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January 22, 2008


Amazed Komet Fan

Saw Manchester play last week, they were playing Rockford, hicago and Milw...they are a Kings farm team so he will be playing against a good team... the East teams play great hockey...good luck to him and glad to see Coach Sims making contacts, could be good down the road for getting players


Good luck Mathieu Curadeau!! The way he plays, he may not be back. To all the buckos going to muskegon - have a safe trip. There is a little bar within walking distance to drink some beer & a hotel to crash if needed.

Jerad Shaw

We are staying in that hotel acrossed the way, and also consuming a few beverages I'm sure!!! I'm pretty pumped about this trip. Skegy has an old barn, but I loved it last year!!! Even though we played awful, but we only had about 10 fans up there. Should be a much bigger group this time around. For anyone that is going, the Skegy fans can be rough at times. Just be careful, and if all else fails, throw up the shawman signal into the air, and I will be there.


Good Luck Curadeau!!

Hit Somebody!!!

Bitter-sweet for sure. Great for him, sucks crap for us. One of my favorite players on this team for sure. He gives total effort. Hits every shift no matter what. Plays both ends. He deserves a look and I would bet it makes it, if not now, he will eventually. Good luck Curadeau!


hey just found this blog? We are just getting into the komets late last year and obviously this year. We have been to kalamazoo twice this year, and six of us will be going to muskegon on sat 1/26..how many others are going, and where is everyone sitting. I ordered today and was told we'll be in 105, or 106

Jerad Shaw

Dan, We will be in 106. I will be a taller guy with a backwards Komets hat and a Captain Komets jersey on. Make sure you make your way down to say hi. This is setting up for a fun weekend!!! Are you staying in Muskegon?


well looks like woods will be gettin more time out there now!!! and legault should be back in the lineup..but wait when hansen comes back who goes?? pence?? warner could go to forward spot and then legault sit again! who knows what they will do!


Who says call-ups couldn't happen in Fort Wayne? Good for Curadeau and this also could be good down the road for the K's as well.


Congrats Curddy!!!

Just be back in time for the playoffs!!!!

halffull glass

call ups are great. get the team to first place and then lose all of your good players. Muskegon sure loved having their players called up last year. Nevermind the 30 point lead they blew.


Good news for him. To bad we just lost him.


On a side note, since no one has mentioned it...Happy belated Birthday to Bob Chase. He turned 82 on Tuesday.


As already stated, great for Curadeau, sucks for us!! Good luck Curadeau! Hope it works out for you!! GO KOMETS!!


So now where are all the people on this blog who continually bash the IHL and the Komets and Komets' Management specifically for "not encouraging or allowing call-ups"?

Also interesting that when one occurs, it immediately turns into a negative that fans aren't happy about. Collectively, people need to pick a side. If you ever got the "Almighty AHL team" that you claim to desire then players would be moving up-and-down and in-and-out CONSTANTLY. Doesn't seem like everyone would like that quite as well as they claim to.

Darned if you do. Darned if you don't I guess. Just too bad that quality ownership groups like those that have been involved in the Freedom/Fusion/Freedom II don't "step up" and buy the Komets and take them to the "Almighty AHL".

Someone call Todd Ellis. Get Jeremy Golden on Speed Dial. Paging Rich Coffey. Or how about the LATEST VERSION of the "Unnamed Local Ownership Group".

I once heard someone say: Be careful what you wish for!


Best of luck Curadeau!

Skoal Apple

You know there are things I agree with and things I don't. Why does everyone bicker back and fourth about the AHL on here. Like it or not our ownership group is going to make what ever they think is best for Fort Wayne. So like it or not we need to deal or not spend your money on them. Conratz 94 hope things work out.

St. Christopher

Awesome post hockeyfan101, couldn't have said it better. I get a kick out of the armchair hockey team owners on this blog.


Good Luck to Mathieu in Worcester.

The Fan

Mathieu Curadeau will be very hard to replace. He is a very strong two way player. He is a total package. He has earned the opportunity and I hope he succeeds. My selfish side says "This sucks". What a hole to fill. There is no doubt that the Worcester Sharks just got better!

I hope that it's Legaults time to shine.


kyle hunt

One man does not make a team, several playing together do and this group would have to loose several before we as fans would suffer ie: loosing games. Being able to "show off their wares" I believe, motivates them to play as hard and good as they can. Call ups for the most part are an OK thing.


Call-ups are great for getting in some quality AA players....yes, it does suck that Curddy is gone, but you never know, 1 game may be all he gets.

Like I said, just be back before the playoffs.......


Hopefully his stay is longer than one game. Good luck again on your birth day!


hockeyfan: great post!! nicely put. Kyle: i agree, i taught you well haha.or maybe that's the other way around:) But it's nice to see some talent move up!! i would never disagree or complain about players moving up. Hopefully one day i get to see them in the big's, like on that amazing redwings team :) had to throw that in!! i wish the best of luck to him and whoever else should get called up. as a team, i wont worry about it. i believe we got a good coach and a very good team to fill in for the spots that should happen to open. and to all going to the L.C. this weekend, good luck. I'll listen for ya on the radio or B2. I do plan on making a couple trips yet this year and to cheer on OUR hell of a team... Go K's...

kyle hunt

Aaah I'm glad you agree Boner!

kyle hunt

Did Reiter get called up to the NHL, I see the wings had a shut out last night!


Haha. Na, i think we're fine with ozzy and dom in net... But if one should get hurt or sick, I'll put in a good word for kev. I know people:) haha


Kyle that was great...we will never know if Kevin snuck up there during his free time. I don't think it is a bad thing for people to upset that a favorite player moves up and I also think most people realize it is for the best for him and the Komets overall. It is kind of like putting a dog to sleep you have had forever...you love him but you don't want him to suffer. You loved Mathieu here but if you really care about him *the person* then you will be happy he is moving on. Sad analogy but really the same principal. Shaw call me tonight I think I will be joining the LC WALKER EXPRESS KOMETS VAN....and who knows maybe we can swing by K-zoo and ask VanDrunen to join us...not as if he plays most nights...usually hides if I remember right.


Also is Curadeu for sure playing tonight does anyone know or can you find out? I might order the game just to watch and see how he does if he is going to be playing?


Idea for a new poll:

Who of the 5 other teams is the Komets' most favorable matchup come playoff time?


Doesn't matter Komets will actually beat any of them...PH seems to be Reiters favorite though. Kalamazoo's offense could click at any time. Muskegon could add some toughness. Bloomington plays tough and can play really good hockey...and that other team...they are not bad. Savage is their coach..lol


FYI: Jamie Milam won the hardest shot in the ECHL Skills Comp. last night...99.3


FYI: Jamie Milam won the hardest shot in the ECHL Skills Comp. last night...99.3 MPH


curadeau playing tonight watch him on B2


Kooly, if it's like anyother IHL'er they will get no more then a few shifts their first game...i wouldn't pay for it, if anything i'd listen to it.


Well it's a good birthday present for him since today is his birthday. And it will be even better if they decide to put him on the roster.


you'll be missed here in Fort Wayne!


Good deal for curadeau,and congrats to al sims for being a coach that wants to see the rookies improve and move up the ranks! i think that is why milam and others bolted to the echl. they wanted to be seen and have a chance to move up; how long has it been since we have had a call up to the ahl? we dont want the ks to get a reputation as a dead end for these younger players.

Freedom? What a mess!!!

kyle hunt

MAN, I agree with everything that has been said on this blog! What a day.


whoever is going to buy that AHL game tonight on B2....his number will be 41...i just got on worcester's site and they have him on the roster already as number 41!!


Does anyone else remember all the crying on this blog all last summer long about Sims and Franke not getting anyone signed except a bunch of nobodies. Matt has done pretty well given nobody on this blog knew anything about him. He was brought in for his skills as a defensive forward, but look at his offensive output and leading the league in +/-. Not bad. Good for him and good for the Komets, now and in the future.


The AHL would be great for the Komets, and as for me the callups wouldn't bother me as I just want to see good hockey.

NOw... having said that the IHL product right now as I type this is better than the UHL. That is a step in the right direction.

Many of the AHL "wanters" in which I am a proud member, wanted something better than the UHL. We were afraid the IHL would be more of the same. Early on, it was. Now...it's much better and there is reason to hope.

Hockeyfan 101...comparing the Fusion/Freedom to the Komets is silly. Some Komet fans just want better quality hockey, not poor owners. No one is saying they are upset with Komet ownership, just some of us want better hockey. The UHL wasn't it. The AHL is the best out there for Fort Wayne, and the fans would go for it. They went for the UHL, they'll go for anything. But there is not going to be AHL hockey in Fort Wayne with the current ownership, and to be honest maybe this new IHL is the best move for the Komets. I would just like to see a few more franchises that can draw fans like the Komets can. Toledo or Indy or Cincinnati...

212 Komet fan

Curdreau getting called up...good for him. I think the guy who said he "hits every shift" is being a little ridiculous with that praise. He has a few minor collisons, but he is no way banging bodies like say a Massie or Gauthier did.


mirasty and reichliz went 2 rounds a few nights ago...its on youtube... decent tilts

btw, anyone know the playoff format for the IHL ???


POPP= really banged the boards!! & King-Kong HENLEY!!!

Hit Somebody!!!

"Also interesting that when one occurs, it immediately turns into a negative that fans aren't happy about."

Did I miss something here Hockeyfan101? Where was anyone being negative about him getting called up. I think it is pretty much a collective opinion that everyone is happy for him, and sad in turn because we all like him as a player, here in orange and black. Where did anyone on this blog entry say something negative about him getting a call-up? I guess this question goes to Kyle Hunt too since he agreed 100% with you.

No offense to 212 hockey fan...but Curadeau does play the body on all most every shift he plays. Yes it might not be an Earth Shaking blow like Massie or whoever else you want to insert into the blank, but he consistantly plays the body and it makes him the player who he is. He hustles, scores, defends, passes, and is a good hockey player.


I'm glad that Curadeau is getting this chance to show off what he can do, but I also have that little bit of a selfish side that wants to see him back here soon! Loved watching him on the PK. But I'd much rather "lose" a great player this way than to have him jump ship and go to Europe...

212 Komet fan

If what he does is called playing the body, wow. He is "near" other players, makes mild contact, and makes it tough to get around him. But he is not much of a hitter, nor is anyone else in the league on a consistent basis.

All of the other attributes you put on him, I agree with...especially the hustle part which is probably the main reason he got called up. You can never have enough work ethic.


Good Luck Matty! I think it's great to see players getting a chance while they are here. It does suck to lose them though, but I think this would also enable the K's to get more young talent here if they think they will have a shot to move up. I also have confidence that when a player gets called up the Frankes will be able to fill the void with another talented player.

Good Luck again Matty!


Okay, not to bring this up again, however, Justin mentioned in the Journal Gazette that the IHL will meet over the weekend and discuss possibly adding Chicago and Indianapolis. My question is has Indianapolis expressed interest in moving over to the IHL? When I go to their current USHL games, I have asked fellow fans. Most of the attendies want the IHL, but there are a few. I was just curious if the Indiana Ice owners are wanting the change or if another owner is looking to add a team. Thanks, I am just hoping Indy get in the league so I can start watching the Komets more.


to TGP. I'm glad you like the AHL so much, but the old IHL was just the same and the K's got out just in time. Give it time w/ the league and I think you'll be impressed with the teams and competition 5 yrs. from now.

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