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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at jcohn@jg.net.

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January 19, 2008




Speaking of winners....It took Rockford a long time to beat us.


hahhaha no money invested in LC walker arena here... and no way im giving anything to the fury... seems like the last 3 times in a row i wanna go throw some money the furys way something always comes up at the very last second and i get stuck alone. the fake bruce only sits in suites and goes on road trips. someone else will have to try and talk him into showing up cause i cant.

jonndfi where my beer and handshake??

kyle hunt

Thanks Tom, but I cant afford the couch time! Reading this blog just....just....tears me up so...inside.

kyle hunt

Oh, forgot......GO K'S


Congrats to Reiter and PC for getting weekly honors.


2-tickets for jan. 16th. for sale sec.200-great seats .




Congrats to Reiter and PC!!!

I got off work alittle early and got to send time out on the pond skating. Man the ice is super smooth. I even got my dog to play some hockey with me.

Before I forget everyone be safe this weekend going to the games!!!

Jerad Shaw

Anyone besides Rich and his family, Conley and his family, and myself and my gf heading to Muskegon on Saturday?? Tom, Got a probably out of you, so let me know what is up. Cohn, you on the road with the team this weekend? And will you be on the phone with T n T today?


I just heard on the radio that they are planning on talking to him today

Amazed Komet Fan

MAHL's Indiana Ice Miners Set Pro Record for Longest Winning Streak

The Mid-Atlantic Hockey League's version of the New England Patriots, the Indiana Ice Miners, made professional hockey history last Saturday (January 19th) when they won their record setting nineteenth in a row against the Valley Forge Freedom. The Ice Miners, coached by Fort Wayne, Indiana native Brian Gratz, have posted an overall record of 24 wins, 1 loss, and no overtime losses. Indiana is 13-0 on the road this season and 11-1 playing their home games at the S&T Bank Arena in Indiana, Pennsylvania. The Ice Miners only loss of the season came back on November 24th when the Wooster Warriors defeated them 4-3. Indiana's next opportunity to extend the winning streak comes this Saturday night (January 26th) when they host the Jamestown Vikings.

Way to go Brian!


AKF good posts. Happy to see the FW lad doing well. Cohn has to go to Muskegon now because we will all be up there...he can join the Texas Hold em tournament at the hotel after the game with all of us...right Jerad? Anyways stay safe on the roads out there...it is pretty slick over here in Warsaw...not sure about in the Fort. Also Kyle sometime I have to meet you because you crack me up man.

The Fan

Hey Larry.. Can I make a request for "Wild Child" By WASP... Old school rock or maybe some AFI "The Killing Lights". Great songs for warm ups. You do a good job and I like the funny clips you throw in.

Trying to make it to the Muskegon game. If not live, we will be watching on the B2.

Jerad and Tom, I have not been to Muskegon. What section? Buy tickets now or Buy there? Please advise. Thanks.


Buy them anytime before Sat. because they charge extra you extra on the day of the event. Also if you try to but tickets at the door they have a policy if you try to buy tickets 1/2 hour before game time you can't pick your seats they will pick them for you. Go to the IHL website and click on the fury website and maneuver to LC WALKER ARENA and check out the seating chart. Do not sit on the very end because there are some obstructed view seats.


I was hoping to hear some info on the Komets today Cohny but all you guys talk about is xbox on your Tuesday slot on the Bear


Here's something the league officials need to discuss. The playoff format. By now I'm use to seeing a letter from the Komets saying when my Ticket balance is due and I haven't seen that yet and as far as I know, there is no information on how the playoffs are going to be conducted.

(now for the Jim Mora Playoff speel)

kyle hunt

Tom, usually sitting around section 221/222 lower level at the M.C. Good of you guys to get up there and give a shout out to the players away from home. Got to get to some of the other barns someday, man always wanted to see the Garage before Motor City was done but never got there.


You never they they could be back someday. Also I wear Orange hair a lot and usually have the orange megaphone...you can't miss me...I am one of the biggest Komet fans there...both literally and figuratively.*sorry for picking on myself like that...but it makes it easier to find me. At road games I go to you can usually pick out my voice yelling lets go Komets during the home teams starting lineups.


Well said Larry.

I guess I didn't know the song, but the truth is...it's loud and annoying. Thanks for your positive post.

Jungle Monkey

If anyone is following the mess that is arena football in Fort Wayne it should remind us all that we are very lucky to have the Frankes as owners of the Komets!

Justin Cohn

hey we didnt mention xbox today

Jerad Shaw

Yes you did, cause they asked you if you were going to spend time with the family today or play xbox. That got a little laugh out of me, then Justin goes Dane Cook and says " I'm actually going to the bank to buy an arena football team." Very nice one liner Very nice!!!


I quoted the following from above and I must say that I agree. I hated the UHL...HATED IT. Slow players, boring games, little hitting and almost no passion minus a player here or there. After the first game or two in the IHL, I didn't see much difference but now I do. It's better than the UHL. I'd rather have the AHL, but maybe the person below has it right. One day it might be even better.

"I think what I am trying to say is, this:

I have enjoyed this season much more than the past 9 seasons that were in the UHL. It is the first year of the new IHL. Yes, it might not be the AHL, but I don't think that matters. I am not that interested or excited about the AHL. The IHL is a good product all ready. Give it a few years and the IHL might be the league that everyone is mocking and wishing they were in.

This Komet's team is something special to watch this year. FUN has returned to the MC."

Jerad Shaw

Atomic, you 100% said everything thing that I have felt with this season so far!!!

Hit Somebody!!!

Too bad it wasn't Atomic who said all that, it was a quote from Shakespeare, or was it me?...Hit Somebody!!!

212 Komet fan

And he mentioned he was quoting you.

Hit Somebody!!!

I was just telling Jared. I know Atomic knew it. I was just giving Jared a hard time is all. Sorry.

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