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January 05, 2008


Jerad Shaw

I will take the over. Woodsy and Willis will go at least once.


I almost forgot, Larry you deserve a raise for bringing the biggest laugh to us fans "in the know" with the theam song to 'The Price is Right' for Soupy!!!

Way to go LARRY!!!!

Jerad Shaw

Haha, I am sad I didn't get to enjoy ripping him after hearing that!!!!


Reiter was very good in net tonight. I remember stating this was the first night I don't remember him going miles away from his net at very poor times during games. He still played his angles (re:chuckitt comments) but he played them without allowing tons of space for people to shoot/pass by him. He also seemed to actually control his rebounds more and take face offs more instead of risking some poor rebounds. 1st games all season I didn't make a bad comment about his play. I loved Kevin when he played in Missouri and was stoked when we signed him but until tonight I never saw that Kevin from Missouri...he was every where the puck was and that is how it should be.


What was up with the Kzoo guys whining all night on the faceoffs??? It was kind of funny

Jerad Shaw

JW. Those Kzoo guys were trying to recreate you when you ground out to me a 2nd!!!! If you are the same JW that plays softball!


Softball? I only respond to challenges about wiffleball, a real sport

Jerad Shaw

Only real athletes play wiffleball. I guess we couldn't challenge Justin or the rest of the bloggers to a solid game of the yellow bat!!! It's a shame!!! :)


Bring your best 4 players Justin.

Jerad Shaw

Ouch!!! Will the challenge be accepted!!! Slow pitch wiffle action. Bloggers vs. JG. I see a charity event on the table!!!


It will be over 35. Way over.


I was getting under the skin of Campbell for you but he kept saying he just wanted to play PLINKO.
I offered to fill in as coach for a Pepsi and small popcorn but they didn’t go for it. I promised that I would bench Crylander and drop the F bomb but I think that was the deal breaker, they stuck with coach Bootland.

Jerad Shaw

HAHA Rich, you make me proud!!! I think I am heading to the game with my dad today hopefully. He already warned me that I can't do any of my antics!! It's the least I can do for the guy that got me into Komet Hockey in the first place! Hope it's an exciting game, cause he hasn't been to one since I have been 14.


yeah nice larry...no one caught that. I started laughing then everyone thought it was clever


How does there coach get tossed out of a game for hardly doing nothing then you look at how Bruce Ramsey acts during a game and he doesn't get a minute at all? I am curious as to if Ramsey acts like he does everywhere or just when he comes to Fort Wayne.

The Fan

QUESTIONS: I was checking on Pascal's stats and saw that he has only played 10 games this season. Does anyone know what his status is? It would be a shame to see him sitting.

I had heard that Michel Robinson (Rockfords old Goalie) was available during our time of need. He just signed with a CHL team. Wonder why we didn't snag him??? He is a very good goalie. (Money or a crowded house?).


I could see Aquino getting moved up to Bridgeport and Pascal getting moved to Utah...


Pascal is on the IR for a hand injury during a fight.


Aquino is going nowhere! He is going to stay here all year and then in the off season he may move up or on, but not now.

The Fan

Thanks Ryan.



I completely disagree that this game was snoozer. I might buy the third period, but not the first two. The pace was great for the new IHL and wasn't as awkward or choppy looking as many of the home games have looked this year. The teams were up and down, and though I would like to see more hitting, the hustle and speed was there...and I was impressed.

I like a rough and tumble game, but this game for two periods was up and down with lots of great skating. Not the slow motion pace that we usually see especially the last few years of the UHL.


Way to go Terry! 4 point night. Way to go. It seams like both him and Shaft have both finally playing to their level. Good job tonight guys lets keep the first place lead!

morency fan

i didnt get to go to the game tonight i herd it was a pretty good game! cant wait for the weekend now and this one isnt even over haha!!
Go KoMeTs!!!


There is a reason Aquino was assigned to Fort Wayne and not Utah. Aquino isn't going anywhere.


To answer you question about Ramsey....

Jerad Shaw

Great video. I forgot about that!

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