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January 14, 2008


Hit Somebody!!!

Who is this Henley guy? Did we sign someone new? I don't recall who that is.....I have never heard anyone mention anything about him. Is he any good?

There has been a rumor over the PA system at the games (like 150 or so times) that some guy named McCarty will play for Flint Wednesday??? Never heard of him either. Is he any good?

Hype. Gotta love it.

Hit Somebody!!!

I am just kidding of course.

But you know, I wonder how long they are going to play this Henley thing out? I mean come on. We hear before ever "next" game that he is coming back. I have friends that work 2nd shift that have called off at least 2 times now to see the return of Godzilla and I have other friends that have travelled to K-Zoo 2 times now because that was where he was going to play next. Can they do this another month or so before people stop losing interest in it? Just wondering.

I will have to say this, I want to see him play just as much as the next guy, but lets make sure he is healthy and can play 100% before we jepordize his career anymore here.

I do think that he has been a great marketing tool though. I am sure that Wednesday night games and Sunday games benefit from the chatter of his return.


dear hit-I thought he's KING- KONG HENLEY??? But I agree. He may just come back to fight McCarty.


Has any Komet goalie ever had a weekend(3 games in three nights) shutout that you can think of?

Justin Cohn

It's never happened. And the league record -- you know, the old league record -- is four games, I believe, Marty Turco, but I have to verify for sure.

Hockey girl

Yeah I agree we need henley back somebody needs to get that Ewasko next time they pay a visit to the MC. We need u Henley!

Hit Somebody!!!

Justin, I was listening to 670 the score out of Chicago and a Sun-Times Reporter has a noon show, and was talking about being in the press-box at Indy Sunday. He said he knew of at least one reporter having his laptop stolen and he had his radio stolen from the pressbox. Did you hear about any of this?

Justin Cohn

I did not. I wanted to take a memento from the RCA Dome that wouldn't get me arrested. The only thing I came up with was a urinal cake, though. I'm going to sell it on eBay slightly used.

In all seriousness, the problem with that press box is fans can walk through it if they come from certain seating, like handicapped seating, and they sometimes nab stuff. Had never heard of something expensive, but I've lost media guides and things like that.

Hit Somebody!!!

I guess the reporter that lost his laptop was from Detroit and he wasn't real pleased. My question would be...why would you leave it sitting if you know that people can walk in there?

Justin Cohn

You don't really have any choice. You're working the whole game then have to charge down to the locker room, then charge back up and work more. There aren't exactly lockers to stow stuff away in. There's supposed to be security. ... Supposed to be. ... I wonder which reporter; maybe someone i know.


From what I can find here are the old IHL records when it comes to Shutouts:
° Most consecutive shutouts: 4, Marty Turco, Michigan K-Wings, 1999-2000.
° Most shutout minutes: 275:29, Marty Turco, Michigan K-Wings, 1999-2000.


Okay, I like Henley just as much as the next Komet fan. BUT...I am slightly leary that we are bringing him back just because McCarty will be in the jungle. Of course they aren't going to play him if he's not able to play, but why push it at all? I want him 100% before he comes back, not 80% and out to make a show. But, it's a business right? Also, even if he does come back for Wednesday's game, do we really think he is going to be overly agressive? Not likely. Not to mention, McCarty has served what, like one minor penalty since starting with Flint? Not sure I see what all they hype is about between these two. But again, it's a business. We'll see what happens tomorrow.

The Fan

I too want Brent to be 100% in his health and be confident in himself. He is to good of a Defenseman to risk for the sake of hype. The majority of the focus has been on Brent's fighting ability. In all reality he is one of our best defensemen. There were'nt many forwards who got around him last year. He is able to poke the puck from a greater distance than most. He is a very smart and he hits like thunder. I do have a Whoop A55 wish list for him but, most of all I want him to be 100%. GO KOMETS!

Jungle Monkey


McCarty fought Kovalcik from Muskegon over the weekend.


The Fan

If I read correctly, Jesse Bennefield is no longer on a active roster. He was playing for the Condors. We had the rights to him when Rockford nodded out. I know were in good shape right now but, he would make a good addition to one of our IHL teams.


My mistake. Didn't realize he had fought. Thought I checked, but apparently I missed it. Oh well, I still don't think there is a reason to get all hyped up about these two. As individuals, yes. But, I'm just not sure I see Henley, if he plays, getting as physical as everyone hopes. ESPECIALLY if he is not 100%. Business is business though and you gotta commend the PR going into this game. I can't tell you how many times I heard mention that we will be playing host to McCarty and the Flint Generals while I was at the games over the weekend.


Bennefield left the Condors for Europe.

Jungle Monkey

Bennefield isn't Komet caliber.


I remember bennefield doing the turtle vs. Mario L. last year.


Bennefield was turtling because Laroque was using his head for a basketball!


how many of us are going to be in the jungle welcoming McCarty tomorrow night??????


if you want to call it welcoming him, i'll be there!


No broadcast tonight?
Nothing on the board?
Anyone know the score?


melissa your a day ahead of us...hop back in your time machine and come back to tuesday, the game is tomorrow!!! lol


Thank JW!!

Just looking for the weekend to get here soon :-)


I will be welcoming him! Cant wait to see him play. hate me if ya want, but i wont hide, die hard redwings fan :) i know it's been awhile, but he, along with everyone else who has played with the wings, will always be some what of a wing to me. anyways, i still hope we beat the heck out of flint tonight!! i will be there to see some good hockey. GO K's!!


im with you booner...



K's win, 5-2!!


If you want Probert you'll have to get either Tie Domi or Stu Grimson.


I'll take the Grim Reaper.



Who thinks Henley will play tonight?

Justin Cohn

Sorry I've been incommunicado -- had the stomach flu for a couple days. I will be back tonight, though.

Jerad Shaw


I think this is going to be a good one! Hope it lives up to the expectations!


I am saying not. I check and he has not been activated off of I-R. Though it has been several days past the 21 day I-R that was retro to 12-21.

Jerad Shaw

Here is Robert Craft's reaction to the girl getting boo'd.



If Henley does play tonight, my guess is he won't fight anyone. I really don't want to see him do that. He needs to take it easy on his way back. He really hasn't played since May. The selfish part of me would love to see him hit a few battles, but the realistic part says "take it easy and work your way back into it." I hope he doesn't get too much of a bad wrap if that is indeed what happens. In all my years of hockey, I have never seen such a highly anticipated return of any player. So the poor man's expectations must be sky high, and if I were him, the pressure of it all would make me delay my return. Take it easy on him guys!


If Mac is in the starting lineup tonight, he'll be getting the "SUCKS!" regardlless. I'll also be riding him the entire game...think he'll want to go get a drink after the game?


henley is off IR but legault is on IR.....i think he will fight IF he has to


I just want Henley to show other on the team how to hit people, you know play the body more and not just bump into them.

It's Ok Justin you probably got it from me...anyways I got you covered on here. You can take some time off

The Fan

Place your Bets! That was fitting... Especially sense Darren McCarty is known to have had a gambling problem.

A (heartless) friend that sits with us stated that it should be advertised as "Casino Night in Ft. Wayne". He is the King of Heckling and the Even side of the ice.... I've seen a few in the Odd's getting to the visitors box. Gotta love it.

Hobo stated that Henley is off the IR but Legault was put on IR. This tears me up. Is Legault injured or is this to make room for Brent? This was new news to me. Sucks either way. Earlier someone had posted a killer line of Henley, Legault, Woods, Bertram, and Renyolds. Guess it won't happen tonight.



That line would fit in the XHL haha. Im with you i hope its not gonna be like that all the time just because henley is back.

Oh also I had no idea that he had a gambling problem


The IR moves also mean that if Henley can't go all three games this week, Legault still has to sit.


Im still not quite sure why all the hype about henley, the guy has scored only 10 goals since 1999 and is hurt all the time, the ks just had back to back to back shutouts last weekend, i hope it works out and it doesnt disrupt the chemistry.gerry


Gerry, have you seen Henley play?


Count-down to King-Kong HENLEY=1hr.&23min. Hope to hear all you buckos !!


i take it mightbite and abeatenhorse are the same person.

Gerry, Henley does seem to get over hyped at times on here, but he is an exciting player to watch. Dont let some of the comments you hear on here make you believe your seeing the best you have ever seen. But, hes very hard to miss and he can beat up anyone set in front of him at this level. Hes a hardworking player that has overcome some health issues just to play the game. He can get the other team off their game pretty quick given the right situation. That makes him a fan favorite. You will see once hes 100%.

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