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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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January 19, 2008


Jerad Shaw

Some of the calls he makes against the Komets seem to leave a bad taste in my mouth, but I am more worried about the amount of penalties he calls in the span of a game. Like many guys have said on the top of the post, he ruins the flow of games. This "new" leugue is suppose to keep that flow. Encourage phsyical play. I think the new officials to the league have been doing a great job, cause they haven't had the experiance in the UHL like these other guys have.


And yet another penalty on the komets...make this the fifth powerplay for port huron!! this is the komets against hawthorne...not against port huron!


Conley and I talked last night and I think we are getting the tickets Saturday afternoon. He had mentioned leaving around 1:00. My son has bowling Saturday morning and we will leave after he gets done.


Hawthorne reminds me of Mark Wilkins. Always screwing the komets!

Jerad Shaw

Rich, I bowl on Monday nights. If your son needs any tips, I have been known to throw a 150 game! 1 is fine, but I don't know when their ticket office opens!!


I wonder what the attendance at Port Urine is tonight?
I think we need to get a bunch of Komet fans rounded up for a road trip and show them how to fill an arena and support their team.

I am sure we can drown out there 1000 regulars.

New Komet Fan

Hawthorne must be running the IHL website during intermissions.... it's down and not working correctly.


My son said if YOU need any help with your game he might be able to show you some pointers, he does OK for a 10 year old with a 120 average.

I will call Conley tomorrow and work out the details on the tickets, it might not be a bad idea to call the ticket office and get the tickets ahead of time since we will need around 10.



Pointstreak.com's direct link to the games

Jerad Shaw

Your son has nothing on my abilities to only use 2 fingers and still throw like a PBA professional!!! Okay, so I am a joke at bowling. I still have 3 patches from this year!!!

A Port Huron trip with be great, but my new job won't allow me to take a ton of trips. I am hoping to get a weekend or so off, but I am getting a job at the BIG Z, and I want to prove myself.

We might have more people then 10 going on Saturday. We need a head count in the upcoming days to make sure we know who all is making the trip!! Any bloggers want to go to Skegy next Saturday??? We are meeting in Warsaw and heading up to to the arena either @ 12, or 1. Would love a Huge group goin!!

Jerad Shaw

Rich, email me at jeradshaw@hotmail.com We need to exchange numbers in a very straight way!!

New Komet Fan

Guess what? 2 more penalties called by the jacka$$



New Komet Fan

Way to go Shaffy. Komets 2-0


Jerad, you have mail.

New Komet Fan

Hawthorne is an idiot. Chaulk and Carroll clearly had their gloves off throwing punches (which I would call "fighting") and he calls 2 roughing minors. Can anyone figure this clown out?


welcome to the "not making any sense of a call because i am hawthorne clinic"

kyle hunt

Komets, another shut out, Chalk beating the crap out of yet another guy, all is right with the wourld.


good game komets. have i metioned/reminded you how everyone was ready to get rid of shaf earlier this year. i'm still glad the frankes didn't look at this blog for advice.

three blind mice

they win and all anyone wants to do it bellyache about the referee,

New Komet Fan

News Flash!!!

I just found a "facemask" call in a game in another league on Pointstreak. It was a FREAKING 2 min. Minor penalty, not a 5 min. major and a game misconduct like the jacka$$ called last night.

Komet Fan

Hey Three Blind Mice,

Were all happy about the Komets winning! You telling me Hawthorne doesn't make you puke? Do you spend $100's/year to support the IHL and youre satisfied with him? I have enough stress at work I don't need anymore from him when I go to enjoy a hockey game not a referree game.

Jerad Shaw

Who did Chaulker deal with??? The IHL site is down. Before someone tells me, please tell me that he beat down Bouchard!!! OOHHHH that would make me feel good.

Jerad Shaw

This is an official bulliten from the Komet Nation:

A group of at least 12 people are going up to Muskegon on Saturday of next week. Fury vs. Komets. If anyone is intersted, here are the details. We are leaving from Warsaw. At last estimate, we will leave from Warsaw at 1 P.M. It could change to 12 if I have my way!!!! If anyone from Ft. Wayne or anyone else would like to make the trip, please let me know!!! We can find a spot on 30 that we can all see and meet there. If anyone has plans on going to the game, let me know cause I am playing the board representive for the trip!!! Thanks.



Try to stay on the top of music and either join in the conversation or don't. I don't need some snotnose telling me to bring an IPOD. I'm not there to listen to the music, but when some annoying song is blarring during an intense moment...I don't like it and this is the place to discuss those things I do believe.

Larry does fine with the music other than during the fights.

Komets PA

Bruiser and Justin,
No leash on what I play. I try not to even go on the blog anymore because if you had a job where everyone questioned everything you did you would go insane too. Bruiser, I played the Superchicken theme because I thought Van Drunen was afraid to go with Kevin B. Hawthorne couldn't even make up his mind about what penalty to call and changed it twice before I announced it and again at the beginning of the next period. Sometimes things work and sometimes they don't. Just like life.


Think big picture. Everything played during a game will be irritating to somebody. Cotton Eye Joe is my "nails on the chalkboard" song. As much as it makes my ears bleed....I still find myself bobbing to the beat.

Perhaps make some suggestions of your own rap, country, hard rock, latin, folk, raggae, death metal, or pop songs of choice to play during games.


Komets PA... I would suggest Stone Cold Steve Austins theme from wwf ...it would be great fight music or just something to inject in there once in a while

Great job--your the man!!!!


I can't stand 98% of the so-called music. I wish they would bring back the organ. I've been going to games for nearly 40 years and still don't understand the need for music every single break in the action. Believe me, I'm not going to fall asleep during those 5 seconds. It's like a TV comedy show with a laugh track....an insult to my intelligence. How did M.A.S.H. ever make it? I don't go to the games because of the music, I go IN SPITE of the music. Rant finished.


tough subject... ive honestly paid much less attention to the music after the "hey" song was taken from us...ive been drained ever since :( ...the best chant ever>>>period.

i still wanna hear the glass break and stone cold steve austins music going during a fight or some emotional part of the game :)


The music is to loud or playing when the line-up changes are being announced, other than that it's good. Also they could play - My Town by Montgomery Gentry at the start of the game, just a thought.


Komets =4-0 with King-Kong HENLEY in line up!!!! that snowball bucko hes felt the wrath of the King-KONG HENLEY.

kyle hunt

Chalk went with Carrol, 22 sec. left in game, Bob said he put him down.


Here is a video of Warners fight I missed it. Pretty good except for the music behind it.
--Not Komets PA Fault--



how bout when Shaf scores we play the Russian jig instead of the soccer song......then maybe we could hear the whole Russian jig...by the way what is the name of the song?


Are you guys really crying about the music? JW- You go to the games in spite of the music? Give me a break. Stay home next time. You guys have to be really difficult to live with! Its almost as bad as people bitching because they don't get a scoop at the games. I enjoy the music, the players, and the people I sit with. We are winning and are in first place. What more do you want? Gallagher and Hawthorne are still open topics to bitch about. They are awful. Leave everything else alone.

grouchy smurf komet fan



jonndfi, you must not be able to read very well i said i dont pay much attention to the music anymore.genius. is that sooooo bad that i need to just stay home and never go to a game again?

your the kind of komets fan that rags on other komets fans for having an opinion or thought...pretty sad i must say on your end.

you think you get to pick what topics people talk about? do you realize this is a blog? your a joke dude... and your offensive language should get you banned from this blog

ill be in 222 come say hi tough guy


on second thought ill just stay home... most likely ill get ditched by the fake bruce if its a muskegon game anyway.

dang jonn, your good


i could care less about the music, but it is pretty sad when you can't hear the ref, linesmen, and scratches/additions because of the music/espn theme.

grouchy smurf komet fan



nobody was challenged to a fight grouchy smurf. that was not the intention. your one grouchy blogger


would an AHL team make you happy grouchy smurf?


would an AHL team make you happy grouchy smurf?

Jerad Shaw

JW, the fake Bruce was suppose to have an interview until the Kings Buffett whooped him like a Legualt right hand!

Hit Somebody!!!

Hawthorne sucks. What's new? Anyone really surprised about that? He is awful. Agreed.

The Komets are on fire. They are playing good team hockey. Balanced scoring, great goaltending, good defense...

If Curadeau and Aquino catch fire again...LOOK OUT!!! They have been cold for 3 weeks now and we still put up W's. They catch fire, and we will run away with this league. Flint is the only team that has a chance. We have their number so far, and we will put them away.

Larry the PA GUY does a great job.

Does anyone see the cycle on this blog. We go from AHL is the bestest league, to the refs are destroying my quality of life, to the music played makes my tummy hurt. People...People!!! RELAX.

Enjoy this team this year. They are a special group that needs the focus. This is the best team we have had in around 10 years. Enjoy things. Good times. Deep breaths.


I have not seen a fight in the stands for years.

Amazed Komet Fan

go see an AHL game, I can say of all the games in the A that I've seen this year the refs have been far better than anything I have seen in the old U or I

another reason to be in the A, because in my mind the good refs want to be in a good league, the current I refs don't see moving up as something in there future

Hit Somebody!!!

AKF, move to a town with an AHL team and enjoy yourself. Not gonna happen here. Let it go.

goodwin girl 19

Stop complaining about the way that Larry does his job. I'm not trying to criticize, but he doesn't tell you how to do your jobs, don't try to dictate the way he does his. I'm 15 and reading the blog has become annoying. This is supposed to be about hockey, can we keep it that way???

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