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January 26, 2008


Justin Cohn

Check Komets Korner tomorrow and hopefully we'll have audio of an interview with Reiter.


Sharks sent down 4 players to Worcester on Friday.
Curadeau will be back soon.


anyone watching NHL skills competition on Versus ???


I've been saying all along Hukalo is our MVP...looks like it showed that way this weekend with our lack of defense (10 goals in two games).


JW, I watched the end of it. I thought the breakaway (creative goal) drill was pretty sweet. It would have been sweeter with a little more creativity from the shooters, but was still neat. For those that didn't see it, it was like the Slam Dunk Drill from the NBA All-Star skills.


JW- I guess I'm a bucko for thinking king-kong henley is unbeatable . I guess I have to sell my henley jersey now.jarad- I do want chad johnson , he's faster than chaz. .

The Fan

Mightbite, What's the scoop on the Henley fight? The band was playing out last night and I missed the game. DO TELL, DO TELL.


king-kong lost his fight to mallette on friday, I did hear he was at the end of his shift. But he did beat down that #22 bucko from muskegon.



Now that the Semi-Annual IHL meeting is over, do you know how the conversations went with possibly adding Indianapolis and/or Chicago for next year? In addition, is the IHL going to react to the evaluation of the officials this season or wait until next season?


Hoss, that was a pretty sweet drill they were running. Osgood was having a rough time keeping up with the young buckos for a while there, haha...Legace was cracking me up when he was mic'd up in goal.

Mightbite, all is good. Even Ali lost a few in his day. Henley will bounce back with a KO on somebody.


i wasn't expecting any wins this weekend, we had a heckuva run and were due for a let down. Wouldn't be surprised if we get beat at bloomington wednesday.....but come the weekend the wins will start coming again.


Does anyone know if the AHL skills competition/game is on TV and what channel?


AHL- skills is on comcast ch.9 at 7-9pm tonight.

Jerad Shaw

McCarty got the boot tonight! Can't wait to see what he did.

Voice of Reason

More impressively...Kinnie had four of Flint's five goals in regulation.


Before all off you jump my arse, i just want to say that i have been a ks fan and ticket holder for 40 years and always will be regardless of what league. ok, now the bad news,,, i miss AAA hockey in this town, this town is like the green bay of minor league hockey, top 3 in all of minor league hockey attendance, all ive ever heard as why the ahl wouldnt work in ft wayne. i really think it could work.


i feel ya on that one Gerry, your not alone... be ready for the backlash


i just heard them talk about bob chase and the ft wayne komets on the nhl all star game, we are still on the map! thanks chaser!


Well, I just heard Chaser this morning talking about the lost weekend the Ks just had. He said the Ks had both games under control until they got charitable. Would someone tell me when the Ks had Friday's game under control at any time after the opening faceoff?

Adam Craig

AHL All-Star game is free on b2 networks.
Question: Were do you guys think McCarty will end up?
Also it sucks that Curadeau was only called up for a game, but i'm glad he is back.


"Before all off you jump my arse, i just want to say that i have been a ks fan and ticket holder for 40 years and always will be regardless of what league. ok, now the bad news,,, i miss AAA hockey in this town, this town is like the green bay of minor league hockey, top 3 in all of minor league hockey attendance, all ive ever heard as why the ahl wouldnt work in ft wayne. i really think it could work."


I think most of us who were Komet fans during the previous IHL days do miss AAA hockey. Many of the fans who don't want the AHL hockey, or get their claws out when the topic is brought up here, are probably younger and didn't see the old IHL so they don't understand what they are missing.

The AHL would work in Fort Wayne but is not a model the Frankes want to get into. I feel differently now about the whole situation now that the Komets/Frankes are in a league where they can do more to make it better than they could in the UHL.


comparing the old ihl to the ahl is a joke. the ahl level of hockey is not as good as all of you think. i do think the ahl would work in ft wayne easily, the only problem is there are no people around here who are willing to invest and lose money in it. its as simple as that. the frankes and the other owners of the ihl want to take the i back to its former level of play as those of us who believe him know that minor league hockey will be complely different in 5 or 6 years. even if we are wrong, we will not have ahl hockey here until someone steps up and puts up the money. you just dont say well lets move up to the ahl without knowing the costs involved. just the start up will be a staggering ammount. sorry, but i just get tired of the we should be in the ahl crying. of course we should be, but it wont happen so lets support the ihl and hope it achieves parity with the ahl like it was in the good old days.


Amen, Hit.


Sorry, I meant Chuckitt. Oh, well.


oh and i do miss the good old days of aaa hockey, but when i watch the ahl i sure dont see that type of play. i see a few more guys with more talent and most are faster but the hitting and the toughness are almost gone forever. so ill wait for the ihl to grow cause i dont think the ahl is worth it.


off topic, but is anybody going to k-zoo this saturday?? I've got a group of 5 goin.



I can't agree w/ Chuckitt anymore. Well said.


I will go if I can carpool with someone...I went to Muskegon on Sat. and Chicago Friday night so I am about driven out. Also Reiter always seems to stumble a bit with competition over his shoulder. I felt bad for him Sat. as FW people applauded when Boucher went in and Reiter was yanked...but he has to play with the confidence that will earn him goalie of the month for January and not the one who is trying to keep his job. The Komets definitely missed Hukalo and Curadeau this weekend because there was maybe 2 legit hits in Saturdays game and very little energy. The energy is what has won games for the K's. There were 2-3 times during the game that the puck was sitting some place and no Komets even moved to the puck...communication needs to improve. All things said like Justin already pointed out...still a first place hockey team and now they know they have things they must improve on. GO KOMETS!


Just like someone said before, if the team goes to the IHL and the team starts losing there is no way we will be averaging 7,000 a game. I'd rather watch IHL hockey where we have a chance of winning the cup every year then watch a team where the best players will get called up and the NHL team will hang us out to dry


me and a friend are heading up to elkhart sat. afternoon and picking a buddy and his fiance up and heading to K-Zoo. can't wait, love watching hockey there.


My kids and I and a couple of friends of mine are heading to Kzoo for our first away game, does anyone have any hints on where to eat, where Komet fans normally sit...etc?
Thanks in advance :-)


there's really not a bad seat in the place. i used to like sitting around section 17 where the komets come out and shoot twice at. but now w/ the net i don't know. seems like alot of orange behind the team bench in sections 22-23. go to wingsstadium.com. food i really don't know.


we are sitting right behind the komets bench in row c. like what was said before, not a bad seat in the house.


Where is the beatenhorse? I miss it.

Jerad Shaw

There is a great restraunt right in front of the Country Inn and Suites in the town right besdie the stadium. I can't remember the name of it, but its kind of like a sports bar/restraunt. It's not a bar, but has amazing food. Great burgers!!! Get up there early cause you never know what the weather will be like. I always enjoy sitting on the opposite side of the Komets bench by the penalty box. Its in the middle of the Kzoo crowd and they give ya the business in a respectable way!!!


Jerad not everyone likes that kind of business...especially if it is their first trip to Wings Stadium. Take the time to walk around the place (only takes about 3 minutes)try the subs at the game for food they are delicious. They also sell these blizzard like items that are called slapshots that are pretty good. I think I have been there around 30 times in my life already and everytime I usually get a sub. Also a positive they do not charge for parking. Have fun...I am going to try and go if I find a ride...but as of right now I am not going.


Last game we went to was K-Zoo and the people behind the penalty box where Jared was talking about were overall pretty nice but there were a few bad eggs but a good place to watch the game.
We did get some evil looks in the hallway and some inmature comments but still a nice place

Justin Cohn

Get the breadsticks. Will clog your arteries in seconds, but they're tasty.


Parking is still free.

For ticket information:


This weekend might not be a great weekend for gettin out...calling for 6-10 inches..wow...be careful everyone!

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