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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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December 08, 2007



Justin I hope my comments about Warner are not what you are referring to. I was illustrating how easy it was for one rookie to get a free pass while the other was lambasted for his mistakes. Both Warner and Pence are and will be just fine as they get experience.


Just got home (12:30) from the game, what a game. Hope everybody made it back safe and sound. Go get them in PH tomorrow boys, nice solid game tinight!

New Komet Fan

Also just got back from the game (12:45). I thought the boys played 100% better than last night. Not much hitting going on but totally dominated the game. Incredible pass from Guy to set up a goal for the Komets, had a perfect view from Section 21. Shaf actually showed some, just SOME speed tonight. By the way, Marchant needs to go!

morency fan

last nights game was a whole lot better than friday nights

friday i went up to muskegon and to tell you guys its a dump up there!!
go job boys!!keep up the good work


The old adage that hockey is a positional game was truly displayed in last nights win. Speed and pass/receiving pass some of the best I've seen in recent weeks. Nice to see the "hustle" hope it stays. Last but not least...nice job behind the bench coach!

Goody's cuz!

HEY they got a win!!!! Lets go Komets!! I am ready 4 u guys 2 b back home we miss u!!!! Lets fire up!!!!!!!



AND-HENLEY may play!!!!


you got that right bucko! king kong henley is coming and all other teams are run scared now. i bet he scores 20 goals this season


I to went to the game last night- the Komets finally played pretty good. They took some dumb penalties. The officiating was better. They played as a team and Boucher played awesome in goal. I think I may like him a little better than Reiter. He stays in goal and defends it better. Reiter almost plays like a defenseman- he is so far away from the net at times. We had a good time. GO KOMETS.

Horse Hockey

If you listen to the radio bucko it sounds like the Komet Marketing department is jumping on the Henley bandwagon for next Saturday nights game. Go Komets


I beleive Futters asked to be released-because HENLEY is returning!!!!

Jerad Shaw

Awesome game last night. Loved it that K's fans brought all those bears. Shows alot of class to help out a good cause like that. Well played game by the K's. Right away, the sense of urgency we talked about showed up. I think Coach Sims got his message acrossed with the starters tonight! I got to the game right before faceoff and when I walked in I saw Legualt Woods Bertram and company lined up! Great to see. Big one tonight in Port Huron. 4 Point weekend would be nice!


The Komets definitely need to show up to play today. It could be tough since they bused to Port Huron after last night's game. We need a repeat of Saturday's game, not Friday's.


other teams gonna roll over now cuz king kong henley has em trembling in the skates with his skill and size.


When HENLEY shoots on goal, I bet the other goalie will move out of the way!!!!


Last nights game was awesome. We got crap from K-zoo's fans alnight in section 7. Man they have some potty mouths up there. Other than that awesome game. Glad we could back you up Jared

Jungle Monkey

One of them got punched in the potty mouth. What a bloody mess.

This BeatenHorse could use the same treatment.

Jerad Shaw

Another Komets PP goal this afternoon. K's up 1-0. The Wings fans down by us, have been nothing but cordial every time we are there. I even got a free tshirt last night to wipe my tears after the first and ONLY Wings goal. They are alot of fun to talk to.


Did anyone see the fight between lagualt and snowball??


Score is 1-1. After the K's game don't forget to grab a nap for the Colts tonight. I do think Berkebile did a little better Sat. then Friday. Friday there was not a lot of flow to the game because he called something it seemed at least once every three minutes. Sat. one penalty in the first nine minutes-could be an IHL record. GO KOMETS!

Jerad Shaw

KOMETS WIN KOMETS WIN KOMETS WIN!!!! 4 Point weekend. Back to the Jungle next weekend!


Way to Go Komets 1st place once again!!!!

Jerad Shaw

I didn't see the game tonight, but I watched the first 2 this weekend. It is obvious,( as it was last year) that this team, when it gives a full effort can beat any team in the league. Saturday, they came out with fire and heart. Friday, I didn't see that. I didn't see that last Saturday. I think this squad will react to Coach Sims better then Bingham last year. I understand, some nights, they just aren't going to have it. That has nothing to do with hustle and determination, and last night I saw them skate as hard as they have all year, and the outcome was a good one! Good weekend K's. As much as I love Wings Stadium, I can't wait to get back to the Jungle. Might meet up with some old friends down by the Muskegon bench on Saturday. See if I can't get in Bouchard melon agian!

Melissa Sarrazin

Great job Komets!!!!!!

Hit Somebody!!!

The Komets had K-zoo on their heels all night long. I noticed that K-Zoo had a hard time advancing the puck all night long. When our forwards are aggressive and fore-check deep into the zone, we are dominating. Shafronov looked like he had a rocket up his rear all night, never seen him that quick and fast. Shirokov played physical and looked great on the PowerPlay. Aquino is the best player in this league. Even the K-Zoo fans around me think that he is the best player they have seen at this level in a long time. Marchant looked just ok. I still don't think he fits into this team very well. Willis was begging Woods to fight last night, Woods must have a leash on from the bench right now. Legs only got 1 or 2 shifts all night. Those would be the only 2 complaints that I have. Otherwise, that was a great effort all the way around.

I agree with Justin, Warner is much better than most give him credit for. He plays hard, and is as solid as a defender we have right now.


Hope someone can answer a question for me. Who decides on the stars of the game on a nightly basis?? not that it really matters, but was just kinda curious about it. I looked at the stats sheet for Sundays game with port huron, and it showed the 3 stars.. Dupuis, Lardner, and Carrol. seemed like odd picks. PH gets the loss and has 2 stars.. Carrol had no points, 1 shot, and minus 1 on the night.. so sparked my interest a bit..

Jerad Shaw

Great question! I'm not 100% sure, so I am looking forward to an answer!

Hit Somebody!!!

Same thing happens here. We lose the game and always take 2 out of 3 stars and sometimes the #1 star. I bet Justin knows how it works. It might be a vote between media in the box, or it might be a vote of 1 owner? Not Sure?


give henley a break guys. hes comming off a major surgery and is wearing two braces. give him some room and dont expect him to be the big bruiser just yet.


I just read Blake's small article on post game salute to the fans. and it got me thinking how much i really enjoy how they do that now. It makes me think of last years playoffs when me and a few of my buddies went to Chicago for game 4.

After the 2nd period all of the Komets fans (about 25-30 of us) all joined up in a section and were making a ruckus. After the game the whole team skated over to that section and showed their appreciation for us coming.

This needs to stick around Thanks Bruce Richardson for a great new tradition for the Komets!


I know in the NHL the media tends to pick the 3 stars. At Komet games, the #1 is almost always a Komet. I think that is in part due to the fact that the interview with the #1 star is sponsored; so they need to have a Komet player being that #1 more often than not. I think the #1 star should go to whom deserves it; not automatically a Komet.

Jerad Shaw

I remember that night in Chicago. What a great night. I wish they still had a team. What a great arena. Hotel not more then a 1/2 of a mile away. Bring the Hounds back please!!!


Was game 4 the game they won in OT..if it was, I was there..took my son and myself along with a few others..great place to watch a hockey game..


Thats right OT game 4. Lets hope they worked out a deal with The Sears Center for next year... It was beautiful in there.

Jerad Shaw

I back track my previous statement. I drove up 2 season ticket holders and me up with Tom and Mr. Twister fro the Clinching game. It was a great arena and I really hope they get a team going again next year. It will be real tough to get attendence with the Wolves playing 5 min away from there. I would still love to make a couple away trips up to the Sears Centre to watch some hockey. Even though the Cheif won't be there to toss water bottles around the ice!


I made three trips to Sears Center last year and everyone was so friendly. My girlfriend and I saw Game 4 and we were right behind the net when the Komets scored the game-winner, that was an awesome experience. Please bring back the Hounds, great atmosphere, great arena, great fans (well, the Komet ones at least).


who had the first goal last night and who had the assist???


hounds will b e back but i doubt if they will be in the sears center.



Reynolds(Shafranov, Marchant) hope that helps..

Justin Cohn

The stars vary from arena to arena. In Kalamazoo, for instance, the Kalamazoo Gazette writer picks it. I can tell you assuredly, in Fort Wayne, the media has nothing to do with it -- obvious since they'd pick a Komet in a 16-0 loss.


Anyone who went to Kalamazoo for the last game of the season last year knows that Richardson was the reason for the post game thank you to the fans. It is great to see them do it at home but for them to do it on the road is priceless!!!!


Great weekend for the club in taking 2 of 3 on the road. I sure hope they can maintain that momentum heading into this weekend. And a great job by those who made the journey acrossed Michigan this weekend. I am sure they appreciate ithe support.
We expect our team to handle the ups and downs and the adversity that comes along with the season. I hope we can do the same as fans. Everything is not all bad and the ship is not sinking yet. There are 5 marks in the loss column so far this year. And there probably will be another 15 before the season concludes. We can't all be the New England Patriots.....

Hit Somebody!!!

And who the heck wants to be the New England Patriots? Cheaters, jerks, pretty boys, their coach is a zero, etc....I hope they go undefeated so that the Colts go into New Engalnd in the playoffs with all the pressure on the Patriots and blast them.

The Komets are on the right track, they need to cut the dead-weight veteran and stack those lines. Rock the Jungle this weekend!!! What is his name? King Kong Henley? LOL


Right on!!!!

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