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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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December 13, 2007



Good luck to Kukulka. I know he missed some games due to injury. I thought he was an okay player, but that's the breaks when you bring someone else in. Another player's got to go.


That is too bad for Kakulka. I really liked him and thought he tried really hard just not given enough time to prove himself best of luck to him. Any team that picks him up would be very smart.

Glad Henley is back!!!!


Wow- surprised it was Kukulka!!!!


I think thats a terriable cut I have 3 to 4 players in mind that should of been cut before cutting Kukulka

Justin Cohn

The Komets are going to stick with eight veterans, one more than they can play, for the immediate future.

The Fan

I have'nt chimed in for a while but, What the ????? Kukulka? The brothers F are obviously still hitting the Huka. I don't understand their reasoning. He was one of our guys who actually worked hard. Why am I suprised.... This is one of their typical stupid moves. They never fail to have at least one a season. He'll be picked up and most likely poor the coals to us when he comes back. Just put another notch in the blunders of Franke's Donkeys.

Sorry to rain on the return of Brent. Oh yeah, GO KOMETS!!


Horrible move, just plain horrible, I am sorry but i would have lost legs, warner, pence, marchant, shaf or sessa before kulk.

UGGG hometown kid my rear, kulk should never been lost before warner.

I am quite upset over both this and garbios (SP?)


could have been an easy cut
you never know the whole story

Jerad Shaw

The way Warner has stepped up over the last 2 weeks, there is no way you could cut him. He has been doing his job, and that's all you can ask of him. I'm not from Ft. Wayne, and sure don't like Carroll, but I like the way that kid is improving every time out.


Honestly everyone is getting all upset about this move but I've been calling it for weeks...

Kukulka isn't a first line player. With that said...there's no where else for him to go. We've got a second and third stuffed full of grinders and hard workers like Kukulka. Unfortunatly for Kuk, he didn't put up "enough" of the numbers to be one of those grinders in the second and third lines. You wouldn't get rid of Reynolds, Hukalo, Saidaichev, Curadeau. Marchannt, Sessa and the rest of the veterans are exempt because they Frankes stated they are hanging onto Eight vets. So, who would go in Kuk's place?

They aren't going to let go of Aquino.

The only other forward options are Legault and Woods and they aren't going to let two fighters/antagonists go.

The only option was Kukulka. He's a good player but he's out talented by the roster. He'd be a top player on a couple teams in this league but not the Komets. We are too talent heavy for him to fit much of anywhere.

His only option was the second line or as an extra forward.

I'm not surprised nor am I unhappy by this move. Someone had to go and one way or another soemone wouldn't be happy.


Good move? Bad move? Time will tell, but I was surprised.

Jerad Shaw

You have to remember, the Franke's have been around the block a time or two. They make the best decision for the team, and I repect it.


I'm a little surprised by this but Kukulka did spend a lot of time on IR. Maybe he's hurt worse than we know? I dunno...


I guess no matter what happens with this team there will always be someone to disagree. It's their opinions. so be it. some go a bit far and i cant help but to get a laugh out of it. understand the frankes have been around the block as shaw said and i too respect that. along with havin this great hockey team in this great hockey town for so so long! we're lucky! So calm it down a few notches and enjoy this great game and team. good luck to the guys tomorrow!!


who cares who got cut cuz king kong henleyz back and now every game will be a sell out with the komets be the roughest rootn tootn hockey team in the ihl


that really sucks. Kukulka is a very skilled player. Someone will pick him up and we will regret it. he knows how to put the puck in the net. Big disapointment.


i have 2 comments on the Kulka situation:

1. we only get to see what happens during the game, there are practices, players as part of the community, the locker room, the bus, private issues -- so unless i know the whole story i can't judge it.

2. IMO, there is no other better person in the general manager position in minor league hockey than David Franke. There are a lot of things i can bring up but one that still blows my mind is the retooling that happened a couple of decembers ago.

Duane Joyce

I just wish we were in the AHL so I could watch up and coming talent like Wade Flaherty play. Rockford is very lucky to have such a young and talented goalie.


I wish I could have three wishes so I could wish for more stuff, and for all the children of the world to sing the joy of the season...


Umm Duane,

Wade Flaherty has been around for more thatn 10 years. He played in old IHL and has been a back up in the NHL for several teams. Most notably with the Islanders when they had some injuries a few years back.




I think that was a sarcastic remark Duane made...

Jungle Monkey

Thanks Mr. O, your a life saver!


They gonna rotate the vets? Or do like they did last year & sit one out until they need him? If it's the latter, how long till that player pulls a Kelly Miller? (not that I would blame him at all)

Personally, I would've ditched Warner or Pence but what do I know. Good luck Kukulka!!!

security guard

Dear TP,
Flaherty is only 39. He is a young pup. Just because he started his career in the late 1980s does not mean he has not reached his full potential.
Why when I was 39 we had to fight with the Amish to get horses to ride to school in the morning!
The Red Coats


a surprise move but kukulka and a bunch o f the other third liners are probably pretty interchangeable and since we dont know the full story then its hard to dispute it. dont worry about him comming back to haunt us, i mean granbois isnt exacty tearing up the league!


Kukulka was just claimed off of waivers by Bloomington. We will see Sunday if what most of you say is true or not.


So will Guinn get released by Bloomington and we pick up Guinn?

Hit Somebody!!!

I can all ready see that is unpopular to disagree with the decision of dropping Kukukla. You gotta love the "you don't know what happens in practice" thing. We don't know, so either spill the beans or stop saying it. On the surface it looks like a stupid move. 11 points in 12 games. Not enough points, eh? Did someone actually lump #25 in as a grinder and hard worker? Wow. That is the funniest thing I have heard in weeks. Explain me that one Batman?

Our best combinations this year so far has been this:

Chaulk, Sessa, Aquino
Reynolds, Kukulka, Woods
Curadeau, Saidachev, Hukalo

I like Legault...but is he worth giving up on Kukulka so Coach can play him less than a shift a game? I say no.

Justin Cohn

Just to chime in on that, I doubt Legault's salary is in the stratosphere of Kukulka's.


is anyone else using B2 tonight?

Hit Somebody!!!

Wouldn't a veteran player that is extra so to speak, be better to get rid of then? Don't the veterans make more money than Kukulka did? I just don't see keeping a dead-weight veteran who is making that type of cash, and letting go of younger hungrier talent. Someone is trying to float that he is a cancer in the locker-room. Is this true? Or is it just something being started to justify hanging onto a Marchant, Shafronov, or Sessa...and letting go of a younger guy? What is the real story here Justin?


trying to get on the b2...having problems...any help out there for me?


says upcoming on b2 website


i can't get it either

Justin Cohn

Yeah, what a shock, the B2 Notwork is at it again.


thats all i got too


justin, will you ban me for typing what i'm thinking? ha ha ha


well i was going to but it still says upcoming


i gave up already...i am listening to good old bob chase

Justin Cohn

I'm copywriting that. The B2 Notwork.


would you still come visit us lowley poor people then justin?

Hit Somebody!!!

I will read into this thing then. A veteran player will be released once Sessa comes off IR...right? You have Saidachev on IR and Sessa on IR currently and Durdin. Sessa and Durdin will both most likely be due to come off this weekend? I think? Once Sessa is off, then the roster is on overload. We have 19 healthy players playing tonight. 3 guys on IR and 1 too many veterans. I see 1 veteran going and maybe even one other player going away too. Can they keep 21 guys on the roster hiding 2 of them on IR? How else does that work?


how about..."I've been B2'd"...ugh

Hit Somebody!!!

It is the DB2 Network isn't it?

Hit Somebody!!!

Elite Professional Hockey Network?


might as well be the WB2 Network...seems like bugs bunny is running things.


Is Bob Chase calling the game with a French accent???


someone will blame the frankes for telling port huron to have it tape delayed...

Hit Somebody!!!

Anything run by Dickie Brosal has to be a gem...


now down towards the bottom it says broadcast cancelled. that's nice!

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