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January 02, 2008



Great news! Thoughts and prayers are still going out to both Kevin and his family.


Awesome news..My thoughts and prayers are still with Kevin and his family.


Very scary moment. But its good to hear he is able to move everything. Hope he recovers well!


Thats great news!! he looked lifeless for minutes there i was very scared for him. I hope he has a speedy recovery!!! GET WELL KEVIN


Great news. Hope it keeps getting better.


GET WELL KEVIN!!! Still don't think we need a body guard??? We let the other teams come in our building and CHEAP- SHOT us with nothing being done. Hanson- Aquino - who is next?? I say we go get a couple of body guards.

Jerad Shaw

I understand that checking from behind is awful and shouldn't be tolerated, but I watched that hit about 4 times on b2, and I can honestly say I came away with the feeling it wasn't as dirty as it was made out to be. A dirty hit from behind, maybe, but Hanson was going down in before he got hit IMHO. It looked like he lost a lil bit of an edge and was going down to a knee when Rohr finished his check. Rohr then looked as if he was in shock as he was standing in the PB. I realize that is looked and sounded awful, but the intent wasn't for that to happen, and I think Rohr feels worse today then anyone.

Glad to hear Kevin is okay as of right now. With neck injuries though, one bad test can change things. Hope he gets cleared to leave today and the best of luck with your health Kevin!

Jungle Monkey

I hate to be the jerk who says it, but Hansen has more of a history of questionable "from behind" activity than Rohr. I doubt Rohr had any intent to injure Hansen. It was a boring game with no hitting to that point, I find it hard to believe that they decided to kick it up a notch and go into attack mode.

Good to see Woods not think twice before grabbing a Fury players and dropping him. Inteded or not, would have been nice to see Legault sent out to send a message, perhaps to the likes of Robin Bouchard or Dave Van Drunen.

Congrats to Reynolds!


First off. hope Kevin is going to be alright, and prayers are with him. very dirty hit IMO.

Second. I keep seeing comments about us needing a bodyguard, or that we should have sent a message.

We have more PiM then all other teams in this league at the moment. Legault and woods have more major penalties then anyone in the league. Bertram leads the league in PM. we need more protection?!?!?!!? Woods dropped the gloves and right away tried to give it to Rohr. Once he dropped the gloves with the guilty party the guy turtles and linesmen jump him. should he have came back on the ice with a gun or something to get that payback u are seeking? give me a break.

You talk about a bush league hit. Sending legault out to get payback by hitting one of there players is bush league as well.

settle down. Komets don't need more toughness. no message needed to be sent. Komets played the rest of the game with Hanson on their minds, hoping he didnt break his neck. last thing they cared about was putting a fury player in the hospital too.


Remember the Draper hit ? McCarty did what was needed!I would like to see what a few of the KOMETS of years past would of done! BAWA- KAMINSKI- FLETCHER -BALWIN-CRONIN ETC.

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