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January 19, 2008


Amazed Komet Fan

I do live in an AHL town, but grew up a Komets fan, was in the 2nd grade and loved Eddie Long and Len Thornson

that was good hockey, the AHL is good hockey...the IHL is not at that level

to be truthful the K's should be untouchable in the I based on income alone and being able to get the best avaiable players, it takes PH 7 games to get as many fans as the K's do in one

so it looks like you will have to live with the refs

Hit Somebody!!!

It has nothing to do with how big the arena or fan base is in this league. It has to do with simple economics and a salary cap. There is a salary cap in this league and roster requirements that keeps the teams in this league on an even playing field. Obviously Fort Wayne is a great hockey market. It is the #1 minor league sports town in the world. It does help attract players some I guess. But really, it doesn't make any difference in our talent pool compared to Flint or Bloomington. That ultimately comes down to the coaches, GM, agents, and scouts.

The IHL is fine. Don't fool yourself. There is nothing wrong with this league, there are lots of things that are right in fact.

Long Live the AHL!!!! Whoopee!!!

Hit Somebody!!!

I think what I am trying to say is, this:

I have enjoyed this season much more than the past 9 seasons that were in the UHL. It is the first year of the new IHL. Yes, it might not be the AHL, but I don't think that matters. I am not that interested or excited about the AHL. The IHL is a good product all ready. Give it a few years and the IHL might be the league that everyone is mocking and wishing they were in.

This Komet's team is something special to watch this year. FUN has returned to the MC.


"Give it a few years and the IHL might be the league that everyone is mocking and wishing they were in."

Most intelligent thing you have said all season. I 100% agree.


Hey JW- SETTLE DOWN! WOW. You said you go in spite of the music like it some chore for you to go to the game. I am pretty smart- thanks for referring to me as genius. Will I be able to recognize you in 222? I'll be able to pick you out because you will have your hands over our ears while the music is playing. I just can' believe we are complaining about these things. TAKE A DEEP BREATH! Where was the offensive language. I don't care what we talk about on here- it would be nice to focus on the game rather than Larry or the scoop guys all the time.

Amazed Komet Fan

Hit Somebody-

I've seen both leagues, there is no comparison talent wise or quality wise.

I also enjoyed the past years of the UHL and was much like you last year at this time, however; after 1 AHL game there was a total difference in what I saw. All of my friends who I sit around will tell you the same thing, it is good hockey.

the refs are pretty good and control the games I've been attending.

would I want an IHL(UHL) team back in town? nope

would I like to see FW in the AHL, you bet and I can almost tell you, you would enjoy it.

Is it going to happen, most likely not, unless the I folds or disbands.

I do not hear in our arena what you guys talk about - playing the same team to many times, needing new refs, etc

just my thoughts

Hit Somebody!!!

Ok Scoops, don't be a wiseguy. Implying I have a lack of intelligence is a nice personal attack, but isn't this board just a battle of opinions? Does your opinion make you somehow more intelligent than everyone else?

This "AHL is so supreme" topic has been overblown for way too long. AKF can have his opinion that he likes the AHL, but he doesn't have to come on here and blast the IHL for being new and different and improved just because it isn't the AHL. That is all I am saying here.


Ummm...check that posting again, jonddfi. I was the one that said that about the music, not JW. If you make it to 222 I think you owe JW a libation. And have 1 yourself. It might make it easier to swallow that crow.


Why I oughta!!!!

Hit Somebody!!!

I am glad you like the AHL AKF. It works for you where you are at. The IHL works for the Komets and it will work over time. Minor league hockey as a whole is going to hit hard times. The IHL is ahead of the curve right now. A jump to the AHL makes no sense as far as economics go in this town with the current setup with the MC and with the pocketbooks of the average fan. Prices would have to rise.

I like the smaller number of teams and I would not want more than 8-10 teams in this league anyway. The best model is to have 8-10 strong teams in good towns that are working hard to build hockey teams that are entertaining, talented, and build rivalries. Also, strong ownership is a must. The UHL experiment was a joke. They kept telling us that they wanted to strengthen the core teams each year, but then would expand further east and sometimes south-east? That did nothing but weaken the league and eventually killed it.

The IHL is onto the right track. Teams will improve talent wise in this league. It most likely will expand to other cities within this geographical area which will and can support a team. And the other leagues will start to look at the IHL and see that they are onto something good as they (ECHL, CHL, and some AHL teams) continue to lose money year after year.

If AHL works for you where you are...great. The IHL is working out nicely right now for us. The refs will improve, Larry will play great songs as always, Justin will write great stories, Scoops will throw bean bags and insults, and Jared Shaw will get thrown out of games on ocasion.

Go Komets.


What has happened here to everyone? Everything being said is construed into a attack of some kind. Your intelligence was not in question here and I meant nothing of the sort. It was a good statement, a true statement, and thats it.

Hit Somebody!!!

Ok Scoops, my bad. I must of misunderstood what you were meaning. I shouldn't look at what you say as trying to nail me all the time. You are right. I am wrong.

Can you turn scoops in at any time?

Hit Somebody!!!

We have 3 that my daughter never wanted to turn in and wondered if they have expired somehow?

Amazed Komet Fan

Hit Somebody-

I pay $15 for tickets 3 rows directly behind the goal and park for free.

Have you ever been to an AHL game?

I hope you are not counting PH as a strong member?

I'm glad you folks all like the IHL.


ill take a beer and make myself easy to find!!!!! no harm no foul


No problem. Past is the past.

The scoops (which you do get to keep) can be turned in at anytime during the regular season. As long as they were from this season you can use them.

Hit Somebody!!!

Thanks Scoops. All is cool.

AKF, The only thing I would say about economics here is...you will pay parking no matter what at the MC. It is $4 at the cheapest. You also have to pay an Arena fee on each ticket. The Komets share no money on concessions. They do not own the MC as the county does and the county gets all the money from the fees, parking, concessions, etc. The Komets make money on ticket sales, advertising, and merchandise only. They do make money. But they also pay out alot of money in insurance for the players and employ a decent sized staff as well. For this town to have an AHL team, it would cost us fans alot more overall. The other issue has to do with the AHL being in the NHLPA and the costs that go along with that. Franchise fees cost you too.

This league works for this market and this economy. The on ice hockey may be great in the AHL. The IHL product is on the incline and will sometime soon be near the AHL and above the other leagues at this level. I think patience is important. The Frankes seem to have chosen the perfect path for this town's hockey product.

The issue with # of teams is a plus for us this year. The Komets and Flint appear to be a level above the rest of the league right now, and we play the Generals like 10 or 11 more times the rest of the year, including the last 3 games of the year against them which most likely will determine the league title. The is exciting to me. Physical hockey will brew from that series and the rivalries will continue to grow. I hate the other teams, and I am loving on my Komets this year bigtime!


Has anyone seen any video on the Henley Fight?


Just thought I would share this with anyone that didn't know there are alot of good interviews and videos on http://www.wane.com/Global/category.asp?C=113776&nav=menu32_6_3

Hit Somebody!!!

Hey Guys, I found the "King Kong" Henley fight vs. SnowBall...err...Godzilla. This is the best fight in the IHL this year. Wonder why Bob didn't describe it better? Enjoy.



Wow I am a sucker. I actually thought it was gonna be the real thing.....nice one Hit

Hit Somebody!!!

Thought someone might like that. King Kong Henley won that one by far. Right buckos? LOL


You got me Hit! I was clickin' in excitement only to go, "Hun????"


I haven't seen anyone post this yet but Flint got a little tougher they picked up Chris Gehrke from Port Huron.

Hit Somebody!!!

Is this Jerad Shaw? Just wondering. Funny even if it isn't him! LOL



I bit. Now its "buckets off" Hit!

Jerad Shaw

HAHA that def. wasn't me. I would be slipping and falling all over the ice to get over there!


That was a nice take down!


why is there even blogging about the ahl? it aint gonna happen in this town unless someone with big bucks comes in and gets it done. the ihl is below the ahl for now. but like in the past, one of these days we will be equal or maybe even better. the frankes and the others have a plan and this is just the first year. taking baby steps is prudent for now and bigger steps will be taken next year with two to four new teams. maybe port urine wont make the cut but the league will add teams wisely and the cap and the respect and the talent level will all grow. im on board for the ride and having fun this year for a change.

Skoal Apple

I do have a question. Why don't Komet players ever get call up like other teams do? Does that have any thing to do with the Frankes. Does anyone rem the last Komet player to be called up to the AHL or NHL?

Hit Somebody!!!

Jorde to the AHL. You know, because he is so wonderful.

Hit Somebody!!!

I agree with Chuckitt on this one by the way. The IHL will be the league everyone copies and wants to be in. Watch Quad City and Rockford come back begging.

Hit Somebody!!!

Is that Shaw?



I think both of them could be Shaw!!

I got your back Jerad.


Amazed Komet Fan, what town do you live in? I've been to half dozen AHL games this year. Seen one of the best teams in the league all six. Not that much different, other than younger age kids fill the line-ups, lots of hard skating, and display mental errors often. The IHL is a great product, tickets are fair priced vs the AHL, and unfortunately, most of us Komets fans dont go to watch the referees...sorry. IHL not far off track from the AHL. GO KOMETS!

Jerad Shaw

Ha. That guy kinda threw a punch. I would just be slapping.


Here is my top ten reasons Komet fans have to complain about even though our team is in first place.

10. The Komets don't play in the AHL.
9. The foods at the concessions stands contain trans fats.
8. Larry doesn't play the right music all the time.
7. I am not season ticket holder of the game each night.
6. The beer isn't served in glass cups.
5. I didn't get a scoop from the scoop guys.
4. The temperature in the building was about 1 degree to warm.
3. The tomato is over weight and gets beat by Icy every game.
2. Icy didn't visit with me last game.
1. The concession stands don't serve low fat foods.

On a side note, I to wouldn't mind us going to the AHL. As a fan of the NHL games, it would be nice to see our players called up once in a while if we were an AHL team. With that said, I love the product that the IHL puts out. I think and hope that in a couple of years, they are able to expand the market to other cities that are stable and have a good fan base. It would be nice to see about 12 to 15 teams in the league. As for now, it's very enjoyable.

Amazed Komet Fan

Brando - after reading your thoughts about the AHL and IHL, I would start drinking pop at games and give up the beer


Thanks for answering my question...your seeing something I'm not. I have several thoughts on both leagues, they do differ...Im a diabetic just so you know, cant drink pop nor beer. Maybe you should do that.

Amazed Komet Fan

Brando -there was no intent on my part to make light of your mediacal condition, sorry about that...


Not offended at all. Just thought I'd let you know...What AHL team do you follow? Any in particular?


HA HA HA HA~Reading this blog has made me laugh...everyone bickering back and forth about opinions and I...well I had frozen water this weekend...something to really complain about. Anyways glad the K's have won 11 of the last 13 and I hope they win at the LC Walker on Saturday. JW do you have some money invested in Walker Arena? Or the Fury? Maybe that is why you keep promoting this Brucy copy all the time. (Lol,inside joke) Jarod I will likely be going this Sat. as I think I have someone to care for my doggy while I am gone. I like the chicken song Larry played for the fight. Like Larry said and everyone knows you can please all people some of the time, but you can't please all people all of the time. I will see people in Muskegon...reminder to those fans who might be going to Muskegon for the first time...do not but seats on the ends there because they bring curtains out at the beginning and end of each period and it sometimes obstructs the view.


Sorry Jerad for mispelling your name again...hopefully no one will yell at me...I feel bad enough...I speak three languages but this English crap is tough.

kyle hunt

Man am I depressed!


What is wrong Kyle...I have a minor in Psychology? Actually I hope all if well with you and I do have a degree in Psychology but am not a therapists. GO KOMETS!

Jungle Monkey

Cohn should ban you all. What a mess you've made of this blog! =)

Amazed Komet Fan

Brando -


Jerad Shaw

Amazed Komet Fan, you just cursed on this board, and your name is now considered blasphamy!! :)


Anyone up for a shot of 5-star...some of us could use one after reading all the love posted on here.BTW didn't know King Kong received his strength from electricity, whoda guessed.

Amazed Komet Fan

Jerad- You don't like winners? Hey the Hogs won the Colonial Cup last year and right now the new Hogs are in 1st place in the West despite having 5 of them with the Blackhawks

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