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January 19, 2008



Funny, best part of the night was I got to yell at Hawthorne while he was walking to his closet...what a joke.

There maybe a pent. for face masking, but like you said Justin, why he actually got kicked out compared to Hawthorne finding a reason for it is beyond me.

Good game and I nice home win for the K's.


With the current state of hockey attendance at all levels...let alone the minor leagues people like Hawthorne will kill crowds even more if he continues. I had a good conversation with a few Komet higher ups after the game and I think good news is coming and that is all I will say. I do hope so. Didn't know if fans here were aware but Hawthorne was actually banned from officiating in Muskegon for almost an entire season once before...hmmmm? Again I say hmmmm? He is not just a joke here it is anywhere with him...the bigger the crowd the more he does it. Again good news may be coming with idiots like him and this is all I will say about that for now. Which game would you rather attend the game last Friday vs. Muskegon (Bob as the ref., also did Sat.'s game at K-zoo) or this Fridays game with Jimmy as the ref? No question. I seriously doubt Muskegon enjoyed the game that much really either...I mean Van Cry Baby (fight turtler) even questioned the obvious penalty shot...whatever...See everyone in Muskegon next weekend. Another interesting thing...we had more penalty minutes tonight and were short handed more tonight then I think we were in 3 games last weekend.


Another note...the game in Bloomington and Flint tonight had a total 14 penalties called opposed to in FW where there were 25? I know the games are different physically but are the games really that different or is the officiating?


Match penalties include a suspension until it is reviewed. Unless the IHL is quick in reviewing said play I expect Bert to sit tomorrow. Most of the time they don't review these things til the end of the weekend (it happened earlier this year in the ECHL that way).


If Bert has to sit for that, I question all that is hockey.....


AMEN! There a short post to make up for my longer one.


I couldn't make the game tonight because I had to work, but I was listening on the radio and even through the airwaves...HAWTHORNE SUCKS!! This guy, as stated before, will kill hockey. He needs to be banned from officiating for life!! I mean, come on, 10 power plays to Muskegon versus 4 for the Komets!?!? Here's another fun stat. 75 minutes of penalties in the Komets game tonight versus 72 in the other two games combined!! You have to be an idiot to think that Hawthorne is not overly calling games and calling them one-sidedly!
On a lighter note, great win for the Komets!! Let's keep the streak going in PH tomorrow night!! GO KOMETS!!!


I think Bert got the match because he cut the bridge of Van Druden's nose and it looked like the linesman made the call on that one. With that said, in reguards to Hawthorn, he is the dumbest person on the face of the planet. I do think he was tring to make up for the penalty shot.


If there was a way to find out the name of the ref before I go to the game, I would never attend a game that Hawthorne officiates. I glad the Komets won so this can't be interpreted as sour grapes. Whenever he is there, I never feel that I got my money's worth and I always feel that I wasted me evening.


I have to agree with you on that one. If I knew that Hawthorne was going to be doing that game or any other I woul dhave staryed home! We took some friends to the game last night that have never been to a game and they asked " Is there always that many penalties" even soomeone who does not know the game was complaining about it. Where is this "NEW RUFF AND TOUGH IHL WITH LESS HANKIE PANKIE PENALTIES" I sure hope Top knolws what he is talking about and we can never see this joker (HAWTHORNE) in Ft.Wayne again.

kyle hunt

Even the visiting teams' fans just drop their heads when they see it is Hawthorne reffin!

kyle hunt

Oh, and they mumble something like (if I heard correctly) IDIOT!


Hawthorne's problem is he tries to make the game about him...It is time for the IHL to suspended this guy for his tatics that he employs during games. It has become a joke for the players and the fans.


Komets = 3-0 with King- Kong HENLEY in the line up !!! #22 ruff guy no ice time= HENLEY in line up!!! was he scared or what??


I despise Hawthorne doing Komet games as much as the next guy. One way or another he becomes part of the action and sometimes even has a decisive role in the outcome of the game. His calls resulted in all 3 goals. Say what you will about him, but as much as you hate to see him working your game, he'll keep you interested. Fans, coaches, and players always seem to get pretty worked up for the next 3 hours.

I was standing right behind the zamboni entrance when the Bertram thing went down. Nothing more than a scrum to me. Hopefully the penalty box guy didn't mention "facemasking" to Hawthorne before the game. We know what happened the last time he mentioned a penalty. LOL

The Rick Nash goal was insane. Especially since he was the goat 3-4 minutes earlier. It clearly outdoes the Jonathon Toews goal earlier this season which was equally impressive in its own right.


I have always said that Harwthorne and Gallager will kill minor league hockey. I to would probably make more time in my schedule for games they referee since it seems to drag on and on and on. They are horrible. Sometimes I think they review the rule book before come out for the game and pick the most obscure rules to enforce. Did Bertram deserve a penalty- YES but not a game misconduct. He has no idea about the flow of the game. I especially liked the goalie interference call he had on Martynowski. What was that? Had nothing to do with flow of the game but he calls it anyway. We bet in the stands on the over under on the number of penalties he was going to call in the game. I won. Lets keep getting the younger officials. At least they keep the game going even if they miss one here or there. He is TERRIBLE.


PC Droiun had an incredible game last night.

Bert got the shaft.

Van Drunen is a girl.

Long Live King Kong Henley.

That's it.


I see Chaz Johnson scored a goal at 0:00 of the first period last night in the Elmira-Wheeling game. Is that humanly possible? Was there a penalty shot before the game even started?


Can the IHL afford to have clowns like Hawthorne and Gallagher? If anyone can run a fan out of the building, its them! What a goal by Mr. Colin Chaulk, also BIG props to that Number 9 kid, laid a solid check, turns around to a sissy grabbing him around the head, ripping off Mr. Warners hemlet...(facemasking), and then pulls his jersey over the head, and Brandon stayed strong, threw a couple blind, won that whole battle in my opinion. Then next shift back, he went full bore into the corner, took a big check, but still made the play. Great Job to the rookie! GO KOMETS!!

Komet Gallery

Hawthorn is a complete joke, plain and simple. IF the iHL owneres are serious about cleaning up all the penalty calls, they will FIRE Hathorn, Gallagher, and Berkibile immediately. As much as we fans whine about it, and as much as the owners seem to whine about the officiating, they actually have control over who does the games. Step up owners and make the right decision!!!


When are we doing the "mid-season" report cards Justin??

Jerad Shaw

To add on to a question about a goal, did you see there was an empty net goal scored in the Kzoo game in the 2nd period. I would like to hear how that happened.


Where you see that Jerad? I saw the "extra attacker" goal..is that what you meant?

Jerad Shaw

Yeah my bad. last night after it happened, I looked at the score and it also had (empty net). Thank you for clarifying that for me!


I agree with what Komet Gallery said a few posts ago. If the league and its owners are serious about getting rid of the stupid ticky tac calls, creating a new brand of hockey, then they need to get rid of Hawthorne, Gallagher, and Berkibile. These guys have no flow to they're officiating and they make hockey games nearly impossible to watch. It makes guys scared to hit or do anything physical because they're afraid they might get some lame penalty called on them like "facemasking." Plus, when one of these guys is calling the game, it seems like we have to beat the other team AND the official. I know when I am watching a game that is officiated by one of these JOKES that I spend more time yelling at them and less time watching the game. If this new IHL is going to work like they said it was going to work then they NEED to get rid of these [email protected]$$es!! GO KOMETS!!


Does anybody have video of the Bertram incident last night?? I would like to see it, and any other videos you might have from last night.


I see Jerad, why didnt you show last night? Ramsay have you banned when the Fury come to town? I agree Kris, we have to beat the other team, and then the ref, and at times the linesman too.


Is Leagult hurt or is it a roster move? I hope that isn't the case. Bertram call was very bad!!hawthorne needs to go.


Hawthorne thinks that since he's wearing orange and black too, we're all there to watch him skate around instead of the hockey game...

Thanks for the facemask explanation, Justin. Never heard of it before!

I was impressed with Warner's fight too. Not too many guys can still hold their own while some bozo is trying to undress them like that!

Jerad Shaw

I was sick all day. Chinese Buffet strikes again. Van Druden was happy to see the Friday before last as he skated out to Warm-Ups. He said hi and we exchanged xmas cards a lil late. It was a very warm situation!


Who all is going to Muskegon Saturday?

We decided to make a long trip out of it and stay at the Holiday Inn across the street. Driving back to Warsaw after the game makes for a long night.

See you all Saturday

Jerad Shaw

I am going. Myself and the gf will be heading up there. Getting the room later today. Rich, do you know what we are going to do about tickets? I would like to try and get them all relitively close to each other. Last I talked to Conley, we are leaving Warsaw @ noon. Would that with you guys? It's not a bad drive, but you never know what is going to happen with the weather up there either.


wish i was there last night...the fake bruce stood me up again

Justin Cohn

Chinese buffet? Tell me you didn't. ... There was a game on Wednesday, I believe it was, with three penalties. I thought that was amazing.


Hawthorne BLOWS.......his whistle too much. He needs to go. period, exclamation point, nuff said.

if he has been instructed by the league on how to call the game, then he is not listening, the game is much more enjoyable without him.


The IHL DOES let some calls go. They allow WAY TOO MUCH slashing. YOu can here the whacks from anywhere in the arena. It goes on the whole game, but two Komets...Warner and Reynolds attempt a hit...which were rare in this game (though it was still a good game)...were given penalties as boarding which to me looked like clean hits.

Another thing...I still think Larry is handcuffed as to what he can play during fights. He played some nonsensical song during the Bertram scrum, and that's the time to play something tough...not something to "lighten the mood" for the children in attendance. Jim Amstutz hardly ever played nonsense during the rough stuff and hopefully Larry will be allowed to change that. I know early in the season he was on the blog claiming that he wasn't controlled on what he can play...therefore I challenge him to play a song with some teeth the next Komet home fight. He has some time to come up with something.

I still think he has a leash on him by the Komet management.


Sorry..."hear" the whacks.

Justin Cohn

Larry, if you're out there, do you have pretty much full discretion on the music you play?


I think he played the "chicken" song during the fight to highlight VD's reluctance to man up.

New Komet Fan

Hawthorne the idiot is reffing our game again tonight

Jerad Shaw

I wasn't there last night, so maybe it's not my position to talk about Larry's music choice, but I love it. He mixes in music from now and days, with a little old Jungle music from when I was a kid. During fights, if you have a problem look at the 4 fight streak during the Kzoo game. He hit everyone of those fights on a button. Or check out the Segal knockout. The McCarty music speaks for itself. Larry does an amazing job and I appreciate his work!

JW, The fake Bruce will be there. He had to cancel a job interview, which wasn't good, because of Kings Buffett. I should have known better. I couldn't face myself with letting you know that. You need to go up to Skegy with us next weekend! The woman's PBA won't be there this weekend, which is a shame!!!!!, but it will be a good time.

Anyone B2'in it tonight? How was the Henley battle? I lost my neighbor's wireless due to formatting my computer and it is killing me. Guess I better stop being a cheapskate and buy my own, ah?


Anyone watching the game? How was the fight?

New Komet Fan

That dumba a_ _ Hawthorne has us 2 men short already. Fight was a draw. Henley looked a little rusty

Jerad Shaw

WOW...CHASER IS ALL OVER HAWTHORNE!!!!! I really hope everyone is listening to this!!!!


So Reiter gets hit and no call? Thats fun. Sure am glad that we have such wonderful and biased officials. I understand that collisions occur, but when something is blatantly obvious and there's nothing called, kinda makes it obvious that Hawthorne has a vendetta against, well pretty much everything it seems. He's probably got a Icehawks jersey on under his uniform. Wouldn't surprise me.

Jerad Shaw

Well, he has to wear something under his jersey since he can't wear the KZOO mascot's uni over his reffing entire!!! Yeah I went there. Sorry


I think what is played and when its played is fine. Aside from that, I am hardly on the edge my seat awaiting the next song. If your unhappy about the tunes, pack your IPod.

Hawthorne again?


Yep. our old friend Hawthorne. Chaser mentioned that "Al oughta pop him in the snoot"....haha classic.

Jerad Shaw

Yeah he did. That was hilarious!!!


Another penalty on the komets...4 minor penalties to PH's 1...in the rest of the games...Muskegon and Kalamazoo 2 penalties total. in the Flint game 4 total. The komets have 4 by themselves..just says a lot of about this jack*** Hawthorne....somethin has to be done....that is a guy who could screw us big time in the playoffs!! The IHL should wake up and send his butt on out of here!!!!!!!

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