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January 06, 2008



Any affiliation can be a double-edged sword. It has as many drawbacks as it does benefits.

If the IHL would grow responsibly in both size and strength while the rest of minor league hockey around the US starts to organize itself into regions, we won't be having this discussion of where we should be.
The NHL cannot keep shelling out millions to all these affiliated teams when alot of NHL teams have issues filling their own buildings. The NHL game MUST strengthen its own self and imagine to be viable again. Otherwise, at some point we'll not much much of a minor league system to worry about. The NHL by far is the worst ran in major professional sports. Its so far off the radar these days, especially during the regualr season.

Adam Craig

For the phrase "I would like to see a lot more hitting" by mightbite, Darren McCarthy's contract has been approved by the Flint Generals.

Hit Somebody!!!

Why does this argument creep up so often? What exactly is wrong with the IHL right now? Why would moving this team to the AHL benefit us as fans? Just so we can say..."We have an AHL team?" Wow...exciting stuff there.

This has been a fun year so far. The team we have here has more talent than any team we had during the UHL era of Fort Wayne Hockey. Our rookies are a talented bunch of guys and are leading this team to a possible, very possible championship. Luciano Aquino is the best player we have had in Fort Wayne in 8 or 9 years, and we have a goalie tandem that is both very good, and on most nights very exciting..ie Reiter ("Get Back in the Net!!!")

Stop whining about what could be and what other towns might have, and look at what we have. We have a great hockey team this year. Support it.

The CHL sucks guys. Sorry. Rob Guinn was an All Star there. I would put this Komet team up against anything that league has and for that matter, I would put this group up against the ECHL and we would be fine. It isn't that much of a difference guys. The IHL is fine. We have rivalries and we have a fun team to watch.

Go Komets. Go Scoopers. Make sure you make everyone happy out there or else!!!

Adam Craig

Frankly, I am happy were the komets are. If the IHL get some teams from the ECHL mainly Dayton & Cincy, this league would be just fine for the komets to stay in.


If the CHL sucks so bad, why has St Pierre turned into a reincarnation of the NHL career of Mike O'Neill when he was all world in the last incarnation of this league?

Hit Somebody!!!

Look at the crap team that has been assembled in front of him and frankly, Kevin is definitely on the down swing of his career. How good was Kevin when he played for Port Huron, Statman? I think Kevin benefited from some pretty good teams and pretty good defenses when he played here in Fort Wayne. He was good here, yes, but look at the rosters he had here compared to what he has now.

Anyone remember Dan Price? Lance Galbraith? Rob Guinn?

All-Stars in the CHL.

Anyone remember the CHL teams from Indy when we played them?

The IHL is fine. It is better than or as good as the other hockey leagues at this particular level. The AHL is a step upward obviously. The other steps in to the "AA" leagues are no worse than lateral moves. Spin it how you want.


So even though you say that the talent in the CHL is far below that of the IHL, you also think that St. Pierre has deteriorated in one season to the point that despite that lack of talent throughout the league he has been horrible? I would think if the talent was that bad he would be having just as good a season this year as he did last even if his defense is not as solid. As for the three names you mentioned, Price was a 20 goal scorer despite looking slow, Guinn was at or near the team lead in +/- every season he played in Fort Wayne and Galbraith managed to score 23 goals while spending over 250 minutes in the penalty box. You make it sound like they came to the UHL and took drastic steps backwards.


St Pierre actually was very good in Port Huron. One Season while playing roughly hald the games he was 3 games over .500 while the other goalie was 7 games under. His second season he was 2 games below .500 on a team that only had one true goal scorer.


I dont believe theres anything wrong with the IHL dont get me wrong, I would just be in favor of an AHL team.
I agree with Hit Somebody for the most part..especially when you said anything else in AA is a lateral step. Thats right on, and thats why we are fine where we are at this point in time... But I dont think if we had an AHL team it would be just like saying "We have an AHL team here" wow exciting stuff there. I think it would be a great step to give us an AHL team. We have the tools to support it in FW, and I for one would like to see the guys who are a step or step and ahalf away from the NHL. And I think the city and the fans deserve it. Thats my opinion.

Other than that the I is where we are and where we belong for the time being. KOMETS RULE!!!!!

Everyone ready for Muskegon Friday??? heres a lil bulletin board material for Bruce



I dont mean we deserve it as in we are getting a bad product, like I said the IHL is fine and its our home. I just meant we deserve it as in we have most all the things necessary to do it. Trust me Im happy with the IHL dont tear me apart.


An open letter of suggestion to all of those fans and bloggers who complain about the league the Komets are in:

1) Get together a bunch of your friends, business associates, or investors
2) Put your own and their own money together
3) Call the current Komets' ownership
4) Make them an offer they can't refuse
5) Acquire control of the franchise
6) Call the AHL or whatever other league that your infinite wisdom and knowledge of the hockey business tells you that you should be in
7) Begin the 2008-09 season with your franchise in the league of your choice
8) Put YOUR money where your mouths are and sit back and hope that you make money and don't start to lose money like 90% of all franchises in the minor leagues do (but of course you won't because of your vast knowledge and experience in the hockey business, after all, you've known a lot of players and talked to a lot of fans and that is without question all that it takes)

Otherwise... an alternative plan:

1) Accept the fact that the Komets are a pretty great asset to have in this community
2) Buy tickets and go to the games
3) OR choose to not buy tickets and not go to the games because you just can't accept the "level" of the league that the Komets play in and find other ways to pass the time, other things to complain about, and other causes to adopt on behalf of all of the people that you immediately assume that you are speaking for when you make blanket statements about "what should happen in the world".

This is America. If you think you can do something better than someone else, put your money where your mouth is and go do it.

It really isn't that complicated.

And for the record, I am not defending the Komets, the league, or the "level" of the league. But I know that as a fan I don't plan on buying the team, so I will choose to make my own decisions on whether or not I will buy tickets and attend the games and then I will decide that perhaps no one really asked me to be the "beacon of truth for all other Fort Wayne Hockey Fans" and will decide to not go on a blog and run my mouth about what other people should do with their money.

But I also won't stand outside of a store with a sign that says "you should not shop here because they just aren't at the same level as the other store in the other city that I can sit here and think about and then find a forum where I will offer my opinions and try to pass them off as fact even though nobody asked me to do it".

Sorry, but if you feel that this post is directed directly at "you" (whomever "you" are) -- then perhaps it is.

This now concludes this "I don't mean to vent but I might as well do it since this is a blog and is a place where we all are entitled to come and express our opinions" portion of our program.


Nice work hockeyfan, someone should keep a copy of that and post it every time this topic rears it's little head back on to this blog.


Right on, hockeyfan101, you said it all. Another reference could be Economics 101, but I know they don't teach that stuff any longer. Our society operates more on feelings now instead of facts since facts are oftentimes just not as convenient as what we think or feel they should be.

Jerad Shaw

Any more news on Henley shooting up tonight? Sorry I'm "beaten a dead horse," but was just curious. Rumors earlier this week had him possibly skating!


How about "suiting" up Jared? "Shooting" up just doesn't sound good.


dont you worry bucko! king king henley will be suiting and shooting soon enough. the only reason the komets have been winning is cuz they know king kong henley is fixin to whoop somebody when he gets back!


Someone just had to go and jerk his chain didn't they. THANKS JERAD. ;)


hey bucko! i aint into chains! i aint that kind of horse.

Jerad Shaw

Suiting up.... Wow sorry about that!! Well, I figured he deserved a little glory with all the Henley rumors. Poor guy probably can't sit still!!!


Nice job Jerad!!
Are you going to be at the game Friday???

Jerad Shaw

I will be @ the game Friday. I will be up in a suite though.


Mr. Big-Time can't be seen with us lowly people, hun?


Speaking of the suites, I had my first experience in one this year. It was nice getting everything delivered and people waiting hand and foot on you, but I would take lower level any day over being up there.

There is nothing like being in the crowd and chants and excitement.

Good luck tonight K's

K's fan forever

Plain and simple fact : the higher the league, the higher the players salaries and travel costs. PERIOD.
You are FOOLING yourselves if you think Ft. Wayne would support the Komets at the same attendance average as they do now, at prices necessary to compete in the AHL etc.
I have lived in South Carolina for the last 10 years and have seen the ECHL Pee Dee Pride and the Greenville Growll die that financial death.
I believe the IHL is proving to other cities that they have a viable product. If those cities can join the IHL and save money I believe they will.


For the record i support the Komets and this level of play and will continue to do so. I agree with the decision to be at this level, and am more than pleased with the talent level.

With that said. By telling people to basically shut their mouth and live with what they have unless they run the team is an outrageous concept,

so, if i don't have the money to buy the team and move them were i want my opinion on the topic isn't valid? this weak argument can be used for any defense of a hockey related opinion, and nulls the reason for a debate or a forum.

If i happen to say, player "X" isnt playing well and needs to step up or get out, all the komet defenders have to say is, "buy the team or shut up" ... or if i complain about toughness.. simply reply with.. "buy the team and get the players you want or else live with it" ...

Poor poor argument to have there and nullifies the reason for a forum. If only the wealthy people of fort wayne and surrounding areas are permitted to have an opinion on certain subjects re guarding the Komets then that flat out stinks. I disagree with this scenario, and feel the masses of people, or the non wealthy ones, can base an opinion of their own, and have it be just as meaningful.

So, if you disagree with the league the komets are in then so be it. your opinion is well noted. I have heard it before and thought about it several times. there is a strong debate for the Komets to look at a higher level of play. for now though i agree with the Frankes decision to promote this level of play.


Well said, Komets 123...but if Rockford and QC can survive at the AHL level...the Komets can too. And Komet fans will support this team NO MATTER the quality. They simply don't care...they just go. The Frankes know that and will continue to be in a league that will make them the most money. The on-ice product is irrelevant as long as fans are there.

Now to the Franke's credit, the IHL(2) seems to be going in a much better direction than the UHL. They may be on to something, but I still would rather be in the AHL.


How do you know if QC or Rockford will survive? QC has a chance since Calgary is going to bail them out of financial problems but neither team is exactly lighting it up with the attendance numbers.


I was just checking out the IHL website and find it rather interesting that Matt Pavelich - Supervisor of Officials doesn't list his email address although the rest of the Office Staff does. It seems to me that maybe he doesn't want to (or care to) find out what people think about the job that he and the officiating staff are doing?

(Hmm.. Lets allow players to get hurt without enforcing appropriate punishments, and allow officials to call games with bias and subjectivity without demanding justification of conduct. Then we’ll not allow any form of contact in order to ensure accountability and responsibility to the fans who ultimately pay my salary.)*obviously sarcasm*

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