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December 27, 2007



How many games does Woods get ? Anyone say 5 ?

202 Man

I think he'll get 2-4

Jungle Monkey

Woods should get a badge of honor. The cross-check that started that crap was cheap. That turd had it coming. His "slash" was just that, a slash. He didn't hit him in the face or anything. A suspension for what happened would be crap!

How many times did Margettie really want to get beat up? He's a shell of the player he used to be.

Bloomington stinks. Sucks that we lost Boucher for a while.

202 Man

Margettie asked for it, and he got it.BY WOODS!

202 Man

Fans really started to get into Margettie's Nerves...


JM, I couldn't agree more. If Woods gets any amount of games, the same should be given to the cheap shot in the back against Woods.

He was po'd and who wouldn't be?


any word on henley?

202 Man

I heard he might be back next week...


I agree with you on JC, Shaf has really started to come around, I told Hoss that I would like to see Shaf score a goal at home, a few minutes after that he scored. Nice job Shaf..then he got 2. I think he is gonna start putting the puck in the net more and more. On Woods, I think he will get suspended, although I agree that the cross check in the back was a cheap shot and deserved more than 2 minutes.


I say Woods gets 1-2 games. Hopefully the league does not rule until after the two Flint games.

morency fan

where at did woods slash him?
i missed tonight and the one night i miss they have like 4 fights lol
so woods will onlysit out like one game right?...
do you think he will be back saturday?

202 Man

around the chest area.


Woods slashed Ftorek in the upper chest...it probably looked worse than it really was...

Hit Somebody!!!

It sucks if we lose him for any amount of time, that being Woods. He has turned into a really good player on the #1 line. He is what was lacking on that line. A guy that does the dirty work and goes to the net. He plays well with Chaulk and Aquino. Hukalo had another great game. I was waiting for Kevin St. Pierre to get the #1 star!!! Everytime Hukalo had a game like tonight last year, Frenchy got the #1 star.

Boucher has played great. I hope he isn't out long. He is as steady a goalie as I have seen this year. Our D plays alot better when he is in net for some reason...maybe because he is in the net and not at the blueline? Kidding.

Shaf looks great. Aquino is still the best player in this league. Curadeau is still the second best player in this league. He continues to play very physical and scores goals.

Warner played well. Anyone figure why Pence is playing so much on the #3 line? He is dreadful as a forward. Sorry, I hate to say that out loud. He just looks lost. He is playing because Saidachev is out, I know that, but man...

When will Saidachev be back? He was another guy that was playing darn good hockey. We get him back, Henley healthy, Boucher healthy, and finally put PC on the defensive pairings instead of insisting he is a forward, and we will be virtually unstoppable this year. I really mean that!

morency fan

well i hope its only one games hes out 4

202 Man

"morency fan" HOW old are you?
Your Grammer is Bad...


Shafranov for Prime Minister! Or Czar! Or whatever they call it over there...

morency fan

sorry i am a texter its kind of hard not to but ill stop

morency fan

plus i only messed up once and i meant for

202 Man

Its ok I just wanted to know

morency fan

oh ok

Charlie I


Has anyone on this blog been here?


I hope henley is back for the new years eve game....did anyone notice him yapping back and forth with margettie.......and margettie...such wimp..he wanted to fight the whole game and then when legault goes with him he just grabs....hate a player like that.....i honestly think that ftorek should have also got a five minute major for cross checkin from behind....that was also a dirty hit!!! oh well glad to see woods stand his own ground!!!


I thought that Woods' slash didn't even hit the guy - he blocked it with his own stick. Sounded like a regular wooden sword fight from up in 604. I was a little worried when I saw him winding up for that slash, and I'm glad that Loserface didn't get knocked out by the stick: then he wouldn't have had the pleasure of getting his sinuses cleared out for him!


How about Corey Wogtech for the backup?


thank you to jerrod ragusin the ref for not interrupting the game every 30 seconds it was nice not seeing hawthorne or gallagher for a change


Another thing the league needs to consider is the force of cross check from behind from a guy the size of Ftorek....He is like 6'6 and weighs I am sure a lot...and he struck someone a lot smaller than him in the back of the head and shoulder from behind....? No penalty called. If Woods gets suspended the other piece of crap should too. His hit was vicious and not needed...Woods basically defended himself. I hope Legault has two more good ones in him on Monday, but doesn't fight a panzy like Magettie....let a smaller guy like Bertram take care of him...or anger Hukalo and he would take care of him too. Jeers to the fans that booed the fight with Aquino....he did the right thing by turning around...him hurting his hands beating up some last place loser is the last thing we need.


Yeah really Great Job Aquino you are so much better than that. I for one was clapping that he didn't fight

Jungle Monkey

Aquino was in no danger of hurting his hand unless it cramped up from clutching the other guys jersey so tightly. =)

Jerad Shaw

Awesome game for the fans last night. I believe that was the product they were looking for when they made the "new" IHL. Kudos to the referee. Seems like it must run in the first name!!!

Woods will get at least 2 and should. At all levels of hockey, they care cracking down on stick infractions like that. Tom and I got into a heated debate about this one. Once that stick is swung like a baseball bat, that is considered intent to injury. Hopefully they see it as an eye for eye with the crosscheck, but I highly doubt it.

Hopefully Boucher's injury is nothing more serious then what Justin reports. Someone mentioned Henley jawing with Margettie, but what about him having some heated discussions with Durdin. Those 2 don't seem to see eye to eye. Just an all around great hockey game. I will be missing Saturday night's tilt, but Go Komet's!


I thought Durdin played really lazy last night...now I know they have a lot of games coming up and they don't want to use all their energy in one game towards the worst team in the league but i am not too impressed by his play


No one has made mention of the fact that Hukalo had 4 assists last night. Great game by Shafronov. And great goal by Warner. I think he was shocked it actually went in. The fights were what they were. I will give credit to Handrahan for trying to stick up for his teammate. He didn't do a good job of it, but...

AS for Mitch Woods, I can understand his feelings after getting cross checked in the back, but I'm sorry Komet fans, that slash to me was more like a two handed swing and was Chris Simonesque. If I had my drothers (sp), Woods would be out for at least 10 games. Woods WILL be suspened. Let's see if anyone in the league office has a spine and is willing to back up thier claim of "not accepting any goonery."
I've already seen people who think Ftorek deserved it because of the cross check, but that wasn't and different than most cross checks I've seen. Had Woods just thrown down with Ftorek this would all be a moot point.

Jerad Shaw

Warner's face was classic once he saw the red light go on. He just kinda looked around like "what just happened."


More like "that shot got through?" he knew what happend, thats all you have to do is put the puck on goal, good things will happen. What happened to Boucher? I noticed he was hurt when he was sliding around, making saves on his knees. Durdin is lousy, I cant think of any words to describe his play. Pathetic. Anyone see what he did at the end of the second period? 6 seconds left, he was standing just inside his own blue line, Chaulk was at center telling him to pass it to the far side, instead he winds up, takes a slap shot and tags Woods in the back of the leg. Then went over and gave Woody an apology. Very senseless on Durdins part.
Woods had a great game, good puck control, skating hard, and doing some good old sweet talkin. Why would anyone boo any fight? Aquino doesnt need to fight, good thing both guys respected each other and agreed to let go. Last thing we need is an injury to Aquino. Sam Miller (the guy Aquino dropped them with) is a tough kid.
Props to Shaf and Hukalo. Hopefully we close out the year strong. I cant wait to see Flint. GO KOMETS


I noticed what Durdin did. That was stupid. What if that hit Woods in the face...beside Durdin can't hit the net from 20 ft. out what made him think he could do it from there.

Jerad Shaw

I saw the Durdin shot at the end of the 2nd. That was another time where Henley looked at him and just shook his head. I hadn't noticed it as much as I did last night, but Durdin is pretty darn cocky.

Jungle Monkey

Bench Durdin. He's cocky, but has yet to show why.

I have to disagree with Greg on the 10 games for Woody. Ftorek's cross check had just as much intent to injure as Woods' slash.

Huckalo had a great game!


All of you wanted to dump Shaf a month ago and now your praising him. Did I hear Pokey Reddicks name mentioned for Bouchers fill in. HA


This isn't the same Shaf as a month ago. He has improved alot.


Oh also Bertram did a great job on that 2 on 1 rush were he blocked the shot. His skills are really starting to come back to him.

Jerad Shaw

I think the best play of the night was the kid in between period 2 and 3 that went post to post for the save!!! Great save!!!


i dont know what Woods did that he is getting suspended? i saw the fight and everything. i know thats kinda dumb, i just must have missed something. lol


Too make a long story long. With about a buck ten left in the game, Sam Ftorek (#12) took a run at Woods and cross checked him from behind. Definiately a penalty but otherwise not bad. Ftorek skates away after the hit. Woods gets up, skates right over to Ftorek and does a two-handed baseball swing at his upper body, by that point they were fighting.


thanks. i get that part.

but y would he get suspended? for going after Ftorek? because last year when brent henley went crazy. and it was like really bad. he only got like waht 3 games? hahah i just dont see how woods did anything that bad.


Hockey girl

Talk about a goon what a goon 16 is I bet a 3 year old could out skate the loser! Dont get me started about Margettie. And what about that Durdin Bench him. He isnt that good.

St. Christopher

Any new scuttle on the Boucher replacement?


Lindsay, It's the baseball swing Woods took that will be in question. I'm sure the Thunder organization will be submitting a tape to the league for review.


Different fouls constitute different penalties/suspensions. What Woody did last night is not tolerated at any level. I dont blame him for being mad at the guy, he was cross-checked hard from behind, close to the boards. He would been better off just figthing the guy, instead he hurts the whole team IF he receives a suspension. Alot of games coming up, and we need him. Hopefully Sims understands and doesnt punish the rookie.


k.thanks guys.
i was super confused if you couldnt tell lol. :]

and the hit seemed like alot of bottled up energy.haha he had to take it out on someone.:]


Woods received the correct penalties last night, contrary to what many of the "fans" thought that were sitting around me. I say five games, no prior record of this behavior, and if the ref would have called the penalty on Ftorek right away, I don't think Woods would have swung at him. I do think Woods is lucky though...it looked and sounded like he only made contact with Ftorek's stick....if it did get through and hit him he sure wasn't phased by it. I definitely agree though that the stick should not be used as a weapon...that's bad business.

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