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  • Justin A. Cohn, pro sports coordinator for The Journal Gazette, has been covering the Fort Wayne Komets since 1997. His reporting includes game stories from home and away, features about the players and personalities associated with the Komets, plus coverage of issues affecting hockey at all levels. A native of Bloomfield Hills, Mich., Cohn graduated from Emory University in Atlanta. He can be reached at 260-461-8429 or by email at [email protected].

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November 14, 2007



Thanks for the updates Justin, Good to see Sessa back. Sims said he will be playing on the Reynolds and Kukulka line. That second line will now have some speed there and should improve now. Hope Marchant recovers soon.


Do you know if there are any other changes in the lines.(fowards)


I would think this is how it would go. line 1 (shaft, chaulk, aquino) line 2 (kukula, Reynolds, sessa) line 3 (huk, curadeau, saidchev) line 4 (woods, marchant(when healthy), legault)

I just could not see them putting marchant on a fourth line or would he take Reynolds spot on line 2?


Looks good thanks.I wouldn't mind seeing Woods,Legault,? on forwards and Bertram @ Henley on D when things get rough.HaHa


Andy I wouldnt say that is correct. as of now your line 1, 2 and 3 are right. But when Marchant comes back he will not be with woods and Legault. He will be playing 2nd line. Then reynolds should come down with woods and legault. Thats just a guess but noway do I see a line of Woods, Marchant, and Legault. no way.


Good to see Sessa back!!

Big home/home w/ K-zoo this weekend, nice to see the K's back home on Saturday for Hall of Fame night, should be a good one..

Don't forget Chaser's favorite schedule pens our on Sat., that guy couldn't get enough of them over the radio.

K's FaN!!

yeah sessa is a good one but again y was he out again i was just wondering need to keep up more...haha
i didnt know Saturday was Hall of Fame night
i hope its good
i am going friday to kalamazoo
anyone else going?!
i havent seen them play the k's is that short guy whats his name...i forget but you should all know who i am talkin about i just forget well if someone does can u tell me who it was?!
i think he fought woods in the last away game they had against the k wings i dont know just asking


yeah big home and home with Kzoo..I look forward to the game.

I'm heading to Sheridan to watch the Churubusco Eagles take on the Sheridan Blackhawks friday night in the semi-state game.

Juat a little pub. Saturday at Komet Kuarters we are having the annual midnight madness sale, bring your game tickets from saturday ONLY to recieve your 20-25% discount..everything in the store...doors open at 10am..and will close around midnight..


Justin Cohn

Teresa, can you shoot me an email at [email protected].


On a different note (and not sure this is going to be politically correct), but has anybody noticed how high the prices are at Komet Quarters? I was going to buy sweatshirts for me and the boys. At about 60-65 dollars apiece, don't think I could afford it for everyone so we ended up getting nothing. I really liked the new sweatshirts they got in but that was definitely a no go.


Do you guys have hockey gloves there? Our group is playing at the Coliseum this Sunday night after the Komets play, and one of the guys needs a pair of gloves. Should I send him in to Komet Kuarters?


Just for a roster note. I see that Andy put in four full line. Unfortunately that means you have to sit a defenseman. Playing rost is 19. With 2 goalies and 6 d-man, that leaves 11 forwards, not 12, unless you want to play with 5 d-men. So who do you sit?



Yep send them in.


Will do Mark...Thanks!


Aquino Chaulk Shaf
Sessa Marchant Kukulka
Hukalo Curadeau Saidchev
Woods and either Legault or Reynolds

When Henley is back in the lineup (and if Marchant is healthy) I'll bet a forward not a defensemen gets waived, placed on ir, etc.


But do you then play with 5 defenseman is my question?


You seriously didn't know the Generals name was a reference to General Motors, Justin?

Why else would there be a wheel in the logo ;)

Justin Cohn

Sounds dumb, but I knew and forgot. I still think of their logo always with the general on it, not the one they have now with the puck, er, wheel. Ah, they should just put Michael Moore on there and call it a day.


Oh, please. Make me throw up. How would like to see that face coming at you? Generals would be the highest scorign team in the league beacuse goalie would be running away.


Yes dnl, but with Pence and Warner that can play both you have that option. We have 7 defensemen with out Henley. so 8 defensemen and 12 forwards. That puts us to 20 players. Really, we don't need to waive anyone, but considering the Komets will more then likely have a couple guys come in soon. thats just a prediction but it should happen.



Come in Saturday show your tickets for Saturday and you get a 20 to 25% discount..


Mark, does that apply for all the items in the store?


yep..everything in the store is on sale...


Can you get the Komet warm ups?


I am going to the ND game on Saturday and don't think I can get back in time. I probably rather go to the Komets game- more interesting and more competitive. I guess you got to live with the good and the bad.



If your talking about the NAPA warmup jersey, No, we don't sell those. I'm not sure if they sell that at the games either.



I am sorry, I was talking about the windbreaker warm up. THe ones they probably wear on the bus when they travel..

Melissa Sarrazin



Charlie I

If notre dame loses to duke Charlie Weis needs fired!!



We have a couple of jackets left..they are like 3x though...come in and check out the store..we are getting new stuff every week..

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