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December 15, 2007



Anyone know what the Komet fan in the Drouin jersey was yelling at the Muskegon bench that got them so mad?


Like the physical play tonight by the K's they were at least trying to play the body. Muskegon has absolutely no toughness which is very surprising for a Bruce Ramsey team. When Bouchard got plastered by Legault nobody step up to protect their start player. Ramsey shouted a few kind words towards Sims that I could here up in 216 tonight.


Komets got a slow start and showed that they have heart! Ken Gallagher SUCKS!!!!! Both teams got screwed a few times tonight!


All I know is that Gallagher called an absolutely horrible game!!! I would say this whether we won the game or not. How are we supposed to have physical play in the "new IHL" when every time there is a hit, a penalty is called?! Then the players are afraid to hit at all and we end up with a boring game. I mean seriously, did Gallagher ever really know what was going on in that game? First there was a delay of game penalty, then there wasn't. There was a Komet goal, then there wasn't, then there was again!! WOW! The game was very entertaining and would have been even better had Gallagher known he was watching a hockey game and not figure skating!! Let em' play! Let's get two points tomorrow night!! GO KOMETS!!


Gallagher Was Horrible


I am pretty sure he doesn't even know what that is.

Glad bouchard is ok but i loved to see him get hit.


It's Ken Gallagher's world, we're just living in it. I cringe everytime I see him work a game.

The game was definately an exciting one after the K's got down four goals. As much as I am disappointed in the effert to start, I was encouraged how they finished. They finished strong, finally deciding to take the body.

I seen you get tossed Jerad and if this was done out of haste or second hand information, then its too bad. Sound like alot of people who actually sit around you didn't see anything wrong. Hopefully you got to redeem your scoop before you hit the road. LOL.


When Jared got tossed, I started the chorus of Boo's and then an "I smell bacon" chant which the police officers didn't enjoy :)

Jungle Monkey

I'd like to order my #94 jersey please....


Someone please refresh my memory what is a natural hat trick? Is it 3 goals in a row???


Yes, 3 goals in a row by the same player.


I just checked
and he is not suppose to be performing in fort wayne until February.

Gallagher's officiating is like a stopped up toilet - no flow.

Jungle Monkey

This just in... Sergei Durdin may be the most overhyped player in Komet history.. And really, thats saying a lot. Am I alone on this? He had a moronic penalty tonight, and I just don't see what the hype is all about.

Note to Brandon Warner.... Your a rookie. If you drop "f" bombs on the ref and stand around and argue calls your going to get tossed. They don't care if you're from Huntertown.

New Komet Fan

Not that it will matter or even be read or responed to.... I just sent President Pickard an email about my concern (along with every other fan in the IHL)about the Gallagher/Hawthorne show we see everytime they step on the ice. I noticed in the 3 games tonight in the IHL there was 9, 13 and 22 penalties. Guess which one Gallagher officiated? Absolute joke!!!


tack on to that report that gallagher games last longer, 2 out of 3 games this month were 2 hours 45 minutes which is on the long side.

Gallagher and Hawthorne clearly have not received the memo.

Jerad Shaw

I would like to know what people said your way. I was told that I pointed to my crotch and flipped the finger. I like to have fun, but I wouldn't disrepsect everyone in the Coliseum like that. I don't know. The tape will tell what I did, but I felt pretty strongly about them pulling me out. I did file a written report and ask them to pull the tapes. I'm not a jerk, but they are accusing me of something I didn't do


I'm a witness! i'm a witness! Seriously tho, i'm sure there are several people who saw the entire thing and they would stand up for you if need be. Since when was harrasing the other team illegal? It was kept clean the entire time


Also back to the delay of game penalty on the Fury that was called back....hmmm? I thought the Komets being the "Home" team had the last right for line changes and Kennie as I will refer to him had is arm up and whistled the no can sub sign and the Fury had six players on the ice? How was that not called. Then in OT the same thing happened they tried to do it again and this time Kenny skated over to the Fury bench and made the guy that was on the ice come back. Excuse me? Isn't that a delay of game once again? The same thing he should have called twice and then didn't call again in OT? When referees go back on their decisions so many times in one game they lose any respect from anyone watching the game. What a joke? The goal was legit I was in section 211 4 rows up (close to Jared) and saw the puck go in by like 3 inches across the red line and then come right back out. I thought the goalie was going to go attack Paul (zamboni driver) and the goal judge. HMMM? 10 minute misconduct seemed to be the call of the night...why not one there? I think we also have a new Steve Martinson of the IHL and it is Bruce Ramsey. (those of you who know Steve no what I am talking about.) I thought maybe Ramsey should have thrown some sticks on the ice instead of all the papers he was throwing around. DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE ONCE RAMSEY STARTED HIS LITTLE TEMPER TANTRUMS BIG TIME THE REFEREE CHANGES HIS CALLS IN OUR FAVOR A BIT AND MOMENTUM REALLY CHANGED. Also cudos to all the fans near me in 211-215 for heckling the goalie. These guys are paid professionals and for him to act like a 6 year old who only got one piece of gum instead of two in the third period made me want to see him fail even more. When they won in OT he acted like he just won the Championship or something. Congrats Reichmuch(Sp)on getting a win with 40+ saves but it was one game(though you have beated the K's 3 times already). Sorry about the long post but their was a lot that happened in this crazy game. I hope everyone made it home safely...on the way back to Warsaw it kept getting worse and worse. GO Komets tomorrow night...though I have season tickets I would have to leave now at 1:20am Sunday to get to the game in time for tomorrow. Good luck all and drive safely.


Most just wondered what had happened. Didn't see much obvious misbehavior going on but crotch-grabbing and finger flippin' would be hard to see from our vantage point even if it did happen. If it was me, I'd like to know who made the accusation. It wouldn't surprise me to learn if it was the Muskegon bench.


again sorry about the long post...had a lot of things I feel that were important to say. signed...the teacher.

Jerad Shaw

I have talked to three people that said I didn't do it, and that they think the Muskegon bench had a bit to do with it. I don't want to be a jerk about it, but I'm not going to let people think I did something to deserve getting booted. I probably will hang around town tonight and go to the Coliseum tomorrow. I don't like drama at all, but I do care about my name, and I want to clear that as much as I can.



Heckling is in our blood in 213...The Fury got what they deserved as far as the fans behavior, you act like idiots on our ice and you WILL hear about it from us. Glad to hear you made it home safely, I was pretty surprised when you said there were already 4-5 inches in Warsaw


It would not suprise me if it was the Muskegon Bench because Jared definitely took them off their game again. They are professionals and need to deal with it unless they are being physically threatened or cussed at and stuff like that they need to grow up. The towel boy for Muskegon had a big smile on his face when Jared left the arena which made me think he had something to do with it or just was laughing at him because Jared got under his skin all night.



I'm sure where the complaint was filed from would be on the paper work. Also seems like something that an offical should have to actually observe otherwise it's nothing more then "he said she said" which stands no ground...If that's really the case, I'll have the entire arena kicked out and watch a game in peace simply because I can make something up and they'll believe it. Cudo's to you for leaving as easily as you did, if it was me I would of demanded to know right then and there why I was being removed when you had done nothing wrong.


Brandon point yourself out to me the next time I go...not sure who you are...at least by name. I have been home about 1.5 hours now and we have another two inches of snow. About 6-8 now. Elkhart had reported 6 inches as of 10pm so I may be guessing low....Please cheer them on tomorrow for me. I am hoarse from yelling so much tonight. It was a lot of fun...I will have to come down again sometime. I do a milder version on the road too...got called a few choice words last week at K-zoo and Muskegon. And I also kept it clean.



You know who I am...i'm the one who sat next to you in K-Zoo last week until I moved right before the game started...sat 1 row above you tonight over in 213


I have you narrowed down to two people...will talk to you next Friday. my dog just went outside and got lost in a snow drift...lol...it was funny...he has never scene this much snow before.

Jerad Shaw

Brandon, I appreciate you comments. I have alot of respect for law enforcement, and when they tell me to do something, I do it. I asked them on the way out what I did, and the officer that toke control of the situation just kept telling me I threw my hat on the ice. I tried to explain hockey to him but he kept getting very defensive. I know as a law enforcement officer, you have to protect yourself at all times. I told him and about 4 officers around that they could search me, or do whatever they needed to do to feel comfortable, I just wanted to know why I was ejected. After about 3 minutes of conversation, the officer told me that I wasn't being brought out from the hat, I had grabbed my crotch and threw up the middle finger. I had a few drinks at the game, but I know for a fact I WOULDN't DO ANY OF THAT. I do have alot of respect for the product on the ice, and that is either team. After I explained my case, all the officers left and I decided not to go back in. I met a couple of ushers outside and spoke my mind, and also wrote it down. It sucks that this happened, and I realize if I shut my mouth this wouldn't happen. Sorry to section 215 if I interupted your night. I won't sit down low again this year


Tom...I was in Chicago last year sitting near you, I was also walking out of the bathroom tonight as you walked in...short guy...common now it's not that hard haha

Jared, Nice of the police to change their story mid-investigation huh? They were definitally out of place. I'll talk to some people tomorrow and see what I can find out, I know several sheriffs, a few are regulars at the game and I SHOULD be able to find out where the complaint came from but I'm pretty sure it was Muskegon's towel boy.

Jerad Shaw

Thanks Brandon. I am going to do my own investigation tomorrow as well. The head of security gave me his card, so I am going to call the Coliseum tomorrow. I don't want trouble, just what to straighten things out. FYI, If you don't have to get out on the roads, please don't. 30 is awful from Ft. Wayne to Warsaw. Enjoy Sunday football and stay home as much as possible

Matt G

hey Gallagher thanks for ruining a great game. is there a way to know if he is gonna be the ref ahead of time so i can just stay home and to the guy who was escorted out that was crap a few people around me as well as myself were watchin you get in the benches head from one section to your left but we couldnt figure out why you had to leave we never saw anything either props to you for not arguing your case right there.

Matt G

oh ya and look at page 3 of the IHL rule book its on the web site about the delay penalty that shoulda been called


Jerad, I wasn't able to go last night at the last minute. I sit in lower 215. I know when you were sitting down there at the last Fury game, you were very clean with you comments to the other team. You were fun to listen too. I want to say as far as I am concerned you are more than welcome to sit down in 215 any time.

kyle hunt

Always seemed to be ok that Bruce Watson from Rockford could motion to his crotch (and worse)all night long, while in the penalty box.



I think the only thing that saved Musk from that call was it was an iceing just before that. They were "trying" to get the right guys back on the ice before the faceoff, since they couldn't make a line-up change, but they took their time doing it. I think the linesmen pointed it out to Gal.


I was amazed that it took 4 officers for Jerad. You would have thought he had a sniper rifle and was going to start putting Fury players down. Good job Jerad you took them off their game and got in their heads. Don't say you wont sit down that low again this year, if you do that then they have won and we cant have that!!!!


Gallagher really missed a bunch of things last night. First Muskegon should have still been a power play after their PPG as there was one second left in Warner's penalty. Second, a team can't commit a penalty even if the refs set the clock back when a goal has been awarded, Collins should still have been in the box. That delay because of the icing was just idiotic. Curadeau's third goal was in. We in section 200 saw it hit the netting just past the post. Plante and Reichmuth were childish after that. I understand being upset but come on, grow up. I wasn't sure if Bouchard was milking it after Legault pasted him and I'm still not sure since he came back and played. Tough way to lose one but still an entertaining game.


stinky ref!!! nice stomp chris simon.she needs to be band!! Get well HENLEY !!


Jerad didn't do anything wrong. He was just harrassing the Fury(and I mean in a clean-cut, funny way - no profanity or vulgarism) and getting on their nerves. Jerad, you are welcome back in section 215 anytime! Like someone else said, don't let them win by you not sitting down low again.


From my angle I personally did not see the puck go in. When they came back and called it in I thought it was a joke but I didn't see it go in but it might have. The Zamboni guy was having some fun with the Rehmuth though. If the Komets would come out and play like they did in the third they would never lose. How many times do have to be down by 3-4 points and HALF to come back and win it. I know that Kalamazoo games was one of the best I have seen but it was the same situation. Shoot That Puck! We rely on Drouin on powerplay and it is getting ridiculous. We had plenty of chances to score and/or shoot but everyone was trying to set up Drouin. He cant score every goal guys!


Gallagher was one reason that I am now an ex-STH.

Jungle Monkey

I have nothing better to do on a snowy day than make "FREE JARAD SHAW" signs....


So what's the over/under for actual attendance tonight with the level 3 snow emergency...

I'll go with 900 because I figure it'll go back to a level 1 in a couple hours once they get the roads clean...


Was it just me or did anyone else feel like they were at studio 54 with the music that was played last night!!!!!


Jerad, please sit in section 215 again. We were two rows behind you over the visitor's tunnel and loving the way you got into the players' heads. I can't believe they initially yelled at you for "throwing your hat on the ice." You would think if these cops were working at a hockey game that they would know it's called a HATtrick. Then they change their story like that and make false accusations with the crotch-grabbing and whatever, which I can say I NEVER saw you do! Unbelievable. I'm sorry they threw you out. You didn't deserve that at all.

morency fan

hey justin or anyone know if the game tonight is going to be cancelled or not?
thanks :)


i just called the coliseum to see about the game and they told me it was still on. GO KOMETS


Any word on today's game? I haven't seen any cancellation notices on TV yet.

morency fan

ok thanks booyah


Game is still on...Bloomington made it to town.


Even with a snow emergency they are going to play the game? Makes no sense. Why brign people out in this type of weather?

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