shout out for another great music choice for Flint Red Wing Darren McCarty!!! I didn't even notice he was out there all night until he slashed on his "goal" and one hit he had in the third, other than that he didn't do too much.


All this talk about a Bruce Ramsey look alike, is it Chuck Norris?? I heard he will be signing autographs during the 1st intermission.
Segal VS Legault Rematch Friday 8:00 PM

Jerad Shaw

Rich, as much as I would love to see that, they were both put on IR yesterday, so we will have to settle for the "undercard" Henley vs. Kovlick and Shaw vs. Van Druden!

Jerad Shaw

Justin, I have heard a couple complaints about the offciating last night. I thought it was pretty solid throughout. Your opinions???


I myself and everyone sitting around me was giving BOTH Henley and Reiter a standing ovation. At first it started for Reiter then when Henley got on the ice I saw many people stand up again.

Many of us were hoping Henley would start the game so we could give him props, but either way it was just great to see him back on the ice and I thought he played a solid game and will only improve our defense.

Shafronov looks great and made a couple of really nice assists. He has great hands.

Late in the 3rd Reiter really made an amazing save sliding across the crease.


Great game last night- everybody played well. Some of the calls and missed calls were a little suspect. Our third goal on the break away maybe shouldn't have counted. On a different note, how great was the Toby Keith song for Darren "I didn't look very good" McCarty? Classic. Hats off to Larry.


that poll is really cool. I love how you can see where the people were from and who they voted for when you click on the comment button. Some one from Sweden voted for Luci?!?!

I still think Huk is the MVP so far but I guess who gets the goals gets more credit.


Were people applauding Reiter or Henley coming out for the first time???

I was doing it for both when I realized Henley was out. I actually kinda glad to see the shutout streak end cause then he could just focus playing his normal game...if that makes any sense.

Glad to see Henley back and I thought he looked really good out there palming that guy's face. Hope he can keep playing.



Oh and I loved Guy's goal at first he was going to dump it in but then everyone in the crowd yell GO!!!! and then he score doesn't get much better than that.

Also Larry the PA guy loved your song choice for McCarty. I also heard from a very unreliable source that McCarty is going up the Grand Rapids Griffins. Any truth to that Justin??? or do you think he will still be with them for the Feb. 1st game???


Great job by the fans lst night giving a ovation to Reiter and the Komets after giving up that first goal, I think says really says a lot to the team when you can still cheer an execptional perforamce after giving up a goal.

Great to see a different Komet stepping up every night, way to go Hukalo on the two goals. If the Komets can keep that up it will be tough for opponents to focus on just one line.

I thought McCarty looked pretty good out there. Not sure if he's quite conditioned enough yet, but I cou the NHL caliber of play at times out there last night.


Hey Greg- what part McCarty's game reminded you of being NHL caliber? I saw nothing that remind me of a NHL player. Just wondering.

Skoal Apple

I might need some help to understand. But what is the deal with everyone loving Henley like he is a Komet god. Dont get me wrong he is a plus for our team and I am not trying to hate more just trying to understand.
(38 games 0 goals 4 assist 180 PIM)
To me those stats not the most impressive. Just my opinion. Please don't crucifie me for this.


people must be dumb to actually think that segal will want to go with legault..even if he is back in the lineup!!


I can't put into words other than to say that I thought the way he played reminded me of the player he was. He still has work ot do. I didn;t think his conditioning was quite there and surprisingly he didn't finish checks like I thought he would. But something told me he could play in the AHL within three weeks.

komet fan

Skoal Apple,

Henley's contribution to the Komets isn't necessarily goals or assists, it's the other non-scoring part of the game. Penalty Kill, Defense, policing the crease and protecting our goalie, not to mention attempt to get the other team off their game.

Granted, he does take some dumb penalties but remember a player doesn't have to score 30 goals and 50 assists to be a contributor

Skoal Apple

I do understand some of the extra stuff he does. But to give a standing ovation for a guy that has played 38 games total for the Komets. I think the jury is still out if he is a assest to this team. Sorry thats just my take. And don't take it personal.


People name their kids after Colin Chaulk. A standing ovation is a 10 second tribute. You have to live with a kid named Colin for at least 18 years.


I heard that Red Wing Kris Draper has part ownership of the team in Flint therefore that is why McCarty is starting there? Has anyone else heard this? It came from a pretty good source and it does make sense!!
As for Larry playing the Toby Keith clip, you could tell who the wings fans were( myself being one of them) and those who don't like him.


Kometfan not everyone can be a genius like you!!!

Are you sitting in 217 Friday.


did anyone else have a different view of henley getting that cross check penalty? from what we saw it looked like flint should've gotten a holding the stick penalty instead. so how can henley get a cross check then? that one had us scratching our heads.

Justin Cohn

The ovation during the starting lineup, from my vantage point, was for Henley. Reiter got strong applause, but people stood for Henley. But you know, I'm way up high. ... No idea on if/when McCarty would go to Grand Rapids. The longer he stays in the IHL, the worse his chances of making it back to the NHL are, I would think. And NHL team would want to see how he can do against better competition. Frankly, I couldn't tell much about him from last night's game; his role is so much different down here than it would be in the NHL.


Why all the hate towards "Kometfan?"
He/She gave a good responce to why the fans of Helney like him so much. Just like Bert, Huk, and many others, heart doesn't always show up in points!

Komet Gallery

Henley makes a HUGE difference in the Komets lineup. The guy makes every player on the Komets better just by his presence. He clears space for the skill players, he supports Bertram in the tough guy role, he is one of our best defenseman, and is a HUGE presence on the penalty kill by clearing the front of the net. Skoal apple, if you don't see this, not sure what game you are watching...

Skoal Apple

He is a all right d man. I just don't know that after a 38 games he is a legand in my book. I am not trying to hate or any thing.

Justin Cohn




Hit Somebody!!!

I think the applause was for Reiter.

Some might of noticed Henley onto the ice and then continued the applause for him. Applause and love for Henley has alot to do with the fact he has been battling a couple of injuries and has been working his arse off to get back to helping this team. He is a blue-collar type of hockey player that makes everyone better out there because of his dirty work out there. He is a very sound D-Man...and he falls into the mold of favorite all time Komets like Steve Fletcher. He also battles a couple of serious diseases everyday just to stay alive, let alone play hockey.

And, he is pretty cool with the fans.

What is so hard to understand why people like this guy? I think for the most part, we like all the guys on this team alot.


Hoss, see kometfans post below.

people must be dumb to actually think that segal will want to go with legault..even if he is back in the lineup!!

It just rubbed me the wrong way. Now that I have had a chance to cool down it wasn't that big of a deal.


Segal should go with Legault. I don't belive he's scared of him, he just got thumped. To JW there are more buckos out there than you think!! Good game King- Kong HENLEY - that flint bucko was holding his stick so how does he get a crosschecking call??

Jerad Shaw

The way things are shaping up right now, I won't be in attendence tomorrow night. I'm not for sure, but it doesn't look good. If we do get to the game, the closest seats were in sec. 220 so my Bruce outfit won't work out all the way over there.

Amazed Komet Fan

Go to an AHL game, you folks need to see some real hockey. One former NHL guy skates against you and you do special feature stories and talk about this event like it was wonderful.

AHL game has "future" NHL and some pretty good former NHL players.

There are enough AHL cities around you, it would be worth your time.

Hit Somebody!!!

Not this again.....Crap! AHL IHL BHL PHL QHL XYZHL? Who the heck cares anymore. I like this team this year period. Doesn't matter what "HL" it is in. The IHL will eventually be the minor league hockey league to be in.

Justin...I am not trying to say you are wrong, but Henley didn't start. The ovation came when the first goal against Reiter came 3 minutes into the game. That is the ovation people are talking about. I don't think that was for Brent.

Hit Somebody!!!

One other thing I forgot last night to say...

Mr. Ragusin needs to put the word DIVE into his vocabulary. That looked like the Quad City diving team from the late 90's to early 2000's. Flint dives everytime someone looks at them.

Justin Cohn

You know what, you're right. It wasn't at the starting lineup. I wasn't thinking. It was after the goal, when he came on the ice, then he got an ovation. Reiter got cheers, but I didn't see an ovation. Henley definitely got an ovation, but I was wrong on the time. Thanks for pointing it out.

Justin Cohn

Like McCarty suddenly being on an AHL roster wouldn't have been an even bigger deal. Yeah, the people in Grand Rapids wouldn't have given a darn.

Justin Cohn

And one more thing, the McCarty thing being big here wasn't that he was an NHL player -- no one cared when Jarrod Skalde was here -- it was that he was a Red Wings player. Sorry for the rant, but that was a silly remark.

Jerad Shaw

Justin, that is your one warning!!! That is all I am giving you!! :)

I personally loved seeing McCarty on the ice. I asked him about his rock band that he was apart of and I let him know that I could put 2 and 2 together and realize their leading singer would have gotten boo'ed off the staged by Simon. He was laughing his (arse) off!!! I'm a huge Blackhawks fan, but McCarty seemed like a stand up guy.

kyle hunt

amazed komet fan?


There's a difference between Skalde and McCarty. Skalde was a fringe NHLer at best while McCarty is a long time NHL vet. I've heard of Skalde but I'm a big time hockey fan. I don't the average would of heard of Skalde (not to offend the average Joe's out there). You put anyone with the experience of Darren McCarty out there and I bet it gets some press.

Amazed Komet Fan

Only in an IHL city do you get excited about this

Charlie in Rochester Hills, MI

Amazed Komet Fan: Be careful about ripping the level of play in the IHL, they love their "pond hockey" down there. I was insulted big time when I did. I am also an amazed Komet fan in that I am amazed they play in a league like this. Yes, I still read the Journal Gazette everyday on line, hoping to someday see the headline "KOMETS JOIN AMERICAN HOCKEY LEAGUE AS FARM CLUB OF DETROIT RED WINGS". Ok, let the insults fly. As Mickey Redmond says, "Katie bar the door", and 'Ain't no place for a nervous person". I love it! I just hope Justin does not bar me for the way I rile you folks up!

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