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November 22, 2007



Sat on the lead and let Port Huron take the game. I liked it better when we didn't have special teams goals and had wins.


Cut Pence please I cant watch him make crappy passes and not do a thing on defence any more


Ryan you are the man! Pence needs to go, and he needs to go quick!


The refs really need to go that penalty shot was CRAP!


second port urine goal was all the fault of pence for not standing his man up. the whole team tonight (other than bert) gave up after the score was 3-1. icehawk forwards just did circles around the net and nobody touched them. if anybody had advanced scouts there tonight, were in for a losing weekend. our d men stunk up the place. plain and simple. we scored four goals and shouldnt have to worry about winning but just simply quit playing. side note nobody wanted to mess with bertram or legault, but the rest of the team got complacent and phoned it in. we have too much talent to allow any team in this league to come from behind and beat us in our own barn. theyd better get some manhood quick or friday will be a slaughter.


Right. cut the guy who was an even +/- for the night. Nevermind cutting the local kid who was a -3 and looked lost the entire third period.


I say Woods was given a message tonight and did not play the 3rd period. He needs to remember what his role is and I have not seen play his role over 2 weeks now. Can someone explain to me if we are going to "groom" young talent how is it the Legault only gets 3 or 4 shifts a game? If you are not going to play the kid let him go and play for someone else. At least when he went out there tonight he took the body. For 3 PP's we did not register one shot on goal pathetic. Not much energy at all and who said playing a team in back to back games was going to create "hatered"? It was a boring hockey game even when we were up 3-1 I agree with Chuckitt we phoned it and if we don't bring the manhood Friday or even Saturday we will get on the scoreboard and pounded on the ice.


I'm with Bob - our two D-men really got back and laid out and got their sticks in the way and saved that breakaway. That was great defensive play... nothing worthy of a penalty shot. BULL.

It was nice to see Legault out there throwing his weight around. I only really noticed him on that one shift, though: was that all he played?
We needed him to go roll some heads once we started losing the momentum in the second half of the game. I think some good checks would've helped us stay energized and focused.

Four straight goals allowed in the third? Come on, K's... not cool.

I *did* notice that Chaulk was also out there working his butt off on every shift. He's probably the one man on whom you can count to play hard every time he steps on the ice. Not that others don't do it too, but over the several years he's been around here, thats always been something I've noticed about him and he displayed it yet again tonight.

Alright... Let's go, boys. Get this one on the road tomorrow!
(Dang... that was our first home loss this season... just realized that.)


Hey it's kinda hard too play an aggersive game when the other team sits four guys in the Neutal Zone all night...It's called the Trap...still works ask any NJ Devils fan or player...not the most thrilling sort of hockey but it wins games...


What exactly is Woods' role? I knew after his first game here that he would never live up to people's expectations. You think he's going to score a goal, beat the snot out of someone, and hit anything that moves everytime out? Let's be realistic.

As far as Pence, his +/- is still pretty good overall. Hard to cut him based on his numbers.


get rid of Bertram... If he wasnt a FW firefighter i think he would of been gone already. he picks bogus fights and doesnt even have fighting skills. sorry but i would let him go to make room for these guys


Start the bus.... Forward, now reverse...forward, now reverse...Repeat...


His role JM is to stir things up something he has not done in 2 weeks and his limited PT was evident of that. He needs to be a guy who is a pain in the butt every time he is on the ice. He had one hit the other night against Kazoo out side of that he has been non factor in the agitator department


Its funny sitting here looking at fans throw every player under the bus for this preformance. Was it awful, absolutely, did the PS call suck, yep, but its 1 game out of 76..If the Komets win tomorrow this game will be forgotten..



Take a 12 hour cool down before you post, for stupidity's sake. Good grief people.

The TEAM (bold and underlined) did not finish its business and got lethargic. Instead of getting the kill shot in, complacency set in. Pure and simple.

When you wake up tomorrow morning you will find that you all survived a Komet loss. The TEAM will learn from this.

The manhood stuff, Bertram garbage, cut this or axe that... I just shake my head. They didn't play well. Nobody goes 37-0 at home. Get over it.


JW, are you still in the sleepy time mood from all the turkey or have you not seen Bret play? He has given his heart and body to the team, while risking his life at his "second job," but you want to cut him? And who are "these guys" that you would make room for? He is that last player I would let go this whole year! He uses his body and stands-up for others on the team, yeah on second thought maybe we should bring someone else that coughs up the puck and is afraid to hit anyone!!!


Sorry, Bert, not Bret.

I think Bret should have been cut months ago!


Relax, never fear peacee will be here, another retread brought back. also, i heard that they are talking to goneau about coming back.


sorry guys i pay my 40 bucks a game and im like a coach, i critique as its played. if someone doesnt do his job im gonna mention it. doesnt mean i hate the guy or want him replaced. its just my observarion of a game. and stat man, plus minus doesnt mean a whole lot. a guy can come out of a game a plus five and he doesnt even have to touch the puck. i only call it as i see it and mr pence right now is getting beat and is out of position. when its time to cut people you have to look at things like that. how else to you judge a persons abilities? right now i think hes at the bottom of the d men. can he get better? hope so. hats what theyre here for, to learn and they are young and will make mistakes, but when they do they have to learn to take the criticizim too!


Bertram should not be thrown under the bus on a message board. The dude is busting his tail night in and night out.

Woods will never do enough for some people. Who's he going to aggitate on the Port Huron team? Gehrke? And what does that accomplish? I agree when we play teams like Kalamazoo he should be getting under people's skin, but the kid can play hockey too.

Who are we going to bang on next? Everyone is up for grabs.... well, execpt Colin Chaulk, he gets a pass.

Jerad Shaw

wow 40 bucks for a ticket?? I'm hoping you are getting food and drinks paid for then. Maybe some of you guys are right, the prices for this AA hockey are getting outrageous.


I think the Komets came out playing very well getting a a lucky goal and getting a nice powerplay goal. Then I think they just didn't keep up with the game. To much passing in the zone. Noone was shooting the puck. Durdin shot more goals then usual and he never shoots it seems like. We had 9 shots on goal in two periods. Powerplays they just kept passing and passing till we lost the puck out of the zone. Great job on penalty kill though. Those 4 minutes of 5 on 3 we did really well keeping the puck on the boards. They got a couple lucky goals and caught back up. Komets just keep up with the game. We will get it back the. Go K's!


I think the Komets came out playing very well getting a a lucky goal and getting a nice powerplay goal. Then I think they just didn't keep up with the game. To much passing in the zone. Noone was shooting the puck. Durdin shot more goals then usual and he never shoots it seems like. We had 9 shots on goal in two periods. Powerplays they just kept passing and passing till we lost the puck out of the zone. Great job on penalty kill though. Those 4 minutes of 5 on 3 we did really well keeping the puck on the boards. They got a couple lucky goals and caught back up. Komets just keep up with the game. We will get it back though. Go K's!


I agree that the Komets didn't play their best last night, but I'm not ready to cut anyone because of ONE bad game either.


I don't think the Komets played their best last night either, but I'm not about to say someone should be cut just because they had a bad game.


Warner will get a pass to since he is a local kid.


Here JugleMonkey, Chaulk needs to shoot more onstead of always setting up passes. He can score too. Sometimes this team trys passes more then shots and I think the odds are better on the shots.


Hoss, I had to laugh- have you seen "Maverick"? Calling him Bert instead of Bret the whole movie...

Hey on a good note about last night, those ice scrapers sure came in handy coming out to the parking lot and finding my car covered in snow! Who says we're always negative here?

Last night was a bad game, it happens. Go Komets!


Komets definitely didn't try as hard the last two periods.
Chaulk blew a wide open net.


Woods needs more playing time. This kid can score, but Sims won't give him the ice time to prove it. Not to mention, he will drop em' when he has to. I think he could be the next Danny Stewart. May be one of the smallest players in the league, but no matter how big you are, you do not want to mess with him...


Sorry for going off topic, but since going to IU now I cannot make most of the games. I was wondering how Sessa was looking on the ice? From what I was reading when he was signed it sounded like he plays for himself and is all about getting himself points. Does this seam true? Or were people over exaggerating?


HE hasn't been quite producing the way I thought we would have, but I haven't seen the selfish player either. I think a little time and Sessa will be one of the top forwards on the ice.

morency fan

Well i think the k's did alright but then they started to underestimate the ice hawks so then the took lead
Saturdays game will be better
then last nights game will be passed and forgoten


NHL looking to get rid of the "instigator" rule. Looks like the IHL is ahead of the times. To all the people who said that players would not come to the IHL beacuse the rules were not like the NHL's, here's to you.


"underestimate the ice hawks so then the took lead
Saturdays game will be better
then last nights game will be passed and forgoten"


ms teen south carolina

such as what is your problem because in that such as it made perfect sense to me.


Ithink too many people over hype Woods. He can play hockey and he can score. He will fight if needed. He is not made to go out and score every game and fight every game. noone is. Sims has been playing him more. He put him out there on powerplay a few times. He even played with Chaulk and Aquino for on one of the changes.

Charlie in Rochester Hills, MI.

I was at the game last night and I thought the quality of play was crap. I thought Chaulk could play a rough game yet he was getting pounded on out there, yet he gets a pass from the fans? I think he plays like he would rather be somewhere else. Sessa took a punch to the face and did nothing. The old IHL was a far better brand of hockey. Maybe Auburn or Garrett will get an AHL team and you folks can see some decent hockey, not the pond hockey that is the new IHL. I still like the Komet logo and the road jerseys are cool. The arena looks great too! The brand of hockey is just plain wrong for a city that supports the team like you fans do. If I hit the lotto I'll put an AHL team in Auburn, Garrett, or maybe even Markle!


Sorry Charlie....Glad your thinking though, IHL must not be your brand of hockey. Not every hockey game in the AHL is more exciting than the one you saw last night! Your market in Michigan is better than Auburn, Garrett, or maybe even Markle. Glad we have fans of the Komets logo and jerseys!!!


Save your money. Just go buy a few grams of common sense.

Charlie in Rochester Hills, MI.

Because I think the IHL brand of hockey blows does not mean I lack common sence! No need for personal attacks. Common sense is right up there with common courtesy, both lacking with some people in my opinion. I'll watch tonights game on B2 Networks and maybe I'll see a good game. I also saw the game in Muskegon a while back and it looked like one step up from pond hockey also. It is what is is but it sure ain't what it used to be. I don't recall seeing any nice tape on tape passes, I saw poor zone play, a lack of hitting. If you think that's good hockey, more power to ya!


actually 40 bucks is a cheap night. $4 for parking, 19 for a ticket, 12 for two beers, 6 for a burger and chips....heck thats 41 bucks! then we have to throw in the wifes ticket and food and well you get the picture, but its still a llot cheaper than the ahl and the nhl. go komets, get well chaser!


Put up something that is educated and I'll grant you some common courtesy. Forming your opinion after seeing one game in person, fine. Sorely lacking in facts but whatever, its the internet. The rest of the rant, which was a poor attempt at being amusing, lacked common sense.
Its games like last night that lurkers and Hatorade drinkers have been wanting to see. More are just circling the carcass awaiting a poor performance tonight.

Charlie in Rochester Hills, MI.

I would love to have some Komets Kornbread to go with my hatorade, but so far it's not been there. I heard similar comments from fans at the game regarding the level of play in the league being poor. Fort Wayne fans deserve better, but most seem to be fine with what you have so why would the Franke's do anything else. It took decades for daylight savings to make it's way there, so I will hold out hope that someday the best minor league sports town in the US will get better hockey. Also, I promise your crops will not burn up from the extra hour of sunlight next spring!


I to went to last night's game- it really was the Komets going through the motions for two quarters. I swear they just dump and play defence when they have a lead in the third. I mean all of the third period. To me, you have to still look to shoot and I think it came to bite the komets yesterday. I hope they can learn from this. They did not look good. Woods didn't play a whole lot- can't figure that out.

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Komets are not doing good so far. 2nd intermission, 6 penalties and one was Woods fighting Malette. Komets have only had one powerplay opportunity and didn't get it. Jordan Fox has two goals on us both in second period 5 minutes apart in full strength. Better turn it around in the 3rd period.


I may have missed it but who is this guys on WOWO and where is Chase? The guy has no problem getting a little excited!


all tied up now in the 3rd



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